Basata Camp Hotel

, Nuweiba, Egypt
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Basata Camp Hotel

, Nuweiba

Rooms: 18

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Reviews - Basata Camp Hotel

Lovely venue, greedy hosts
Submitted by: Juana in 16/04/09
  • Age Group:
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
It's hard to fault the gorgeous beach and exquisite reef, ideal for snorkeling. But this place poses as an eco-lodge, and the food is overpriced, overcooked and mediocre. Most nights, the owner prances around in Bedouin robes, though he is a fake sheikh from Cairo and actively discourages Bedouin hospitality. His German wife runs the place and keeps the bathrooms clean. I'd stay next door with the Bedu.
Being Alive
Submitted by: Renda in 04/12/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Weekend Breaker
Just Staying in Basata made me like alive in heaven style place. I think there is no other place in Egypt attracted me that much. It is just peace that you feel yourself like you never did within your entire life.
The place policy is gr8 which is trust
Submitted by: Gobgob in 12/10/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Egypt
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
Everything is gr8 there and hope to keep it as it is and never change.....its beautiful, relaxing and the type of people that go there are friendly and happy..u get to make alot of friends
The good old days!
Submitted by: Anita in 24/07/07
  • Age Group: 31 - 40
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Adventurer
I last went to Basata in 1992 (having stayed there several times between 1990 and 1992). It looks and sounds as though it is as good as it always was. How reassuring that something hasn't changed! I look forward to re-visiting there in the next few months... I went there 15 years ago for peace and a sense of other-worldliness and now, again, it is the place I long to find relaxation and recuperation in.
What life should be
Submitted by: Amro in 05/04/06
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: Canada
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
When people think of a getaway, most think of a nice hotel, room service, a clean pool, and every other kind of luxurious accommodation that has all the elements of metropolitan city life, but without worrying about what awaits them from the boss the next day! However, there is this spot that takes people to the days when one artificial source of light was considered a luxury, and trusting people with payment was the trend. Here, we go back to the simpler days, at a place literally called, Basata.

Basata is located between Taba and Nuweiba on the Aqaba Gulf of the Red Sea. It is only 24 km to the north of Nuweiba, but it is about 450 km from Cairo, Egypt. It is situated on a golden sandy beach in a small bay surrounded by mountains from all other three sides.

Its accommodation varies according to preference. There are a few buildings and chalets or bungalows built of clay and natural stone, with an Arabian theme that compliments the Sinai Peninsula and the surrounding landscape. For a simpler approach, one can find clean and spacious huts made of bamboo and reeds scattered across the beach. And those who like a camping style of life can just march in with their tents, or even just a sleeping bag.

The main focus of “anything” such as food, electricity, or just having a group gathering is the main Hut located almost in the middle of the area. It's the largest hut and the only one with food, and electricity (the only reason for it being there is to operate the fridge where dairies and juices are kept).

From corners to corner, Arabian rugs carpet the floor and there are nicely stuffed cushions to rest your back against.

An ordinary day at Basata begins at sunrise. If you're sleeping in a tent you can't help the sun rays peeping in and waking you up. And no matter how late you stayed up the night before, you always wake up fresh, even with three or four hours of sleep. There are two very clean bathrooms, one on each side of the beach. The farther one is the one with warm water, but the weather is hot during the day so you won't think of warm water until after sunset, even in January.

After you freshen up, you manage your own breakfast in the main hut. The goods are neatly piled up on shelves and tables. You can get what you want and record the purchase yourself. You cook what you like, use utensils and then clean them. Make yourself tea or coffee, salad or a nice bowl of penne pasta with Alfredo sauce, Pizzas of different sizes are baked by a famous chef named Amm Abdu, fresh for lunch for those who want them.

After breakfast, you can grab a book from the pleasantly arranged library set up in the main Hut, stretch out in the sun and read, go swimming in the sea, which is really quiet with almost no waves whatsoever, or go snorkelling to enjoy the wonderful under water beauty; from amazing colourful reefs to stunning fish.
Otherwise, join a beach volley tournament with the rest of the people staying at Basata (which is yet another great way to get to know those staying at the same place as you are, only meters apart).

Another exciting activity is climbing the sand dune located right behind a hill that borders Basata. It lies between this and another hill. The sand dune is very soft and climbing it is tricky, hard, and slippery, but definitely worth it.

Activities that support individual creativity are encouraged. There is plenty of outdoor room for children to run and play safely and for parents to participate in the fun with them. Also, animals such as goats, chickens, camels, sheep, ducks, donkeys, pigeons, cats, and others are a source of pleasure for children and adults alike.

At night fall, people gather in the main Hut for dinner. For those who like more privacy, they can light a fire and gather round it. Time moves slowly here, in this pristine seascape so very distant from the crowded cities, and when sleep knocks, why fight it. There is really very little to do at night except visit with your companions and enjoy the campfire. Sleep comes easy in this quiet, detached, and very relaxing atmosphere.

Basata is a quiet place where people can rest, rejuvenate and recuperate from their stressful daily lives. It is a place where one can get back to nature, and back to basics. Here, one may think and reflect against a backdrop of sand and surf

To reach Basata, one drives east along Suez Road traveling under the Suez Canal trough the Tunnel. From there head further east across the Sinai Peninsula to the Naqab Airport. Then go downhill to the seaside and turn south to Basata.

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Check out Casa Del Mare, Neweiba Its a great secluded place with amazingly friendly service. Very clean and comfortable. Nice beach. Great value for money!!! A trully great find.

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