Beach Albatros Sharm Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Beach Albatros Sharm Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
5 star
Hadabet Ilm Elseid - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt | 20-2-4024045
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Reviews - Beach Albatros Sharm Hotel

Great staff
Submitted by: john in 13/07/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Just got back from the Albatross - already booked there for later in the year. The staff are great. The hotel was nice, just really good value for money even the food was ok for some one as fussy as me.
Fantastic Hotel
Submitted by: Julie in 19/07/08
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
Have just returned from our second two week stay. What a wonderful place. Staff so helpful, stunningly clean and sooooo relaxing. Food is excellent but definitely not english or what the benidorm squad would appreciate lol. Room was good and very clean, the room cleaners work very hard. Overall I can't fault this place and will be returning next year!
Wonderful Holiday
Submitted by: Dave Farrell in 28/09/07
  • Age Group:
  • From:
  • Traveller type:
Just got back from 2 fantastic weeks at royal Albatross Moderna. Great vfm. Food,accommodation, service, facilities, location and hospitality excellent. What more can I say apart from we did not want to come home.
Submitted by: Jim in 04/12/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
What can I say? Non-stop hassle, severe food poisoning, resulted in an expensive medical bill, ended up on a drip for a day. Staff not very helpful until you shout. Tour reps are rubbish, don't believe a single word they say. Now were home the rep is still attempting to make charges to my credit card. The Red sea is full of litter, the diving is rubbish, not a patch on the Caribbean or Barrier reef!! Everyone there is out to rip you off if they can! Take this as a warning. Egypt is the worst place I have ever been to!

Historical Traveller Reviews of Beach Albatros Sharm Hotel

s not 4 star, but ....

from A TripAdvisor Member
This trip was our 10th visit to Sharm. We have in those visits stayed in everything from the Tropicana Tivoli divers rooms (no windows) to the Hyatt (One of the best hotels in Sharm). This, i think, gives us a broad base, and hope that our review will be useful.

The main problem with this hotel would appear to be it's star rating, at 4 stars. As many will know, hotels in Sharm at the higher end are immaculate, with great food, and amazing service levels. What a surprise it is then, to arrive at this small, aged hotel !

We stayed in a bungalow room with sea view. The rooms are large, with a double room, a twin room, a large lounge area and large bathroom. Particularly nice was the terrace area in from of the rooms, perfect for drying the washing, and sitting with some shade on those hot afternoons. Yes the furniture is old, the fridge ancient, and the air conditioning noisy, but the room was kept immaculately clean and the fridge stocked with free water bottles every day.

What strange creatures we are when staying in an "all inclusive" environment !! Not everything was free and this caused a lot of talk. Fresh orange juice, ice cream & chips would all cost you a little extra. One of each every day would costs all of £2 x 10 days = £20. Come on, hardly breaking the bank, are we ?!

Let's look at some of the plus sides for this hotel. There are no hills to walk. Almost all the seaside hotels in Sharm have the reception area high up, and then rooms working their way down to the beach area. This hotel however is constructed at the top of the cliff all on the flat. There is then a panoramic elevator down to the beach, all very easy. Another big plus is the beach / poolside area and beds in camparison to the number of guests. There were always free beds on the beach and by the pool, no rushing for breakfast to beat the others. The kids club was great (ty Tina!) and our boys loved it, especially the evening kids disco.

The food was ok, not great. The choice was very similar every day. Once you are tired of this however, they have an al la carte restaurant where the drinks are included and the food is half price for guests. It's very quiet, with good food (and chips !!). A meal for 2 (2 coarses) would cost all of £5.

On the downside. the location is in El Hadaba, 10 minutes walk from the old town. You therefore need a taxi to get anywhere but there. Taxis are cheap in Sharm, and we found the hotel taxi service to be very friendly. Yes it may be 10LE (£1) cheaper to walk and get in a 25 year old Peugeot, but the nice new hotel minibus was just fine for us. Also on the downside was the attitude of some of the staff (not all by any means), who did their job, but needed some training in customer service.

In summary then, we would say that there are much nicer hotels available, and if you are coming to judge your hotel then dont come here. For the price we paid, we were happy with the facilities and the space (I have seen arguments at the 5* Movenpick over beach beds!!). Would we come here again ? Well that would depend entirely on the price available at the time.

Honest Opinion!!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
OK. Here's being honest. First thing is that this hotel is no way a 4 star. We'd give it 3 max. The 'All Inclusive' turned out to be 'Not All Inclusive'. If you want chips with anything you will have to pay for them. The food in the main restaurant was not the best, most of it is always the same with the beef tasting the same no matter what sauce it has. Nothing we had was actually hot. Cold to luke warm was about best. Food at the beach bar (open 1pm-5pm) is the best way to go. You can get a pizza or a burger on the all inclusive but anything else you will have to pay for. Don't be fooled into the on-site disco as you will have to pay for the drinks and these cost GBP5.60 for 2 vodka and cokes. Look out for the vodka because some of it tastes like Bacardi depending on what bottle they use. Also at the beach party you will have to pay for your drinks. There is a BBQ night once every week that they charge about GBP12 each for with the promise of a great belly dancing show but this turns out to be more like the rejects from Butlins with no belly's in sight. The food is a welcome change from the inclusive restaurant though.
Evening entertainment is extremely lacking. Every night in the main bar there is a so called singer (now nick named Frank) who does his best to murder Take That, Chris Deburgh, Bee Gees and various tracks from Grease (Hopelessly devoted becomes Hopelessly Devoided). Well worth the crack for a few nights but starts to cause serious brain damage after a while. Best to get down to Naama Bay in the evenings (about GBP3.50 in a taxi).
When first checking in make sure you have some small notes on you as a porter will take your bags to your room and expect a tip. We only had large notes so ended up tipping him GBP10. You'll probably be back in reception fairly quickly asking for your room to be changed as they will try and fob you off with a bad room first.

Overall we'd have to say that we would not recommend this hotel. The food is very poor and the all inclusive tag doesn't mean much. Sorry to say we will not be going back. If you have booked already then good luck. Watch out for all the Germans and Russians as they don't seem to have been taught any manners. Very little British at this hotel.


from A TripAdvisor Member
I have just returned from a week at the Beach Albatross Hotel, and it was awful. At least 10 people went down with diarrhoea,(including staff), and I am still suffering now one week later.We found that all-inclusive did not mean all-inclusive. You had to pay for alot of things that you would have expected to have been included, e.g chips, pizzas, orange juice for breakfast, saunas etc. The late night snacks consisted of a cheese roll. The rooms were all very different. My first one had no window, so therefore did not have the sea, pool or garden view.It was very small and dark, and even with the light on in the daytime I could not see to read. My second room did not have the included hairdryer in every room, but did have both a window and a door leading onto a patio. Every room was supposed to have both a tub/shower combination, but I did not hear of anyone having a bath in their room.
The hotel was full of Russians and Germans, and we found that the staff were very proficient in speaking in German and Russian, but had selective communication with the British. I would say that the food in the one restaurant was boring, luke warm, and very repetetive.The other restaurant which should have been available also in the package, was actually not included, and you had to pay to eat there. I actually ate very little whilst on holiday, and lost weight, as did several other people.
I would suggest that the hotel has a total refurbishment, brings their all-inclusive package up to standard, and trains their staff in good manners and communication skills. The beach and the facilities on the beach were excellant. The entertainment at night, consisted of the same man singing each evening, and not too well at that. I would definitely go back to Sharm el Sheikh, but not to the Beach Albatross Hotel.

Enjoyed every minute at Beach Albatros

from PESS
Just got back from 1 week in Beach Albatross, Sharm.

Before going we were very concerned from reading these mixed reviews. We had nothing to worry about. The hotel staff were more than friendly, they did anything for us. Everyone from the cleaners to the managers went out of their way for us.

The food (ok, maybe a bit repetitive) was very good, plenty of choice and well prepared. The hotel was very clean and had pretty grounds. Villa's were kept spotless and everything we needed was there. Looked forward to a different figure made from towels each day. We left a couple of english pounds in our room each day which was nothing.

We went out twice, once to Old Sharm town , and once to Naama Bay. The expereince was one we didn't enjoy. The shop keepers are in your face all the time, they don't give you a chance to look and ask the price of a single item. They want you to choose several items before giving you an overal price!!! If you are asked to go in for a card, beware! You will be asked to sit down, and it is very difficult to be polite and walk away!

The entertainment at the hotel was quite funny! Not professional but a good laugh.

We went for the snorkelling which was absolutely magic, like swimming in an aquarium! The reef is just off the beach and the fish are wonderful.

It's a great shame the bad reviews made us very concerned before we went. We kept away from the salads, ice creams and used bottled water to clean our teeth and never suffered any stomach problems at all.

Feel free to e-mail me (which I did to a couple of people) for more information.

Have a great stay, we did!!!

re having a Turkish!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
First things first, this is not, repeat, not a four star hotel by any European standard. We moved after three days of incessant noise and substandard boring food, to the Hilton Ferouz which is four star. If you require the basic amenities associated with a four star hotel, it would seem to be advisable to choose an international named hotel. i.e. Hilton, Marriot, Sheraton etc.

That said the hotel has mitigating attractions. A passably attractive lounge, although, I was told that it was not possible to log on at the prominently displayed computer terminal. A marvellous 8 story lift to the excellent beach set in a wonderful sub tropical paradise. Sadly it was polluted with almost continual very loud hip hop, rap and [god help us all] eighties disco music. Sad! The pool is unheated and even in the wonderful February climate, only hardy souls will benefit from its presence. The hotel forms a semi circle around the pool area where most of the entertainment takes place. Well, I use the word entertainment advisedly. Sub standard would be an inadequate choice of words. The incessant warbling of the pleasant but worldly wise karaoke singer, confirms your worst fears concerning the dangers of amalgamating Arab and Western music. Individually, fine, combined, a disaster!

However, the best thing about this hotel is its staff. I found the Egyptians to be wonderfully friendly, engaging, hospitable and all round good eggs!! A general tip is learn a few Arab words, we did and it stood us in very good stead as the locals greatly appreciated the small effort to say thanks [Shokran] and goodbye etc., really helps. Watch out for the market sales people, clever, devious and will cost you a small fortune if you are not careful. The other downer was the Russians. I hate to generalise and slur a whole nation but all the Russians we met were rude arrogant bullies. It may be that we met an unrepresentative group, I certainly hope so. Sadly and with some shame, on occasion we were left desolately ruing the early demise of Josef Stalin!

In short, as long as you don’t mind excessive noise/music, arrogant rude fellow guests, a plentiful but tedious menu and a glorified YMCA type room, you should enjoy.

PS. Don’t forget to leave plenty of time to get to the airport. It’s a military airport and if you hit a busy time, which we certainly did, it can take an age to access the departure lounge.


from Tan-Required
Just got back from 1 week in Beach Albatross, Sharm.

Well, before going I was worried from reading these mixed reviews. We had nothing to worry about. The hotel staff were more than friendly, they did anything for us. Everyone from the cleaners to the managers went out of their way for us.

The food (ok, maybe a bit repetitive) was lovely and the hotel was more than we expected. It wasn't 5* Hilton class but rooms were kept spotless and everything we needed was there. They even fumigate rooms free of charge daily at your request to prevent mosquitos.

Being two girls in our 20's we did worry about nightlife and how we would be treated by locals. We needed not worry. Naama bay was 3 English pounds in a cab away and the nightlife was buzzing from 12pm onwards. I recommend Hard Rock and Blackhouse (Russian nightclub but the shows they put on were out of this world). La Dolce Vita was also a must, an open air nightclub set not far from the resort in the desert. If you're not after this kind of holiday though, there were plenty of cafes and the hotel bars stayed open late serving all drinks and hubbly bubblys.

The Reps on the resort at first come across as pests but we soon realised they just love English people and want to learn from us as much as we do them. They kept everyone entertained with sports and music.

There was plenty to do, didn't manage to go diving but the snorkelling in just shallow waters was amazing.

Strongly recommend the massage in the Sun Kiss Massage... even though you pay 15 English pounds, the hour was pure bliss!

I do advise you keep note of what times each bar/restaurant serves food as they all open/close at different times for the all inclusive meals.

All in all, I am so glad I went. I never expected to enjoy the holiday as much as I did and I will definitely be going back soon!

great views

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just returned from sharm, first time in egypt and wish i had done my homework! beach albatross hotels had stunning views and the beach was fantastic.... weather not great, but on a cloudy day went to nema bay which was 15 mins in taxi. was amazing for shopping there and restaurants included kfc pizza hut and The Hard Rock Cafe which was fantastic..
Food in the hotel was fine if u liked beef! vegetarians would suffer! Food was basic and not very hot. u had to pay extra for chips!
Rooms were basic and staff were friendly...
The airport is tiny and complete chaos, u have been warned. only 15 mins from airport but took 2 hours on transfer, recommend a taxi, but dont pay over the odds..
Had a pleasant stay but if went again would definately go for the Hilton or Nema Bay hotel, so close to the amenities and buzzing with life... but u wouldnt get the stunning views there, however u can't win them all!

Please read before you book.... You will be glad you did!!

from A TripAdvisor Member
The hotel has a prime location and offers glorious views of the Red Sea on one side of the hotel. We didnt have transfers and had to pay £15 to get there from the airport. They wanted £30 initially and we were still overcharged. The man that took our bags two meters also wouldnt return our bags back until we tipped him. The grounds are lovely. However, dont step foot outside the front door as you will reallise you are miles away from the main tourist center and appear to be in the middle of an Egyptian Ghetto. The locals are unused to seeing European women and it can be very intimidating as many men hang around the local shops and housing estates. The only way to the main tourist center is via taxi which will cost around £4 each way. The rooms are very basic, with cracked tiles and unmanageable showers, they are however kept spotlessly clean. The cleaners neglected to lock our room on more than one occasion. Be Cautious and get a safe. The entertainment was diabolical (one local Egyptian singing extremely badly to a kareoke machine every night) and there was no indoor bar. The weather was not great during our stay. We had to sit in the open bar whilst it rained onto us and it was freezing, there was no indoor facilities. The kids club showed a presence but did not take the kids away on activities, one so called show they put on for the children I would have deemed innapropriate as it contained crudeness and nudity. The swimming pools whilst gorgeous were unhealthily cold as they are not heated. I didnt see one person go in them for the entire week - not even the children would brave the freezing water. We went all inclusive and were dissapointed to learn that the all inclusive drinks tasted much like antifreeze. Anything other than local spirits are extremely expensive (£8 for a double vodka no mixer)The food was fresh but there was no variation. Braised beef, scrag end of chicken, boiled rice and potatoes were served everyday for breakfast, dinner and lunch. We suvived on a diet of pasta and bread rolls. All completely tasteless. We never located the " Italian restuarant", I never found anyone else that had either. Kids snacks or anything you may actually want were charged for - 4Euros for a small plate of chips, 2 Euros for an ice cream, 2 Euros for orange juice. The shops on the complex are also to be avoided, we were locked into the fragrance shop with 4 local men for over an hour... we felt so intimidated we left with a bottle of oil we didnt want or need. We returned it shortly after - but please dont be conned by the "sign my guestbook routine" The staff (all men) are both unhelpful and letcherous. You are given all your drinks in plastic cups and in order to get a glass I had to smile along with crude somments made by the barmen. Massage, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym all had to be payed for - infact anything that may have made the place more bearable was chargeable. Would not recommend to anyone considering a trip to Sharm.

not a good hotel

from alantorry
just returned from a week at the beach albatross sharm
the hotel is nothing like the brochure it is very tired not a four star the rooms are kept clean but very basic the bathroom had tiles missing the shower tray was cracked
ive been to egypt many times and this is the worst hotel ive stayed in
the food is ok but not very warm the staff are miserable and not atall helpful the windows in our room were stained glass so no view unless you go outside
the furnitue is very old and worn
tried to upgrade but was told i was in one of the best rooms
all in all not a good hotel would not recommend
do your homework before booking

Best Holiday For The Price

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just got back from Beach Albtros We had a great time good sea view from balcony, Room cleaned every day, Food very good and good selection and very fresh,Entertainment nearly every day,Plenty of sunbeds for every body, Three bars one the beach never had to queu for a drink as i like my larger,We went their for rest but there was plenty to do,Any body who gives this a poor review must have gone to a different Hotel as we found it first for the price

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

departing Get to the airport in Sharm at least 3 hours before departure and dont hang about in duty free get straight into tthe departure lounge

naama bay nice well lit up night life, loads of bars and food places, but it pays to find a bar that isnt locally run, hard rock cafe as an e.g.

blue taxis the taxis and taxi trips are a must experience in sharm it can be like a race course on them open roads the smell of petrol is a definate no no to smoking in the car and remember to barter your price!!


Other names for Beach Albatros Sharm Hotel

  • beach albatros sharm hotel
  • beach albatros sharm el sheikh
  • beach albatros sharm
  • beach albatros egypt
  • beach albatros
  • Address: Hadabet Ilm Elseid - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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