Sunrise Holidays Resort Hotel

, Hurghada, Egypt
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Sunrise Holidays Resort Hotel

, Hurghada
5 star
Corniche Rd. - Hurghada - Egypt Hotel Website | 20-65-445080
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from A TripAdvisor Member
returned from a two week holiday at this hotel on the 30th of june,and thought it was absoloutly fantastic.
on first arrival into hughada airport,first thoughts are 'my god,where have we come to' ,as the whole area looks like building sites or half fininshed buildings just left.there are reasons behind this as you will discover from the local people,if you engage in converstion with any....which am very sure you will.generally i think its an up and coming holiday destination and a lot of hotels being built.
once we (me age 30, partner age 21,daughter 3,partners parents and sisters ages 46,47,15 and 18) just to give you an idea! Arrived at the hotel everything changes,hotel is very nice marble,glass and brass everywhere all staff looking very smart and clean,all very welcoming.
rooms are good, not fantastic but nothing to complain about,just two points i would change about the room we had.....tea facilaties and colder air con...other than that was very happy,all rooms look over the beach,if you have binoculers take them.....this is a must...view is great.
beach /lagoon is ok...did miss having a long stretch of beach to walk up and down and sand is a little sharp...and gets extremely hot....i mean really hot...but this is egypt in the middle of the year....temp was nearly 39 in the shade.....overall the pool and the lagoon were ok for us during our stay...i would think during very busy periods sunbeds would be like gold dust,get up early,aint kidding either!
food ....ok the big point for most people on all inclusive holidays is the food.lets just say you wont starve unless you are very,very fussy.does get a little repetative,as we were there for two weeks,and would just love for them to do an english style breakfast..but afraid not much chance of that.think it is catered more for the germans etc,but you will survive comfortably,myself i didnt suffer any upsets or my daughter or partner,others of our party did a little nothing that ruined the holiday in any way,got to remember you do eat differently out there,so change of diet can have a knock on effect.
staff are unbeleivable!!!! so friendly just couldnt beleive it....they just love children out there,really did stun me at the friendlyness towards all of us,just cant do enough for you, bebo the camel man on the beach was brilliant,you know like after a football match you get man of the match....well for me he was man of the holiday! so friendly and informative,if you do talk to him mention ELLIOT,SAMANTHA AND MY DAUGHTER CHLOE who she refers to now as her best friend!!.just cannot fault the staff in any way
cleanliness is out of this world cleaning is going on all day and all night every where,rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sheets and towels changed every single day...towel displays were amazing.
now the area of hurghada out in town is a little rough,dont be put of from going outside the hotel to visit the town just because of the way it looks and what people back in england tell you before you go to egypt,look this is a third world country not like england,this countrys last war finished in the early 80's...ours in the mid 40's,40 years can make a lot of is safe in the town many tourists walking around....just as safe in hurghada as in london...both have the same risk of terrorism.have run out of space to complete reveiw..go to hurghada you wont regret it,dont let anyone put you off!!!!!!!!egpyt is great,also tip people who deserve it(notes only)means a lot to them,very low pay out there!!

Wonderful holiday here

from A TripAdvisor Member
My family spent here several days. All inclusive program is wonderful (3 restaurants, snacks, drinks whole the day, ice cream in the beach,...).
There is no problem to get up at 6 to see the sunrise and swim in the sea, reserve a beach beds and then again go to sleep.
Swimming and snorkeling at this beach is wonderful.
Comparing to other hotels in Hurghada, this is the best one!

Not impressed

from Acetraveller
We booked a late deal with Thomas Cook to go all inclusive. The hotel we found to be very clean, the rooms were cleaned thoroughly every day and our towel creations were amazing, one day we came back to find a crocodile decorated with fresh flower petals and leaves, very imaginative! The food was very nice and well presented, but it was a bit repetative, I think two weeks would have been one week too much of it!
We were disappointed with the beach, it was man made and very gritty, a bit like cement sand, you need to wear beach shoes in the lagoon too as it really is very sharp to the feet. Apart from the `beach area` around the hotel there is nowhere else to go, we like a nice sandy beach that you can have a saunter along but apart from walking around the lagoon area there is just nowhere to go to have a little wander, consequently my husband and I felt a bit `trapped.` We did venture up to the pool area on one occasion but found this to be extremely noisy with loud music, kids running around and the animation team trying to organise you into some activity or another. Not wishing to sound like kill joys but this just was`nt our scene. A relaxing swim and a drink at the swim-up bar would have been more our thing. We did want to get away for a relaxing week in the sun, yes we had the sun alright but mainly frying on a sunbed, getting up to fetch a cold drink, have a dip in the lagoon or peer into the sea to try to spot the coloured fish that were around. It is also very windy in Hurghada, not so much a gentle breeze but a constant wind, there is however windbreaks around every set of sunbeds and you definatly need them!
We went on a trip on a catamaran one afternoon which was a welcome break. This was not one of the Thomas Cook tours. We booked this from one of the guys that walk around the sunbeds everyday trying to sell their trips. In fact it was very good and we saw a lot of beautiful coloured fish and coral and was able to take some amazing photographs. The boat was not overcrowded, you went below in two sittings to look out of the glass windows, someone on deck throws out bits of what looked like tinned tuna to attract the fish to the area and we did indeed see many, along with some turtles too.
We did not intend to spend our week going on different tours as we had come for a rest, but some people went on several, including the trip through Thomas Cook to Luxor. This sounded a gruelling tour! Everyone set off at 5a.m. and did`nt return until 10p.m. There was a 500 coach armed guard convoy across the desert to get there. The temperature there is about 10 degrees hotter than Hurghada so it was reaching 50 degrees. Some people on their return said it was even too hot to go into the tombs once they got there, although others remarked that they would`nt have missed the trip. I feel if you want to see Luxor and all it has to offer then it would make sense to take a holiday there, but if you have the stamina for the trip then go for it!
We went shopping in Hurghada one evening, some people seemed to find it all too much with all the hassle and bartering, we found it to be just like any other eastern type place, similar to India, Thailand etc. but if you dont want the hassle then stay away, or if you do go don`t make the mistake of going into the shops if you are not really interested as once inside they think you are interested and put more pressure on. A firm no thank you in any event is all that is needed and just walk on/out. The shops within the hotel complex are just as pushy, again a polite but firm refusal is all that is required.
Just a word on the Tuts trots, it seems some people do pick it up and some don`t. Unfortunatly we have been home a week now and I am still suffering, having spent the last week of our return in bed. Imodium does`nt touch it, you are best advised to pop over to the pharmacy just across the road from the hotel and take the medication given to you from there. Some people who did that seemed to fair much better, but as I say it does`nt `get` everyone so I guess I was just one of the unlucky ones.
Would we return to the Sunrise or Hurghada? well definatly NO it was just not the place for us.


from corndollie
This hotel was great, we went all inclusive which i would highly recommend as its so conveniant. At first we were a bit scared as the drive from the airport takes you past a major development site and not through the main resort centre so you feel your in the middle of a disaster zone... but dont panic as the hotel is totally finished and up to date. Check in was quick and easy and got to the room easily with bell boy taking care of luggage. Room was good size, good facilities and nice balcony with great view of beach and red sea. All the resturants are really nice with loads of good food to choose from even for the picker of people, and always a big selection of dessert and fresh fruit, lots of water melon.

Beach was fab, sea nice and clean, lots of fish to look at with the snorkels you get free from the aqua centre. Lots of sun beds but beware if you want a shade you have be up bright and early in order to get a bed! Everyone reserves their sun beds from around 8am! And belive me if your going in june/july/august you will need one, the heat is intense and averages around 38-40 degrees everyday.

Go to luxor its fab, the coach journey is rather long took total of 5 hours but didnt feel to bad as the tour gide knew his stuff and for quite a while was giving run down of history and telling you about the local area. Take money with you as you will get chance to buy local stone vases and statues that are very nice, and also papyrus art work (ancient egytain paper). Hot day though, take lots of water, some food and a hat and lots of suncream.

Also go snorkelling with the guys on the beach or to giftun island if you go with thomas cook like we did. Its just like paradise, like a beach in the bahamas white sand, clear sea and great snorkelling. We saw clown fish.... nemo! (if you haven't seen finding nemo you wont understand sorry!).

Go and see Tony in the papryrus shop on the second level, he is great, if you chat to him alot and go in several times he will give you great prices on his artwork!

Overall a brilliant holiday, great hotel, great food, great time.

Things to be aware of.... take a few english pounds as when you arrive at the airport if you want to go to the loo they will expect money! This is normal, always try and have small change to pay toilet attendants, espcially on the luxor trip as when you stop half way you have to pay to pee, allthough there is loo on your coach. Also prepare to haggle, you have to for everything even sun cream and chocolate bars! Egyptian people love to hassle, if your shy i wouldnt reccoment going out alone as the shop keepers will hassle you to go in and shop and tell you money is not a problem, just stick up for your self and say no thank you, eventually they will get the picutre.

great holiday

from A TripAdvisor Member
We have just returned from a week in sunrise holiday resort
We would have stopped for 2 weeks but no flights were available..a week wasnt enough!
We would return

Was average, plenty of choice and a good range of tastes were catered for! if your after an english breakfast forget it...

Good selection..depends on your bands if your all inclusive check out the type as theres two for standard all inclusive and white for ultra all inclusive...there is a difference! glasses of beer for pink...bottles for white??????and free massages, etc for white not for pink.....

If you are well travelled, then you have seen it all before!
Plenty to do, and if you just want to laze about then a simple no thanks is all that is needed and the team move on!

My husband and daughter did plenty...boat and house reef...they found the dive centre helpful, the guide was fantastic, he even did test dives for out 2 younger girls and spent time showing them the fish in the lagoon and just outside...well worth a go!
There was someone at the centre every day and they were well informed and organised!

Fishing is a no no from the hotel! but in the bay next door behind the dive centre you can fish, the land owner may ask you for a small tip but my husband said nobody ever asked loads of locals fish there and he said he had some fantastic fish and a great time!


She is happy, chatty and helpful.........

Area is under construction loads of building going on a little bit off putting, but the hotel is clean, well organised and very friendly

no bad tummies, my three daughters didnt like the attention from the trip sellers, but a firm no thanks helps and once you refuse camels in exchange for your daughters they dont offer again!!!!!!!

Happy friendly and eagar to please! which is what you want!

The kids club looked ok....ours were too old but some children used it...not too well equipped, but the team made things look fun...

Lagoon, is rocky and sand rough so use aqua shoes, lots of fish and also the odd jelly fish care is needed....pool is loud, fun going on all day sports games and music!
Beach bar chef is friendly ice lollies and burger/chips etc

some pics attached

Very good allround

from A TripAdvisor Member
Just returned from a week at the resort. Staf were superb, a few tips here and there and the service gets even better, facilities are excellent and do these guys clean!! Only negative points would be dive centre not up to much, I didnt get a sgl dive, could never find them and the food lacks in variety, but thats coming from a picky chef, so dont take it to heart, lol!! All in all superb value for money

excellent hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
My husband and I have just returned after staying a week at the Sunrise Holiday Resort, it was a last minute holiday booked with Thomas Cook Hurghada Gateway 4* AI. After reading the reviews of the three Sunrise hotels I was hoping that we would be allocated to this hotel, and we were! I must say that we were not disappointed, this is one of the best hotels that we've stayed in. It's not 5* standard (it is only 4* after all) but the service and the staff are absolutely brilliant and made our holiday very, very enjoyable.

Our room was a bit small but was very clean and had a sea view. The food was very good, the only bad meal we had was the Greek night in the mediteranean restaurant - but we still enjoyed the evening all the same. there was plenty of choice in the other buffet restaurants (one of them was non-smoking which we appreciated and ate there most evenings).

I also did 3 shore dives with easydivers, who I found to be very good, they were very safety conscious and professional. I didn't do any boat diving but I believe that this was very good too. The soft coral under the "island" is absolutely beautiful, I also saw many seahorses at the Empire beach house reef - the dive guides Sabina and Mustapha were brilliant, many thanks to them, I would not hesitate to recommend this dive operation to anyone.

All in all it was a lovely holiday and I would definitely return.

Absolutely the best hotel ever!!! With the friendliest staff too :-) LOVED IT

from lesleysw
From the moment my mother and myself arrived, we could see that all the staff were really friendly and the hotel has exceptional standards. Mr Haasan (manager) runs a very efficient ship!! The rooms were kept briliantly clean by dear Mohamad, and the things he made from towelswere great! Food was more than adequate with plenty of choice (for meat eaters) - Saudi, Samir and Sadaan in the Mameluke were fantastic - drinks and smiles were readily on offer!! Dress code is relaxed in the sense that there is not a specific formal dress code for the restaurants. Both the lobby and pool bars are nice, limited amount of cocktails, however Mohsen in the pool bar was always happy to put a mixture together for you. The beach/lagoon is wonderfull - take your snorkel, Kodak underwater camera can be bought from the kodak shop in the hotel for £7 (70egyptionpounds) which is cheaper & better quality than the one I bought on the flight out. The folks working the beach area really made our holiday, especially (sorry more name dropping!!) Kahmed and Ibraham (towels) and the "Red T-Shirt Crew" Momo (snorkel trip - great value for money), Mustafa (windsurfing guy - amazing to watch!), and the two guys I wish I could have smuggled back to the UK, Samy and Mr Camel. We went Luxor for the 2-day excursion, tiring but worth every minute. I would recommend that you go the first Sunday you arrive as you need a break after all the sightseeing!! Jane the Thomas Cook rep was fab too, knowledgeable and always happy to help or have a chin-wag :-). Shopping....hmmm, not my idea of fun all the bartering malarky, however Romeo in the Aldi store will "make you special price"!! There is a bank on the 2nd floor (which is one floor down from reception, just to confuse you) which gives a much better rate of exchange than here in UK, therefore my advice would be take small amount of LEpounds and lthe rest in GB£ cash and change it on arrival. If you do suffer from Tut's tum, there is a lovely lady in the Pharmacy over the road who speaks good English (Antinel or the equivilant - or Immodium). For the long haired beauties among us take a head scarf or equivilant as there is always a 'breeze' which can turn even the sleekest do into a mad hair day! In a nutshell, we had a fantastic holiday and got the impression that if you make the time to smile, say hello, please, thank-you etc to them, they really can't do enough for you. I'm planning my next visit - may have to do a Shirly Valentine ha ha ha. Hope this has helped, I have lovely digital photos but haven't quite worked out how to get them onto the computer! please feel free to email me if you have any other questions Finally, have a great holiday, and if you haven't booked yet - what are you waiting for??!!


from A TripAdvisor Member
I just got back from a 5-day trip to Hurghada. I chose the Sunrise Holidays Resort after reading the comments on this website so I thought it would be fair to give a feedback too.
I was amazed by the cleanliness of the hotel. The room was a bit small but with a terrace, sea view, airco, TV, and always cleaned daily. Sometimes the room was cleaned twice a day, morning and afternoon with towels replaced. I do not think this was necessary but who could complain...!!! Also the staff never asks or expects tips, they are always very friendly, kind and helpful. The food is great, always fresh and tasty. I met people on the spot who were coming to that same hotel already a few times in a row, so that tells for itself. I definitely recommend this hotel!

hallohallohallo! Sunrise Holidays resort

from lauzjp
My fiance and I have just got back from a week at the Sunrise Holidays resort in Hurghada - first of all I have to thank the Thomas Cook rep. Jayne, who was really friendly and so helpful - even went to the pharmacy for us during the inevitable bout of Egypt belly/bum ache! Immodium doesn't work as well as the local drugs - and the drugs are so cheap out there. The Egyptian people are friendly, especially if you take the time to talk to them. Just say you don't drink tea when they invite you for a drink! Oh, and if you leave them tips - which we did - even if it's only 20 Egyptian pounds (£2) they are so happy - I think a lot of guests at the hotel don't tip - there are a lot of Germans, and they are very demanding of the staff and quite rude.

It's very true that you should only take a small amount of Egyptian currency with you and get the rest changed over there - there is a exchange in the hotel - open at silly hours something like 8am to midday then 6pm to 9pm? You need to get some dollars for when you leave Hurghada, it is so cheap at the airport, but the duty free only take US dollars in cash.

I have to recommend that you get sun lotion and after sun lotion with insect repellent in it - the only two I have seen are by Avon, + Boots, which we used. It is non-deet, smells nice, and lasts. Unfortunately it was so nice laying in the sun after coming out of the beautiful clear water lagoon that leads to the Red Sea, we forgot to re-apply and got burnt very quickly! Didn't really get bitten by any mosquitos, although I did manage to get bitten by a fish believe it or not. If you go the right hand side of the lagoon, there are some rocks, and many many fish! You don't even need a snorkel - I just had swimming goggles. You can borrow snorkels and fins from the hotel, or go windsurfing for free, being all inclusive. Other bonuses are yummy food - I tried so many things I wouldn't at home - and constant drinks on tap! The service you get from the staff is outstanding. The air conditioning in the rooms is perfect, though you could just leave the balcony doors open and take in the breeze and the stunning view - I thoroughly recommend waking up that little bit early to see the sun come up, equally beautiful is the sunset.

I have included some photos, but they do not do the place justice!

Top Local Tips for Hurghada

be careful on the stairs. Be a bit carefull on the stairs which are mable and at times hard to see, there where a couple of people stumbled on the steps, me included. It seemed to always be on the bottom step of a set, thinking you were at the bottom but had one step left...they can also be very slippy when wet...

watch our for unlevel pathways Hurghada is only a five minute walk away however i sugest you get a taxi into the town centre. The paths are very unlevel as you walk into Hurghada, especially if you are walking at night. Also Dont lean on a lamp post as i did to remove a stone out of my shoe, i just missed live wires sticking out of the post by an inch or so....If you are going clubbing, please get a taxi there and back, it will only cost a few pounds

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE I f your going into Hurghada, you would probably be better getting a taxi, especially in the evening. The road and pathways are not brilliant and you cant see where your gioing properly. Also be careful if you get any stones or grit in your shoes, Dont lean on a lamp post as i did and just missed the live wires sticking out ... The shops are brilliant and shoping at midnight is such fun but it is also not too hot... Theres Mcdonalds, KFC and Pizza hut for the fsat food junkies but plenty of nice cafes and resterants... I didnt go to any bars or nightclubs so can not comment on these...


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  • sunrise holidays resort
  • sunrise holidays hurghada
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  • sunrise holiday resort
  • Address: Corniche Rd. - Hurghada - Egypt
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