Amar Sina Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Amar Sina Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
3 star

Rooms: 91

Hadabt Oum Al Bid - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt 20 62 662222-9
301 Traveller

Reviews - Amar Sina Hotel

Needs an good clean and refurbishment
Submitted by: c in 21/11/10
  • Age Group: 4150
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
just got back last night although the staff were fabulous we were so very dissapointed with the look of the hotel,good egyption look but very dirty,we were moved from the first room that we were allocated due to the smell and dirt,,the towels that were inthe bed rooms were very dirty,,the food was always the same and the entertainment left at lot to be desired as for the allinclusive you didnt even get a meaure of spirit ,,we will continue to visit egypt but never again at this hotel,,the best part of the hotel was the people we met while there and the massure from the spa who was great
Superb Hotel
Submitted by: George in 30/10/08
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
This place has everything you need for an enjoyable budget type stay. Rooms were well looked after (adequate size) facilities good, staff could not be more helpful. Free entertainment some nights, meals good. It's not 5 star, but has a nice authentic feel with all the services a hotel can provide. Close to supermarket - beach, a free 5 min bus ride. Would use again when visiting Sharm.
Friendly staff & a clean cosy hotel!
Submitted by: Laura in 11/09/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Sun Seeker
I have just come back from a 10 day stay at the Amar Sina with 2 friends and we had a brilliant time I really recommend this hotel to anyone wanting cheap & cheerful. The staff are really helpful and they will go out of there way to ensure you are happy. Theres little entertainment at this hotel but Naama Bay has all the entertainment you need and it's only £2.50 in a taxi to get there. Ignore the nasty reviews about this hotel as it's all nonsense I agree the rooms are basic but you get what you pay for but at least there clean & livable. I have no faults about this hotel.
Excellent staff
Submitted by: Laura in 11/09/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
I have just come back from a 10 day stay Amar Sina with 2 friends and we had a brilliant time. The rooms are basic but you get what you pay for they are very clean and fresh towels are provided daily. The hotel staff are very friendly and so helpful they will do almost anything to please you. Theres little entertainment at this hotel but Naama bay as it all and it's only a 10 min taxi drive away and will cost you £2.50 (25 LE) don't pay Anymore than that to go and to come back. Me and my friends are planning on going back to this hotel next year as we really enjoy it.
Try Shisha at Sam's Bedouin Tent
Submitted by: Solange in 20/11/06
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
I just came back last week from a one week stay with my 12 year old niece at Amar Sina. Reading through the other reviews it astounds me that people complain that the sun went down early??? Makes me wonder sometimes why people bother going on holiday at all -I was a holiday rep for three years so I have come across some pretty bizarre complaints, like too much sand on the beach???
The hotel is a 3 star -very clean, pool I found clean compared to some European standards, rooms were cleaned and towels changed everyday. Staff is very helpful and yes, they are not in a hurry -but this is Egypt, if you are demanding extra fast service stay in the UK!
The hotel (as posted) has very little entertainment and a show on Fridays where you have to pay an extra £5 -which is not that much. I have heard comments that the music is terrible around the pool-I disagree. It is Arabic music (hello, you are in Egypt?) if you want cheesy pop music whilst abroad, go to Benidorm. What I found that mostly guests seemed not that concerned with the music or lack of entertainment as they would gather around the bar to drink themselves silly as they were all inclusive -shame really because not many seemed to take advantage of the Bedouin tent run by Sam the Shisha man inside the complex (decorated with Egyptian rugs, cushions and lamps -really cozy!) It was my favourite place, and for only £3 you could enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, gazing at the stars, whilst smoking one of the many flavoured tobacco in the water pipe and enjoying some mint tea.
I would recommend this hotel, but if you are looking for more class and better food (I agree there, it could be repetitive -okay for a week but two weeks might be boring) you should try something else, but you have to be willing to pay the extra cash -and Amar Sina is very reasonably priced and is good value for the money you pay.
great service & friendly staffs
Submitted by: MR H Momoniat in 22/08/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
i must say this was the best hotel i have ever been to. the staff were great and the rooms were cleaned everyday. the staff were very friendly and helpful.This was my second time in amar sina and i am looking forward to go to amar sina next year.there is even a pool in this hotel and a bar where you can get drinks. the drinks are very cheap in the bar but it is better if you do it all inclusive. the food is great in this best time in this hotel is when it is past 12 when citizens from different areas come to amar sina to do shisha. there is a shopping centre in sharm el sheikh called naama bay which is about 15 mins away from amar sina. if you go by a taxi to naama bay. they will charge you about £60 (£6 british money. but you can make the price lower by saying a lower price and finally they will agree. the minimum price for naama bay is £10 (£1 in british money) and the maximum price is £20 (£2 in british money.i really dont understand why there have been bad comments about this hotel. but i think this hotel should be rated more than 10/10
Great hotel and staff
Submitted by: Leyla Ahmed Hussein in 04/04/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Great hotel Amazing staff, eevryone was very helpfull and can wait to go back there next year.
Submitted by: Leanne Moore in 27/09/05
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The hotel was very basic but the staff made up for it! The staff were VERY helpful nothing was any trouble for them. Some members of staff were more helpful than others! I would recommend this place 100% and I'm thinking of going back in January. I have just came back from there yesterday and morning cant wait till I go back!
In need of revamp
Submitted by: Linda Phillips in 05/09/05
  • Age Group: 51 - 60
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Cheap Getaway Holiday Maker
This hotel has not been maintained and needs a complete revamp. We spent the last 2 weeks of August 2005 here. The pool was slimy and several broken tiles caused cuts to feet and hands, there are no steps or ladders to gain access in/out of the pool. The food was well presented and hot but repetitive... chicken-rice-beef-chips every meal along with salads and cooked meats/cheese that were not kept cool. The jacuzzi is in disrepair and not in use. The sunbeds were all broken and the cushions dirty and tatty. The fish restaurant is used once a week for paying guests @£9 per person. Staff over familiar with female guests and ignored you the rest of your stay if you spurned their advances.
Not a hotel I would use again.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Amar Sina Hotel

Interesting Hotel

from Stevejon38
We recently came back (March 26th) from a wonderful week in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

The hotel was an interesting alternative to some of the glossy 'five star' hotels that to be honest could be anywhere in the med/middle east.

Considering that we paid (£120.00 per room inc. B&B) then this was an absolute bargain really. Every day the rooms were cleaned, towels and bedding changed. The housekeeping crew make interesting shapes out of the new towels and display them on the bed after each visit.

The staff were friendly, enthusiastic and attentitive.

However what really made our holiday was when walked outside and met up with some of the people who ran small businesses in the courtyard next to the front entrance of the hotel.

If you want to book a taxi, we strongly recommend that you go and see Ahmed in the Rent-a-Car office who is such a nice guy and speaks very good english.

One of the drivers, Mohammed is an absolute star and is a great source of information about where to go in Sharm and the vicinity. He is a very humble man but extremely likeable personality-our wishes go with him.

The spice store owner who is also called Mohammed is also a great person to get to meet and was so generous, completely the opposite to the money grabbing store owners that are only too typical of Naama Bay. His prices are competitive too compared to those in Naama Bay and the Sharm El Maya (Old Market).

It is also worth speaking to Ali, who runs the small jewellery shop next to Mohammed. His prices are good and you would expect to pay two to three times for the same equivalent in the UK.

I would advise those of you who are due to visit the Amar Sina to take what the reps say with a pinch of salt, the same excursions that they sell are available at a much lower price from the rent-a-car outlet.

We spoke to one elderly gentleman who told us that the holiday company who organised his trip to the Amar Sina had appeared to mislead him and his disabled wife as they were told that there was facilities for the disabled and wheelchairs and there clearly isn't.

They were put in a room on one of the upper floors (no lifts in the hotel)and were not offered a ground floor room. This meant that she couldn't join the rest of the guests for dinner (meals were brought to her in their room). Because of the lack of access she couldn't come out of the room.

They complained to the holiday rep who (the husband said to me) was not the slightest bit interested in helping them.

When the couple asked their holiday rep if they could go on one of the excursions they were flatly refused and told that they were too much of a risk to take, presumably because of her disability.

When the husband spoke to rent-a-car about excursions, there was no problem and Mohammed was able to reassure them and advise them.

This is one good reason why you should not always trust what your holiday rep tells you...

Its not the best but not the worst accomodation we have been in

from gemmajackson
I was annoyed by the pictures of the unmade bed which must have been before the room was cleaned because our bed was always really well made when the room was cleaned.We spent a week at the amar sina in febuary and took our 2 year old grandaughter,we really enjoyed the stay,the hotel was not the best we have stayed in but we have stayed in worse in greece and spain,we had a really enjoyable stay,the staff were so friendly,and yes we have been to the red sea before twice in 5 star hotels but we still enjoyed the stay we had at the Amar Sina,
Ps none of us not even our grandaughter had a bad stomach


from terrym500
Amar Sina - February - 2006

How other reviewers rated this hotel is beyond me.
The place is Dirty, in need of decoration and within 24 hrs transferred to another hotel
Our room consisted of open boxes masquerading as wardrobes, mould in the bathroom, exposed wiring and filthy stained sheets with threadbare covers.
There is a 'ZOO' at the back with tables to eat the evening meal which was not woth the risk of eating.
I nearly passed it on to the camel who was walking about during the meal. To those reviewers who have enjoyed your stay. I have no comment to pass only I suppose it's what you are used to.
The photo's probably more favourable than they should be and made the sheets look quite clean........Don't be fooled
Give this one a wide berth, you will get much better value elswhere
I am quite happy to answer any questions on this review

Very Unusual experience!!

from dbscrumpy
Where do we start? Just got back from a week all-inclusive at the Amar Sina. We arrived at about 8.30pm to be shown into a room that still had the personal belongings of the previous occupant. Despite tha late hour and the fact we were knackered after a long journey they were unable to change our room. In fact they were particularly unhelpful. And that I am afraid was the story of the week! The hotel itself was fine for the price we paid. Very unusual design in the half moon shape. The food was passable if a little repetitive. Pasta, rice, chicken etc. The bar service was ok but the bar staff seemd to be on a constant go slow unless you were 18 and blonde and female then the boys SHOT into action!

The pool is clean but VERY cold and you had to be brave to enter the water. The room cleaning was inconsistent and only one day during the week were the floors mopped. The beaches were crowded nearby and if you ventured to civilisation then be prepared for hassle. They will become very pushy around the shops and bars but just be firm and they will stop. When you get a taxi HAGGLE HAGGLE HAGGLE. Dont pay anymore than 25 Egpytian pounds to Naama Bay and NO MORE than 100 to the airport.

In summary, a hotel that desperatly needs a refurb, expect slow service and luke warm food, distinctly uninterested staff and a reception that sometimes tried to help. A zoo that should be condemned and entertainment that at times was WOEFUL. However and its a big however we LOVED it for its quirkiness and the value for money is amazing. Dont expect too much and you will enjoy yourselves!!


from kayjay22
We stayed for a week All Inclusive. If you're going in winter take a jacket for the evening. The food was of very good quality with a good selection though it could have been more varied. The general entertainment was missable however the Pharonic Show once a week costs £3 and must be seen. The hotel is built in an unusual style which adds to its appeal. The pool was large enough and clean. The staff were friendly and helpful. The rooms were pleasant and clean. Watch out for: taxi drivers asking 3 times the going rate for airport to hotel.

Where do I start?

from tonipickles
Well, where do I start? The hotel itself could do with being improved in general. Paintwork, furnishings and general maintainence. The loungers needed to be thrown away as they were broken and completely un-repairable. The food was very repetative. Open air buffet type servery. Chicken, beef, rice, veg and a pasta dish of some sort. There were no chiller cabinets for the salad bar as well as the puddings bar. Lunchtime was served inside, which was a good thing because of the amount of flies. However, lunch was the same, chicken, fish, chips and a warm salad bar.
We were all inclusive and this meant drinks all day, but this was served by the glass, the bottle not put back into the fridge so got very warm resulting in flat lager. However, if you paid for the drinks, you got the bottle. There were no ice creams or snacks available.
The staff were great and very friendly however. All of the waiters were good fun. The massage chap and henna tattoo bloke were very annoying though, they wouldn't take no for an answer, and you had to be quite firm with them.
The rooms were cleaned and linen changed frequently, with pretty designs made out of the towels which were left on the beds.
There was a free bus down to the beach, if you could call it that. The sun loungers were placed next to one another and it was all very cramped. The red sea however, makes up for the cramped beach, and you really get up close and personal with the fish ( get an underwater camera!!! it's a must) The beach is a total of 117 steps down, but it feels like 200 on the way back up!!!
Back to the hotel. Not a great deal in entertainment, and when there was, it was on about 8.00 when you were just going down for your evening meal.
The zoo at the back of the hotel SHOULD be missed. There is hardly any room for the animals, 1 camel, 1 donkey, 3-4 birds of prey, various goats, 3 monkeys and stork type birds. All cages in need of major repair. If you are an animal lover, avoid this area completly.
While we were there, there was a major problem with the pool, it turned 'SHREK' green. The pool was out of use for about 4-5 days. The hotel tried to put things right with a day trip out as compensation, but it did ruin things.
There is a nightclub/disco which is never busy and various shops around the hotel.
All in all, my hubby and I had a great time. Weather was in the 130's plus and in general everything was ok. If you can get over the food being the same you should have a great time.

Fantastic Place

from andy56
Just a little note on the amar sina hotel,(fantastic!)
ignore what happend with pool going green in the past,this was a faulty pool pump and all the guest's were treated to few days out for free as a good will gesture,( did'nt tell you that did they!) food was great and the local beers okay too,staff are excellent, find the guy called mohammed,works nights on the desk! top man and will help you with anything,nothings to much trouble( tell him Dan&Andy said hello!) taxi's are best way to get about and theres plenty off them.
hotel is like no other and desgign is like a little egyptian village.
Visit the hotel,you "will" be glad you did,if you dont i'll go back meself. bye for now!!!!

Give it a go if you want a relaxing and friendly environment!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Spent two weeks here on all inclusive basis.
All inclusive included three buffets and selected drinks. Snacks are stated as being included but actually aren't apart from some cheese sandwiches apparently which we never saw?!
The buffet food was ok, mixed reviews on the whole but quite a few people were suffering with tummy upsets which resulted in people eating elsewhere despite being all inclusive.

Good points:- very friendly staff, rooms are nice, traditional style, very good reliable weather, free bus to beach, bus service to Naama Bay which is 25p each way (bargain!), bar snacks e.g. pizza for £1.50!
Camel riding, Cairo trip (book excursions with Mohammed at reception he's brilliant and the trips are the same as reps but half the price!) Snorkelling in the sea - SUPERB!!! Massages.

Bad points:- Private beach is extremely crowded definitely avoid.Mithering on the beaches. Not much to do in the evenings around the hotel as the entertainment is on while your eating (8pm) which was a bit irritating as they were trying to get you up belly dancing while you were eating (depends what you like). We were a young couple in our 20's and there was no bar away from the hotel to just go and sit in, constantly hotel based.

General overview. The main disappointment for us was the food and the beaches. you can pay to go on the beaches of other hotels but they tend to be crowded too. Sharks bay was the best beach we went on, but its £8 in a taxi from the hotel as opposite side of the bay next to airport! If you get a taxi from the airport, pay no more than 100 Egyptian pounds (£10) they will try and rip you off if its your first time!

Also, you will get mithered in Naama Bay and the Old town, but you HAVE to ignore them. They start by asking where your from, whats your name, first time in Egypt, which hotel etc.. but the next thing you know your in their shop!

Contact me if you want any information, the hotel is definitely not worth a miss but if you want liveliness Naama Bay is the area to stay in!

charming hotel with a lot of character

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have just returned from 2 weeks of heaven at the Amar Sina hotel were the staff were fantastic. Friendly and very helpful we were made to feel at home straight away.

The hotel is full of character and atmosphere and was just the right size for us allowing us to get to know everyone, it felt like one big family. The pool area was immaculate and was attended to all day by the staff to maintain it and to help us anyway the could.

The food was great, on an all inclusive basis the 3 buffet meals a day were great with plenty of variety. The only time we suffered with a stomach upset was when we ate outside the hotel and after this we stuck with the hotel food.

We hope all being well to return next year and look forward to seeing all the staff again. Security, reception, housekeeping and bar and restaurant staff were all great and we couldn't fault anyone in the hotel.

One big experience

from A TripAdvisor Member
Having read previous reviews didn't know what to expect. This is a place you make up your own mind. In my opinion this is a holiday one would never forget with the gracious hospitality of the Egyptian people who made this holiday a most relaxed, fun and very mad time. Not really a place for young single girls as not much on the entertainment side. I would not recommend going to the Hotels beach if you do not want to be pestered but go to the Private beach along the road. All the staff at thr Amar Sina were really friendly towards us who are on hand 24 hours a day. Sayed, Mohammed and The Pool boy was especially helpful. The only downful if I had one, not enough Rose Wine!!!!.

We will definately be returning if the will have us!!!

Karen & Debbie, London

Top Local Tips for Sharm El Sheikh

hotel taxis Try and use hotel taxi's they are cheaper,more comftable and safer

Getting Around My tip would be to use the lovely Mohamed, he was someone you can trust and he never ripped us off. We used him all the time for anything as when we didnt we did get ripped off outside the hotel with taxi's etc. Use the hotel and do not get into a taxi as you never really know if they are one or not!!!! better to be safe in a country like this.

money pay no more than 25 egyptian pounds for taxis, haggle with everyone


Other names for Amar Sina Hotel

  • hotel amar sina village
  • amar sina sharm el sheikh
  • amar sina hotel sharm el sheikh
  • amar sina hotel
  • amar sina
  • Address: Hadabt Oum Al Bid - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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