Al Diwan Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Al Diwan Resort Hotel

, Sharm El Sheikh
Shark's Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt | 20 69 3600777
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Greatest trip of all

from Da_only2
My Partner & I chose this Hotel because it was part of a package and we were lead to believe it was near the sea.
The day we arrived there was a shuttle waiting for us & the other guests...only prob was we had to pay £2 , which was not a problem.

When we arrived at the resort. the reception was wonderful..actually great, the staff were lovely & the room & service was extraordinary we were not expecting much because of the price but we were very suprised at the quality & service. huge rooms, clean & very welcoming.

The hotel is more geared to Polish & russian visitors but we were made to feel at home. they went out of their way time & time again.
the only problem was the distance to the beach which was a 20 min walk but hey it beats being in cold azz England. the buffett was nice & very cheap & there is a shuttle service to take u into Sham..where every thing u want is there to find.

the day trips & excursions cost us £100 for 2, which included the quad biking into the western desert, snorkling in Ras Mohammed & a boat trip to the red sea.

The resort also puts on a trip to cairo if u want to see the pyramids & the giza Plateau.
there is also a Perfume store / scent stall owned by Abraham & his trusty cousin who were great hosts as well u gotta visit.

all in all i will recommend this hotel to any one close or far.
I plan to go back as soon as it is possible.

try it out u will love it.

Not great!!

from diane_defries
My husband and our 3 boys stayed at this hotel for a week from 10th April to 17th April. I had read the reviews so was fairly prepared for this hotel. The hotel is basic to say the least, yes it's very clean but the maintenance is an issue. Be aware of when they say "kitchette" it's basically a fridge with a couple of bottles of coke and a couple of cans of beer. The electricity goes off in the room when you take your key out so therefore contents of fridge are not kept cold. Grounds and pool of hotel are nicely done and they were repainting it whilst we were there, one of my boys greeted me with white paint all over their hands, nice! Staff are friendly, some over so. Syed was particularly good and looked after us whilst we were there. Food is another issue altogether. We opted for B&B after reading the reviews here and were glad we did. Breakfast is ok if you like cakes, boiled eggs, and salad. No fresh fruit at all. If a bowl of fruit salad did come out of the kitchen it was gone in 10 seconds! As a previous reviewer mentioned the blue and white taxis are a nightmare, you really feel like you take your life in your hands, no seatbelts and drive like lunatics. Wasn't keen on Na'ama Bay, although can recommend Hard Rock Cafe and highly recommend Little Buddha for fantastic food and Cocktails. Hi-lite of holiday was finding a wicked beach called "Tarrazina Beach" in Old Sharm, about £4 in taxi from hotel. Chilled music, cushions and sunbeds, good restaurant and very good watersports. All in all the weather was great and the children loved it. Don't think I'd go back to Sharm again but if I was to I would definately go 5* up!

Not a great hotel !!!

from j00lz
I was extremely disappointed by this hotel. i agree with other reviews that compliment the staff for trying hard however there were too many problems for me to consider bringing my family back here.

We stayed at Al Diwan from 7th - 14th April. We arrived very late in the evening having battled through customs and were all very tired. When we first went to our room we were very disappointed as our 2 children (boys aged 9 and 10) were expected to share a very old double sofa bed. They slept in it for one night, and then after a couple of arguments with reception the boys were both delivered proper single beds the next day and the sofa bed was moved.

As we arrived at about 11.30 pm on the saturday we were told there would be a late meal delivered to our room. We gave up waiting and ordered room service and went to bed - at 2 am there was a knock on the door that woke us up and the meals were delivered; needless to say by then we did not want them !

We stayed all inclusive (AI) as we often do this when travelling with the children, but Al Diwan is not geared up for this. AI stops at 10pm so you have to pay for drinks after this which is extremely annoying. The AI food was terrible so we ended up eating out when we could. The BBQ food at lunchtime was good, but again although AI we had to pay for this.

Everything was centred around the pool area, including the music in the evening. Unfortunately our room was located just behind the speakers. One evening the music was still playing at full blast at midnight - with 2 children trying to sleep this was extremely annoying, and my husband eventually managed to get them to switch it off.

The place was over-run with russian people, and they are extremely rude. I caught one lady trying to steal my towels aswell (not the hotel ones, but the ones that i took with me). Not a major issue, but just annoying on top of everything else

We went on a boat trip organised by the hotel - the snorkelling was fab but the day was a disaster. When we got to the port we were told that there were too many children in the party from the hotel and the boat captain wouldn't take us - we had to wait an hour and a half for an alternative boat - there were no safety precausions being taken and the toilet didn't work. The crew was surly to say the least and charged us £30 for 5 beers. We then had to wait 45 minutes at the end of the day for the minibus to take us back to the hotel - with tired children this is a nightmare.

The weather was fantastic, and the snorkelling amazing but i would definately not go back to sharm (blackpool in the sun !!) or to Al Diwan.

Loved it!!

from mb13
I went to Sharm 30th March to 10th April. I had a fantastic time. The staff are brilliant and they love kids!! They really can't do enough for you. Granted the food wasn't brilliant and does cater mainly for eastern europe, I did ask the manage for a roast dinner as
it was easter sunday, a christian celebration and they made a lovely dinner for us.

On the eastern european note, the Russians in particular are rude, obnoxious and not nice people I found. Normally you cannot generalise to a whole culture but the Russians are an exception. Even the shopkeepers would call them 'bloody Russians!' Patience is very much a virture here!!!

I went with 10 others 6 of these children aged from 2 to 11. The staff are wonderful with them and nothing is too much trouble. We went on a camel ride, the aqua park and mount moses. I particularly loved the water park as it was geared for the children all being in the depth of my 11year old. There was a special kids area for kids from 1 upwards and only £17 adult £11 children 4-12. The child rate is only to 12 so expect to pay adult rate over this age.

Don't book trips with the tour operator do it through reception it's half the price. Also beware of the drivers who say one price then expect 5 ponds more for 'tips'.

I found myself humbled by the Egyptians. They work so so hard for what we get daily, they get for a months work, 18 hour days. I would go back to Al Diwan but half board or B&B although a meal out in the old market was horrific and even charged us 12%tax so we argued for some time over it.

Al Diwan is clean, very friendly and i liked it the staff definitley made it!!

The truth about the Al Diwan

from majortom66
Nicola & Paul - Nottingham March 2007

I had a week in the Al Diwan at the beginning of March & can honestly say it was the worst place i've ever stayed in. I went there with fairly modest expectations and was disappointed with what i found.
The rooms were generally tidy although in need of serious maintenance (sockets hanging off the wall) and the toilet/bathroom had a lingering smell as if something had died in it.

Each morning & evening around 6am/pm a man walked around the grounds spraying insecticide, from what appeared to be a converted leave blower,which found it's way into the apartments.

The food was dreadful, clearly catering for the masses of ignorant eastern bloc residents, and we generally ate only the breakfast preferring to eat out away from the hotel.

The eastern bloc residents i refer to found it necessary to act as though everything was rationed and had no concept of politeness(the free shuttle bus was a free for all, no point in queuing as you'd be lucky to get on, better to sharpen those elbows ready to jab in some ribs!)

We went all inclusive and were given a nice pink wrist band which we were required to display whenever we wanted a drink or some food, this wasn't such a problem except that most people couldn't easily remove it, it did feel as though we were being branded, why couldn't the non all inclusive inmates wear the bands?

After a couple of days we realised that we weren't going to get the benefit of being all inclusive when the "free" drinks began to be served in small wine glasses(plastic cups if you're by the pool) and i must congratulate the bar staff on their ability to get such small amounts of liquid into a glass whilst making the glass appear full (1 part liquid,9 parts froth).

The cut off time for the all inclusive guests was 10pm so we tried to get a few drinks in before 10pm to see us through but this was curtailed when we were told that we couldn't have another drink until we had finished the one we'd got and brought an empty glass back.
The final straw for me was on our last day we had checked out, duly noting that we had no entitlement to anything all inclusive, and i went to the bar to buy a couple of beers.

All week we had been served "Stella" (not Artois) beer which wasn't a bad drink and i asked for two bottles of Stella. I was aware i'd have to pay and had the money ready only to be told that i couldn't have them, i had to have Sakara(nothing wrong with it i just didn't like it) as the Stella was only for the all inclusive inmates.
To get around this i asked a resident who was still checked in to buy a couple of bottles and i'd give him the money. Alas no, the all inclusive guests couldn't have a bottle only a glass/plastic cup.
By now i'd have enough so made as much of a scene as possible to which the bar staff made a couple of calls to the management and relented.
As a parting gesture we had a run in with the holiday rep, Nasser, when we tried to bring the issues to his attention and he said we had lied on the official complaint form we filled out.

The presence of the ignorant individual, who appeared after a few days of our holiday, at the end of the bar recording every glass of beer sold & who it was sold to was also curious. The blue & white taxis should be avoided like any one of the biblical plagues, better to get the hotel taxis who were friendly, courteous & reasonably priced.

Sharks bay has little going for it at the moment, it's practically a building site, Naama bay is better established (geared up to exploit the tourist though) and has a nice beach (ignore the private beach signs, i wasn't challenged once).

All in all i didn't enjoy my first visit to Egypt, would i go back, probably, would i go to Sharm, possibly, would i go back to Al Diwan, definitely not!

Had a great time!

from gempul83
Stayed at the al diwan all inclusive for one week 18th march, and as mentioned on the last review hotel got a new manager about the 3rd day we were there, and i must admit that we did notice a difference in the food and general maintenance of the place.
The food was okay it was edible the only thing is, its a bit repetitive so you do get sick of eating the same things, dont think i could've ate there every night for another week! but me and my friend just went hard rock cafe one night gorgeous!
there again what do you expect we paid £100 each for 1 week all inclusive so i really cant complain and we didn't go hungry by any stretch. we both had dodgy stomachs but i think that is just egypt in general.
The staff were so friendly especially the bar staff and cant believe how hard they work, and i didnt think they were particularly begging for tips not like outside of the hotel and at the airport!
A few foreigners in the hotel polish/russians, they didn't really bother us much a lot of brits there aswell who were really friendly so tended to stick togther, stayed at the bar some nights with the waiters dancing on the bar which was really funny.
Entertainment wise not much going on apart from the egyptian night on a sat, and the odd belly dancer but the new manager says he's working on it!
Anyway, all the young people go to naama bay we went a few nights and always felt relatively safe there, from this hotel taxis should cost 30 egyptian pounds each way which is £3. always make a deal with taxidriver before you get in and shouldn't have many problems. Go to hard rock cafe, and litte buddha plays really good funky house/jazz type music, little bit of hed kandi had a brill time! also there's a pacha but didnt have chance try there. but considering out of season was really surprised at how lively it was.
All in all, as this wasn't our main hol and for what we paid for just a cheap break would stay here again, and would definitely go back to sharm again, but if you were to make egypt your main hol prob try somewhere else, the gardenia plaza hotel was by our hotel and looked absolutely amazing so maybe try some reviews for there! but for cheapie no problems loved every minute!

Its getting better!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just back from Sharm yesterday with the wife and had a good time at the Al Diwan. There is a new Manager and he is getting the place into shape. The Hotel is in the middle of being painted and the Manager says he has plans for a disco and other entertainment. He has also made sure that the food is hot and will be adding to the menu for the all inclusive. The staff are all great they cant do enough for you they will make you smile. If you are happy they are too they were even dancing on the bar one night. The rooms are cleaned everyday and if you show appreciation ( thank you not tips) they will do sculptures on the bed with towels. There is a bus to the beach everyday and to Nama Bay every other night. There is a Taxi at the Hotel for guests it is better to use it rather than the local blue and whites. There is a price list for the Taxi at reception look at the prices and tell the driver the price on it before you get in or they will ask for double the price. Remember if you are going on holiday to have a good time then you will, if you are a stick in the mud who likes to complain then stay at home. I will try and upload some photos or you can look at there web site. p.s. the email doesnt work. [---] If you want to ask me anything feel free.

Dodgey reviews on this hotel

from emsy2007
Me and my boyfriend travelled to Sharm el Sheikh for our first holiday for a week from 4th March. we booked the holiday as a last minute deal so we got a reasonable price for the hotel and we went all inclusive. Prior to travelling i did internet research on the Al Diwan hotel and after reading the bad reviews i became concerned about the hotel.

Fair enough its not 5* luxury but its only a 3* so what do you expect! the hotel was clean and very looked after, the rooms were spacious and confortable, our room over looked a smaller private pool seperate from the main pool. the staff in the hotel were very helpful and friendly and were always willing to help. The hotel beach was nice and the coral and fish there was well worth a look at.

The food wasnt very good the first night we stayed, but got better as the week went on (although the hotel food not being brilliant wasnt a problem as eating out cost bout £6 each)

the excursions booked through the hotel were great, i recommend the Ras Mohammed trip which was one of the highlights of the holiday

Naama bay the main part of Sharm el Sheikh was lively, however i was very hassled by the men and as we went there on the first night and i was tired and slightly culture shocked i really didnt like it. we went to Old Sharm Market the next day and (dispite its name being old it all seemed reasonably new) it was much better. the people gave less hassle and shopping there was much more successful. i recommend old sharm over naama bay!

overall the holiday was brilliant. i advise people to ignore the really bad reviews on this hotel

Al Diwan...not the best!

from HazelCat
We just returned from the Al Diwan resort, Sharm el Sheikh yesterday & I felt compelled to write a review. We are not usually the sort of people to moan about our holidays but my boyfriend & I were actually really glad to get home! A few points to bear in mind before booking the Al Diwan, or in fact going to Sharm at all:

Taxis - the Al Diwan is located fairly near the airport ( approx 5mins by car), however we paid 150 Egyptian pounds after much haggling! We were appalled at that & quickly learned not to trust the blue & white local cabs.It cost 40 on the way back. They drive like maniacs and charge the earth! DO NOT USE THEM.In Nama Bay you will get hassled by a taxi "runner" who will arrange a price with you & then tell the cab driver a higher price!! They are extremely cheeky & have no scruples at all. Use the hotel taxi instead. It is usually standing outside & has fixed prices. You can arrange to be picked up at a set time. MUCH safer & easier than the constant hassle!!!! We didn't actually realise how far out the hotel was & we felt quite cut off (unless we used the taxis which we began to resent). We couldn't walk anywhere as the hotel is situated on a dual carriage way with nothing else around. We felt trapped.

Hotel- Not tooooooo bad. Rooms clean enough, bit rough around the edges but on the whole quite pleasant.We asked for a double but instead were given a twin. Shower was always hot & powerful, fresh towels, (sometimes made into swans etc), TV with X2 English speaking channels, beds were like sleeping on stone slabs!! (hideous, killed my back) & pillows were also very hard. There are two pools, both have stupidly placed sunbeds (which are obviously claimed by leathery skinned Eastern Europeans sometime in the small hours) On our last day we managed to acquire two in a good spot by getting up at the crack of dawn. Flies are a real nuisance,big blue bottle type...drove us insane! Sadly, the whole hotel was lacking in any kind of atmosphere.We were lucky to even get any music playing, let alone any evening entertainment.

Food- We only stayed B&B ( thankfully!!) Same every morning; selection of sweet breads, pancakes,omelettes, coffee (or rather treacle) fruit juice (cordial), cheap luncheon meat & plastic cheese. They seemed to cater for the overwhelming amount of Russian tourists staying there with offerings of a crazy cabbage,carrot & potato combo (not the most appetising thing for breakie!!) Out of desperation & not wanting to yield again to the devil taxi drivers, we ate dinner twice at the hotel. £5 for a buffet of mixed salads (how to chop a tomato 50 different ways to make it look like a different meal!) , tepid,watery soup, cold pasta/rice a piece of "chicken" and a selection of tasteless sweets to follow. Budget menu to say the least.Massive amount of room for improvement. Oh, also we were served a flat beer one day & an out of date one the next!!!!

Staff- the "charismatic" reception staff we found fairly rude. Although they eventually grant your requests/answer your questions they are definitely NOT forthcoming or particularly friendly. Lovely little guy in the gift shop (not the big one, who is very pushy). The rest of the staff are pleasant enough & seem hardworking but you cant help feeling that any effort on their part is simply for tips. Service at meal times not the best either, always had to find our own cutlery etc from other tables.

Beach- we only went to Sharks Bay (the hotel's beach) once. There is a shuttle bus which only runs every tues/thurs/sun at set times. Not a pretty beach.In the middle of what feels like a building site. Shingle, not sand. You don't pay for the sunbeds.
DON'T walk right the way round as it becomes a private beach for another hotel & we were told to leave by an irate security guard!!

Nama Bay- our source of "fun" of an evening. Hassle, hassle & more hassle!! We were unable to walk 5 yards without somebody trying to sell us some kind of junk. Got very sick of it very quickly. In fact......we hated every second of it! Food also was a bone of contention. We usually like to immerse ourselves in a country's food & culture but had to resort to the likes of Hard Rock Cafe to get a decent meal. I got a dodgy stomach after a chicken dish & my boyfriend still has the trots now.....not nice!!

Although our holiday wasn't the worst experience ever, we would not dream of going back to Sharm el Sheikh & definitely not back to the Al Diwan. We would urge that you consider all other options rather than going there & honestly cant understand all the good reviews we've read about the place.

Loved Al Diwan ( a different experience)

from beccles
We returned from Sharm 5th March having stayed at the Al Diwan a family of five, kids aged 6, 10 & 12, all inclusive for 2 weeks. We found the hotel to be clean, rooms large but basic. Our shower worked perfectly and was powerful - no complaints. The staff were friendly and always willing to help, loved kids! Don't be afraid to talk to people, Saeed the supermarket shop owner at the resort, speaks perfect English and is a gem. He will tell you anything you want to know; what the going rate should really cost, whether it's taxi's, excursions trips or snorkelling stuff. He doesn't put any pressure on you to buy anything from him, he genuinely enjoys talking to you and will go out of his way to help make your stay enjoyable and hassle free. He is also the local self appointed chemist, any tummy troubles go to him straight away and he will give you a couple of tablets that will sort it out - free of charge. It did the trick with me, 6 hours later no worries. It is true to say that you will get approached, outside the hotel for trips, tattoo's, camel rides etc but just say no thanks and they will leave you alone. Sharm was built for tourists, it's sole purpose is tourism, so of course Sharm is full of people who earn their living from the tourist. However, never accept the first price (half it at least and then start haggling) and you will end up paying a fair price. As a family we had a great time and met some great people who couldn't do enough for us. The resort was perfect so go and enjoy!

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  • Address: Shark's Bay - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
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