Siva Grand Beach Hotel

, Hurghada, Egypt
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Siva Grand Beach Hotel

, Hurghada
5 star

Rooms: 555

The Corniche - Hurghada - Egypt | +20 65 3448351
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Great hotel and service
Submitted by: Kath and Pete in 15/10/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
After staying at this hotel for two weeks I can honestly say we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The staff are very friendly and polite rooms were very good, cleaned every day, food could be a bit better for English but always managed to eat something. We will definitely return to this hotel later in the year.
The best place I have ever been!!!!
Submitted by: Alicia in 09/09/07
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
I loved staying there as I am going back on the 14th September this year it's the best place ever and love everything and anything about it and the people are so kind there!!!!
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Beautiful location
Submitted by: Sue in 21/04/07
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
We booked this as a last minute deal, and it was one of the best holidays we have had. The weather was gorgeous and the hotel was fantastic. We will definately go back. My only reservation is the choice of food isn't always that great however it was ok and did not spoil this fantastic holiday. Well worth a visit.
Superb hospitality/Service/Ammenities
Submitted by: Roxanne in 28/03/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
My husband and I stayed in the Siva Grand, and had a fabulous time! The staff was extremely nice, the service was great, and the rooms/atmosphere were beautiful. The only suggestions that I could make would be a hottub, and the food on some of the nights wasn't the best. But, for a relaxing time at a beautiful hotel with friendly/helpful service, I absolutely recommend the Siva Grand Hotel!
Submitted by: Peter in 07/03/07
  • Age Group: 26 - 30
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
Stayed for 7 days as all-inclusive package. Hotel was spotless and staff so friendly and helpful. Room was cleaned everyday and could not find a fault with the hotel at all. Partner enjoyed so much we are going back this year.
Amazing place and service
Submitted by: Junaid in 04/02/07
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United States
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
I stayed here for 7 days as an all inclusive package. Great value, service, accommodations. We didn't stay in the main hotel, but rather in the villas right across from the pool. It was actually better. The only thing i didn't like about the all inclusive package was the liquor. It seemed like the beer didn't have any alcohol content, and the hard liquor was all watered down. Otherwise, great food and room service, I give my full reccommendation and highly suggest this place to anyone traveling to Hurghada!
Submitted by: Christine in 13/11/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Mature Couple
Four of us stayed at this hotel for 2 weeks. We Couldn't fault anything. We are going to book to go back again
A baaaaaad hotel!
Submitted by: Sarah in 31/07/06
  • Age Group: Under 18
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young & Single
What a fantastic hotel. It is so clean and the trips that you can go on are absolutely great (by the way when I said baaad I meant it in a good way)I'm only 12 and when we went last year I wasn't bored at all and the staff are just so friendly. When you visit the website the pictures are actually what the tourists can sees from either their rooms or when they were walking around the hotel itself. We enjoyed the hotel so much that we are going again for another 2 weeks again. If your room is one of the junior all of the rooms have a sea view which is brill. I would recommend that you come to this hotel when you are in Hurghada. It's just the best. Also when we stayed the rooms were cleaned everyday and the service was just the best.
You just have to remember to tip the waiter and cleaners on the first day and they will make sure that you have a 5 star holiday everyday. I would definitely say that this hotel is a 5 star with no hesitation, but it is more for the age groups 6-50 no over as at nights the disco can be quite loud if you are in the junior suits. All I can say was WOW when I walked in there is also a massive chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. xXx love from Sarah xXx
Food is boring
Submitted by: Eileen in 31/07/06
  • Age Group: 41 - 50
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Family Traveller
The hotel is well presented and its public view well maintained and clean. Our room was only cleaned once in the 4 days we were there though following an excellent Nile cruise. This was supposed to be all inclusive and yet there was so much to pay for juice. Latte, etc etc. The food was well cooked but boring in that it was the same every night. The staff in the restaurant were rude and ignorant. The tables were not cleared and we often ended up with all courses on the table. The restaurant had a lovely decor but felt like a canteen. The kiddie's area was lovely though and their food looked more appealing than ours. Cutlery was dirty glasses and cups chipped and cracked.
The bar staff by the pool were excellent very friendly and couldn't do enough for you as were staff at the terrace
Nearly all of our group from the boat whilst having had a lovely time on the boat soon went down with Egyptian tummy after being back at the hotel a while
This is definitely not a five star hotel in terms of food and service but is from decor point of view. I will certainly not return there but go to the Sinai area which we have been to before and had a fantastic time.
Housekeeping poor & Service just ok
Submitted by: Joanne Wright in 14/07/06
  • Age Group: 18 - 25
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Traveller type: Young Couple
We have just arrived home after spending 2 weeks in the Siva Grand. Unfortunatley we wont be returning, it was our third time in Egypt (This was our first time to Hurghada) and we have never had one complaint before but this time we were unhappy with a selected few of the staff who we found to be rude and ignorant, one of the staff that worked in the pool bar totally ignored us and the reason being was we were not German, the hotel is full of Germans (Nothing against them but after two weeks of them chain smoking and looking very miserable - Gets a bit boring!!)
The waiters constantly spoke to us in German, when we told them we were british, some would just walk away.(2 b honest i think they are scared of the G/Mans).
Considering it was a four star, the food options in the resteraunt were minimal, and the food they did have was not very nice, if you like rice & pasta everyday of your holiday then it would be heaven. In fact we ate out most nights, there was a lovely italian just outside the hotel, the Service was excellent and the food was delicious..much better than hotel.
Dont get me wrong not everything was bad...the staff at the beach grill were really friendly, the beach was lovely, the hotel itself was very grand, it was mainly just some of the staff and the housekeeping that wasnt brilliant.. Our bed sheets did not get changed for 10 days, there was holes in Bath Towels, Cracks in cups, glasses not washed properley..etc etc
We made the best of the holiday but we wont be returning to Hurghada again, we were dissapointed unlike all the other times we have been.

Historical Traveller Reviews of Siva Grand Beach Hotel

Why all the criticism?

from A TripAdvisor Member
Having seen a range of previous reviews, and having just returned from a week at the Siva Grand Beach early November 2005, I do wonder about people's expectations and attitudes! Okay, I won't say the place is absolutely perfect - the bathroom in our junior suite had a persistent bad smell from what was supposed to be an extractor fan, the TV channels were mainly German reflecting their overwhelming numbers staying at the hotel, and the evenings were short of any meaningful entertainment - but most other aspects of our stay were fine. As far as the food is concerned, and I am pretty fussy, there was plenty of choice in the buffet restaurants and certainly enough to suit me. And during the day there was ample opportunity to keep yourself well fed, what with grilled vege stuff on the beach, burgers etc round the pool, crepes and ice creams at the Terrace Bar, as well as the lunchtime buffet food from the restaurants/Oasis. Okay, you were offered fresh orange juice at breakfast at £2 a glass, and bottles of wine and cigarettes to buy at mealtimes, but a polite 'no thank you' was all that was needed.We never had any problems getting served with drinks,and only tipped occasionally. We found the service throughout the hotel to be absolutely fine, and the place was forever being cleaned, even sweeping up wind-blown petals on the lawns to keep the immaculately kept grounds looking good. If you are going to the Siva Grand Beach, don't expect gourmet food but equally, do not be put off - go and enjoy yourselves.

Excellent Hotel and holiday

from MM0CEZ
After reading the reviews on this site I decided that our first trip to Egypt would be to the Siva Grand Beach hotel and after arriving at the hotel I realised I had picked a good one.
The point of our holiday was for my wife to relax by the pool and for me to take a PADI Open water diving course.
The hotel was fantastic, the rooms were large, modern, well equiped and most of all clean. They were cleaned daily with fresh towels left when required.
The food was good but geared more toward the German guests, however there were always options available for the non German guests. The food was plentiful and of good quality.
I was away most of the day so I did not partake in lunch but did enjoy a hamburger or hot dog at the terrace snack bar on my return.
I found the staff to be most helpful and obliging, I think tipping has a lot to do with this, the staff wages are quite low. Tipping is a way of life, a small tip often, rather than a large tip at the end of the holiday, works wonders. Leave 5 Egyptian pounds on the pillow of your unmade bed and when you return the bed will be made the room will have been cleaned and there will probably be some little extra, a couple of bottles of water or something else in the room.
The gardens and the beach are beautiful and well cared for, if you walk through the grounds at night, you will probably be offered flowers by the gardeners or security staff, their way of looking for a tip.
The pool is large and circular with a pool bar at one end, there is also a paddling pool for the younger holiday maker, both are surrounded by parasols to keep you in the shade if necessary, be warned the pool is cold, actually colder than the sea.
All in all a great hotel and holiday.

Siva Grand was Grand !!

from Dawn2
We had a great time at the Siva Grand. The Hotel is very clean,infact,it's spotless. We did tip the waiters every couple of days,which gave us excellent service with a smile. We stayed in a Junior Suite,which had a fabulous view of the pool and beach area - fantastic !!.The room was cleaned every day. We paid for the Meze type meal in the Oasis Restaurant one night,a mere £6 each,with entertainment and great food.We also had our evening meal by the pool another night,which cost £10 each,but was worth every penny and made a nice change,as you got waiter service and unlimited bottles of wine. We did the half day boat trip,which took us to Giftun Island,crystal clear water and white sand and the snorkelling was excellent. We also took the overnight excursion to Luxor,which we are glad we did,it was a long couple of days,as we left at 5am,but was definately worth it. I would definately recommend the Siva Grand Beach.

Very disappointed

from A TripAdvisor Member
After a fantastic first week on a Nile Cruise, being spoilt and pampered by the boat staff, this was a very big let down.
Well what can I say?! I have just returned from the Siva Grand Beach and I won't be going back.
I went with my husband and parents and we all feel the same. The staff in The Terrace bar were ignorant and down right rude. My husband and Father found it very difficult to get served by the bar staff. After a few hours, we realised the reason for this was that they don't have breasts!!
It's the only all inclusive holiday that any of us have been on where the staff are constantly trying to sell you things. There was always somebody bothering us with a trolley full of wine and cigarettes for sale. It didn't seem to matter that we were sat down eating at the time. It's just constant hastle. Orange, pineapple and mango juice were available at breakfast, but again there was always a waiter pestering us to buy orange from his tray. Why??? It was so off putting. I found myself being polite to begin with, but a girl can only take so much.
The food. Oh my gosh, it was so awful. We stocked up at lunch time at the pool bar with french fries and bread rolls. Then at about 5pm at The Terrace with pancakes, which were delicious. The pool snack bar has about 10 tables there, but there are never enough seats, and the waiting staff are of no use to anyone really, they just walk away and ignore you. There was always alot of people waiting to sit down and eat there. The brochure says that there are 2 buffet style restaurants. This is true, but they both serve exactly the same food. The only nice thing I had to eat was Mousaka. It was lovely. Thats served on a tuesday by the way.
It's not hard to get a sunbed on the beach, but if you want one near the front by the sea, be up early (6ish). I don't have to tell you the reason for this do I? I will do though, it's German Syndrome!!!
We stayed in a bungalow.Our room was very clean but the ouside stairs and hallway were very dirty and dusty and also very dark. So watch where you are walking.
Outside the hotel was beautiful, but didn't feel like Egypt at all. Basically it could of been anywhere.
If you are wanting a quiet friendly based relaxing holiday, The Siva Grand Beach is not the place to go. Good luck if you are going though!!!

a very comfortable hotel

from RAC8
Like everybody else who has been reading the mixed reviews on this hotel we wondered what to expect. We stayed there in september 05 with Direct it turned out there was no need to worry. The hotel is extremely clean, the beach and pool are excellent, there are plenty of sunbeds and the all inclusive deal is well worth it. The food is quite good but sometimes not as hot as it should be. but there are always two chefs stood there so you can ask them to warm it up. The rooms are very good with the biggest beds we have seen, the only thing to watch out for is a lack of a balcony with some rooms. They claim all rooms have a balcony but our first rooms balcony was a guard on the window. When we came back from cairo they changed us to an excellent room virtually on the beach. The worst bit about the hotel is the entertainment, sometimes it was so bad you could laugh at it, but occasionally it was worse. Hurghada has very little nightlife, just a lot of shops selling the same souveneirs. overall it is a good choice of hotel for a relaxing break.

The Best

from A TripAdvisor Member
We were very nervous about our holiday in Egypt but staying at the Siva put our minds at rest. Check in was a little slow but soon we were in our 'junior suite' a huge room with lounge furniture and a balcony with sofa and chair and table. We found the food excellent and readily available. Being friendly with staff was a boost to the already excellent service. We did not tip till we were leaving so our service was not dependent on that. Super pool, entertainment a touch wacky, plenty to do, trips a little pricey. Book them independently,we did and saved a lot of money. Already booked for Easter 2006

A Wonderful Hotel

from A TripAdvisor Member
The Grand Siva Beach Hotel was exceptionally clean, and beautifully presented. The rooms were immaculate, and the people were helpful to the last. The hotel security was superb, and one can feel that children and possessions are safe here.
The beach was clean, and on one day the hotel sent out a team of men to lift large rocks from the sea bed to ensure we didn't hurt our feet on them. There were always enough sunbeds, towels are changed daily, and the sea was warm and as clear and clean as you could possibly want.
The snorkelling was excellent, (both from the beach and the island half day trip), the submarine trip was superb, the scuba trip was well done and worth the money.
The area is a complete buliding site, with shops and hotels being built up all around, but you wouldn't need to know about this if you stayed in the hotel. The shops nearby sell jewellery, t-shirts and bottles for perfume oils. You must haggle, it's expected and even the children got quite good at it. Tip the waiter that looks after you well, and the guy that does your room. The equivalent of 50p is extremely well received, so don't go mad.
Travelling on public transport was a bit of a problem - we heard horror stories so didn't try it ourselves. The shops take Euros, Egyptian pounds and dollars I think. The hotel exchange rate was better than we got in England at the time.
Watch out for fresh fruit juices - they are not included and cost about £2 each glass, but they don't tell you that, they hand them out ot you at the breakfast table then ask for you to sign for it.
The kids' shows were ok, but repeated each week. Remember to take cards or games to play of an evening.
It's a very German hotel, but the Egyptians prefer the English, or so it seemed.
We all had dreadful stomach bugs over there, unusually for us, so if I went again I'd take a bag full of medicines. But what a super place to recover in!
All in all, it was a lovely place to spend a holiday, and we're thinking of trying a different part of the Red Sea next year.

not so grand the siva!

from A TripAdvisor Member
Few points to consider before booking siva grand.
tip tip and tip again!! service is greatly improved once money changes hands even the pool towel man.
Majority of guests are german(yes the sunbed issue!)my first case of sunbed rage and yes they were german!
Trips are cheaper if you are german(check the notice boards) (yes the english one is nearest the floor surrounded by 19 in german).
Junior Suites? no chance double rooms with foldaway beds for kids and room furnishings are cramped out on balcony more like.
A la carte restaurant?? dont do what we did and look for it,it only exists in the brochure.
you will constantly (and i stress constantly!) be approached to book meals in the oriental restaurant or by the pool or by the beach (which incur extra charges)and also by staff with beer wine and orange juice for sale.
There is 1 pool table and 2 table tennis tables as well as the pool to occupy your kids (yes that is it?)the animation team although lovely provide very adult orientated entertainment like water aerobics and water polo (deep end),and evening shows include cabaret (the liza minelli one)and the rocky horror (not exactly for kids!)not much too keep kids occupied at all.
My advice would be too not expect so muchand ignore the brochure!
Its truthfully a nice hotel in a lovely setting very clean with a lovely beach.
but its not 4 star standard and if its your first all inclusive dont let it put you off.

Stunning hotel food not so good!

from A TripAdvisor Member
I travelled to the Siva Grand at the end of July with my husband. Your first impression as you walk into the reception is wow. The area around the hotel is still developing but the hotel itself is amazing. The rooms were lovely with amazing views over the pool and beach. The hotel is kept amazingy clean and tidy and after a few tips here and there you were looked after very well. There is a good selection of bars and places to eat during the day, catering for all needs. This ranged form bbq's serving potatoe wedges and vegetables to burger and chips. The only real problem we had while we were at the Siva Grand is the evening meals. They were very repetative and rarely warm. The food is kept warm on a pool of water which isn't enough. The only thing that was ever hot in the evening's was the soup. Everything else was either luke warm or cold. We even had to send back chicken skewers one evening as the chicken was still raw in the middle. The food during the day was lovely, we especially enjoyed the bbq which was going most of the day on the beach. The only other downside to this hotel is they cater very much for the germans. This was noticed even more as the King of Saudi Arabia died while we were away. For 4 days all the english channels on our tv were taken over by this news while the german channels remained. There were lots of activities to do during the day but most were done in german. We did enjoy our stay at the hotel but for the money we paid we expected the food to be alot better and of higher standards.

Do your homework

from Nefartiti
We have just come back from the Siva after going on a twin centre holiday, having spent the first week in Luxor. Egypt is great. Im a huge fan of the African continent. However, you must realise that this particular hotel is a huge fan of the Germans and Russians...with German being the second language of the hotel staff and their English isnt as strong. The food is repetitive and catered for our German neighbours, but try The Oasis for the Oriental Night, we enjoyed it and the food was plentiful, huge shrimps! The night wasnt too expensive either, but some staff will hassle you to spend more money on themed nights at the hotel. One member of staff took a shine to me (I travelled alone with my son) and it was hard to shake him off, but he got the hint in the end. Egyptian men can be quite persistant, so single ladies be warned! Watch out when travelling into the town of Hurghada, the buses are used by locals and should only cost between 1Egyptian pound and 1pound fifty, the drivers and their friends will try and charge you 500% more but have none of it, the Police are everywhere, so if you have any problems just approach one. The town is worth a visit, but if you dont want to be coerced into buying or even looking in a shop then be extremely firm, it feels rude, but at least that way you give the impression that youre not a pushover, it worked for me. The Red Sea itself is beautiful and full of fish swimming around your feet. I will go back to Hurghada, but not to the Siva hotel.

Top Local Tips for Hurghada

Taxis Simple, just agree a price before you travel. All taxis will give you a price before you travel or you just walk away, there is so much competition the driver will soon shout you back as they all need business. If they change the pirce on arrival, just say your getting the police and they soon behave themselves!! can't blame them for trying !! They are cheap & pleantiful.

food do not eat at the pool bar if you can get in there the best looking place is the resturant on the beach it is a pasta resturant but we could never get in there as to many germans and was not willing to wait 1 hour to be told no room as happened on three occations with us.

somewhat hot take plenty of small change only buy water from reputable shop not from street sellars be on gaurd with money when given change we went late september it was 45 in the shade most days but it was a dry heat so ok ..... but we dont think we would cope with summer months


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  • siva grand beach
  • hotel siva grand beach
  • Address: The Corniche - Hurghada - Egypt
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