Oasis Hotel

, Cairo, Egypt
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Oasis Hotel

, Cairo
4 star

Rooms: 291

Cairo Alex Desert Road - Cairo - 12556 - Egypt 20-23-831777
291 Traveller

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Historical Traveller Reviews of Oasis Hotel

Single female traveller

from Petal740
As a female single traveller, I thought that the hotel was a safe haven. Lovely large rooms with a large bathroom. The gardens where extremely well cared for with gardeners busy everyday of my stay.
Good location as not in the bustling centre of Cairo but near enough to get a taxi in. Definitely would go back.

Good enough

from tripwriter
Above average for an Egyptian hotel. There are some lovely hotels in Egypt and I've stayed at some (Mena House, Sonesta St George) but I usually stay at the nice little, spartan Egyptian hotels.

The Oasis is fine in terms of cleanliness, service, and it's reasonably attractive, though not stylish.

My biggest problem is the location. It is quiet but it's 10-15 minutes out the Alexandria road. If you're spending all your time at Giza, then this is kind of ok, except there's nothing to do close to the hotel (I mean walking distance).

I did like sitting at the pool area in the evening for tea or drinks and shisha.

In general, I wouldn't stay here again unless my goal was to sit by the pool during the day, which I never do.

Best Deal for the money anywhere in the world

from johnbanafsag
I have been lucky enough to have traveled all over the world and stayed in some fine hotels. The Oasis is one of the best deals for the money you can possibly find.

How did I choose it? By reading the reviews here on Trip Advisor.

Yes, you can stay at some of the more well-known chain hotels but do yourself a favor - save the money. The Oasis rooms are spacious and clean, the grounds are meticulous and there is a nice variety of eateries within the complex with the beatiful pool as a focal point. The registration and reception area provide a very nice luxury feel to it. This a very nice, restful hotel to stay in.

As much as I liked the physical presence of the hotel, the staff is second to none. I had always wanted to visit Egypt but never envisioned it would be my honeymoon. Everything had to be right. I don't think I have ever been treated better than I was from the Manager to the Doormen. That alone would be a reason for me to return.

On a scale of 1-10 I would give this hotel a 10+

Oasis Hotel

from aug21
My wife and I stayed at the Oasis for 4 days from the 22 of October and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The rooms are nice and spacious, the staff are friendly without being too in your face, the grounds are full or greenery and the place is away from all the hustle and bustle of the main city. Restaurants are good, we tried the italian and liked the food a lot. Breakfast was a wide range of cereals, eggs and mediterranean food, but the menu didnt change at all for the 4 days that we were there. Also,one of the down side of staying so far away from the city is that there was nothing to do around the hotel . A taxi from the hotel to downtown charges 50 egyp pounds which was pretty steep by local standards. That said however the hotel runs a free shuttle service to and from the main city , the last return trip being at 12.30 midnight , perfect after a long evening of shopping or eating out. All in all a very good hotel and one which i would love to stay in again in if ever i find myself in cairo

Loved it

from Jules7
We booked the Oasis on the internet and was unsure what it would turn out to be like, we were more than pleased, the rooms were clean, the grounds were immaculate and the people were so helpful and friendly, nothing was too much trouble. The facilities were excellent and the food in the hotel was far from overpriced, infact, compared to England it was positively cheap. We would definitely return when in Egypt.

good for children

from Houfamily
We stayed for 7 days. a family with 3 childrem aged 8.11.13. We had a really nice time, in clean rooms, the children staying in a room with direct acces from ours.
The pool i s lovely, the staff quite friendly and helpfull.
The transportation to Cairo Downtown is timeconsuming, but the air much cleaner and the gardens is calming.
Find your own taxies outside the hotel or use the hotel shuttlebusservice.


from me_and_the_missus
This was one of the best holidays of not THEE best holiday that my wife and I have ever been on.
And the oasis hotel is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo centre but close enough to be 20 minutes in a car to where ever you want to go.
The staff were brilliant and our driver was first class, we used the same driver for the duration of our stay he worked for the hotel, and he was a god send taking us places that if we were on our own or even in a tour group we would never have seen.

Absolutely brilliant, the choice of food in the hotels resturants is extremely extensive and is first class.

thank you

Oasis Hotel - a great base for Cairo and the Pyramids

from edsephiroth
The standard rooms here are clean, well-presented and more than satisfactory for the price. They have a small TV, with several decent English channels including music and movies, comfy clean beds, a nice bathroom with shower over the bath and sliding doors with a sunroof you can open (although this is likely to overlooked by other rooms so unlikely you’ll open it much). The grounds are not quite as luxurious as they may appear on brochures - you won't want to specifically spend much time in them, but they’re still fairly lush considering the desert location, are constantly being tended, and have a good array of pretty trees and plants.

There are four restaurant/bars, none of which are anything special, just adequate. The food is cheap and there’s a reasonable enough variety of Euro standards (pasta, pizza, etc.). The usual appalling “entertainment” is provided at night, but you can still sit comfortably away from this if you want – the area around the pool has a nice ambience, with a good selection of overpriced drinks and great-value hookahs available for a relaxing evening. There was also a nightclub which was never open, maybe this is different at busier times, but I can’t imagine it would have come to much anyway (you may as well go out to a club in Cairo or one of the bigger hotels in Giza if you want that sort of night out).

The serving staff leave a lot to be desired – the usual Egyptian practice of having about ten different people complicate everything – one to say hello, one to ask what you want, one to take the money and hand it to the one on the till, one to count the change, one to hand it back to you, another to make the actual order up, and then someone else to bring it to you…! Hence everything takes ten times longer than it needs to – very annoying but it seems to happen a lot in Egypt and isn't specific to this hotel.
Breakfast was ok but uninspiring – a reasonable selection of European, North American and Middle-Eastern tidbits – certainly more than ok to keep you going until lunch.
The Oasis Hotel is situated about 10mins drive away from the pyramids, and as some other reviewers have pointed out, there’s nowhere at all that you can walk to from the hotel, so you'll need to get a taxi somewhere else if you've had enough of the poolside. You can hire a taxi straight off the street outside (the guards will want to try and do this for you – let them because they make a log of the driver’s details which is good for your safety), or you can hire a “limousine” from the concierge. “Taxi” = battered old black & white wreck with no seatbelts and a (usually) lunatic driver who drives at 60mph through crowded streets sending pedestrians running for their lives. “Limousine” = something closer to what most westerners would call a taxi, a nice car with air-con, seat belts and a driver who doesn’t have a death-wish. Of course these cost quite a bit more, but it’s still probably only going to be about £6 (UK) to central Cairo, which is still very good by western standards but extremely pricey for Egypt.

The hotel does run a courtesy shuttle to Abdul Rihyad Square (basically right next to the Egyptian Museum) in central Cairo which takes about 35mins. Unfortunately it's beneath a filthy motorway interchange and possibly the most disconcertingly ugly location in the city, but don't be put-off, it's a convenient place to come and go from, being just mintues away from the museum, main shopping district, river, restaurants and large hotels. 35mins does seem a long way out, but it’s a pretty interesting journey and the drivers are always on time. I did find their choices of times (there are about six buses there and six back each day) a little odd but they do have one early in the morning and one as late as 12am, so can’t really complain.

There’s not much of note in Giza apart from the pyramids of course but there's so much to see and do in Cairo, you won’t have a chance to get bored. My best advice would be – be brave! Cairo is filthy, noisy, polluted and totally crazy, however it's also fascinating, beautiful, and unbelievably historically rich. Ibn Tulun, Sultan Hassan and Mohammed Ali mosques, the Coptic Christian area, Khan-el-Khalili bazaar (ignore the northern tourist side, it’s full of junk and hawkers – go to the locals side, near Bab-Zawalla, it’s so much more interesting and atmospheric), the Cairo tower, and so many more. It’s VERY safe and the people are (almost) universally very friendly. Yes, there are lots of people who “want something” from you (even soldiers and police will try it on at times) but people DO take “no” for an answer as long as you’re firm, and exploring this fantastic city on your own is so much more rewarding than being ferried around on tour buses. Also, people will talk to you properly when you're alone/in small groups, but the only people that will talk to you when you're with a tour group are people that want to sell you something. There are some truly amazing sights to be seen all over Cairo, especially if you're prepared to travel properly - ie: make the effort yourself and wander away from all the tourist rubbish.

I wouldn't really recommend any Western female to walk around alone, unless you're VERY hard-nosed (would apply that to most world-cities though) but unfortunately while the stereotype of the lecherous Arab male is NOT universal by any means, there are a far higher number of smutty, leering men in Egypt than anywhere else I've EVER been, and my girlfriend was stared at constantly and people try it on all the time. I’ve heard a few people excuse this behaviour on the basis that sexual promiscuity is the only image of western women that they’re exposed to, but (virtually) the only image of Arab men that I’m exposed to paints an undesirable image of jihad-fervent fundamentalists and I’ve got the sense to know it’s a million miles from the truth, so that excuse doesn’t wash I’m afraid. That said, there are of course a great many lovely people (male and female!) too. In general, Egyptians smile at you, will say hello, want to talk and are very friendly.

If you have a reasonably confident male travelling partner, then just forget paying £40 for crappy tours (with the obligatory tedious stops at endless papyrus/perfume "museums") and just get to the hotel, find a decent taxi driver who speaks a bit of English (this might take a few tries), and then have him as your personal driver for however long you're there, and do everything on your own - WAY better. I was lucky enough to meet a nice taxi driver called Saed (I can supply his mobile number if you want, he'll be very happy to help) with good English, a great attitude and no sympathy for the endless touts and blaggers, who took us to numerous places for example drove us on a 40mile round trip, we kept him with us over the course of about 5hrs, and paid about £5 each for the pleasure (as opposed to maybe £35 each on a tour bus). Plus I had someone knowledgable to talk to, he introduced me to his friends (including a completely hassle free shared drink and cigarette with Ahmed Khattab who runs the Mena Papyrus factory opposite Memphis open-air museum - go there if you want to meet a nice guy and look at some really good papyrus work IN PEACE!), we took as long or as little time as we wanted, etc. So much better. Also bear in mind the Cairo subway system is dirt cheap (about 5p per ride) and can get you to some very interesting places – or just get off somewhere random and explore, you’ll get so much more of a feel for the city than being herded around with other tourists. It's natural to be a little apprehensive stepping into a gloomy subterranean tunnel full of people of a different nationality but c'mon - you only live once, challenge yourself and soak it up!! There's really nothing to worry about.

You must also visit Memphis and Sacqarra (at least) which are fairly close to each other while you’re there – again once you’ve found a decent taxi driver, arrange for him to pick you up early and wait for you – then go and you can take as much or as little time as you want at each place, without being hurried or forced to listen politely to any tedious sales-pitches. Skip the bits that bore you, and stare for hours in wonder at the awe-inspiring bits you love.

Anyway, the pyramids are the main attraction here, go early, be polite but firm with all the would-be "guides", don't be rude but remember that everyone on the site wants something from you, wander away from the crowds and soak up the 3500 years of history, and you won't let all the rubbish that so many people have allowed to jade their experience of an amazing country spoil YOUR experience of the only remaining true wonder of the world, and wonderous it truly is. Email if any questions.

Good quality and quiet place

from NatalieGoesToEgypt
The hotel lives up to its name, it is really an oasis, and it is a quiet oasis. It lives up to its standard, too. Everything works, the stuff is friendly and helpfull.

There is a nice outdoor restaurant near a big pool, where it is so pleasant to seat in the evenings, with huge TV-screens (for those who cannot live without TV while having a meal being on a vacation). You can also order a room service and have your meal in the green garden.

Rooms are big enough, aiconditioned, clean, with good beds. Bathrooms are also big, and have all the necessary equipment.

We ordered a car with the driver from the hotel, it costed about 100 euro per day per car, and it saved us all that trouble with transport and heat. The car was Toyota, clean, aircondition worked fine, the drivers were polite.

I would have stayed there again.

A Real Oasis

from sonmar
I booked this hotel totally by accident and have never looked back. Being here on an assignment for up to three months I wanted something a bit away from the office and also good for sight seeing. The grounds give the impression of living in a Botanical Garden. All the staff were very helpful but like all of Egypt, everyone has a hand out for a tip. The room I stayed in looked like new to me and the facilities were excellent.
It is an isolated hotel in that taxi's are required to go any where but as a self contained complex it's as good as any I have ever stayed in. There are some small shops nearby for small items. The bar was very good as was the food. The pool is quite nice and there is a bar service there as well. There is a free Hotel bus service to and from the city which is excellent!!
All in all a very smart, excellent place to stay in Cairo

Top Local Tips for Cairo

Smelly City Very overcrowded city with terrible polution and extremely ugly buildings with no thought to aesthetics or planning. I would never return to Cairo. The pyramids of Giza are crawling with beggars and local peasant hustlers who constantly harrase tourists. More controls need to be put in place by the authorities (if any exist or if the Egyptian tourist authorities even understand the meaning of someone in authority to exercise order and control and create an atmosphere condusive to encouraging the return of tourists). My family and I were very dissapointed with our experience around the Pyramids of Giza, we were constantly harrased and did not enjoy our time. Our experience should have been a leisurely one but proved to be one of avoiding beggars and hawkers and being constantly harrased to ride camels and horses which we did not want to do. Instead of admiring the ancient structures we were constantly chasing the hawkers.

what to see I would reccomend getting a 6 hour cab to take you around the sights. I found this really good booked it through the front desk at my hotel. Took me to a papyrus place, perfume place, old cario, khan al khali ( definatley worth a visit!) and then to the albastor mosque an egypitan mosque and of course the pyramids! felt really safe as a lone female traveller and all for $50

Cairo Traffic Allow double the amount of time to get around Cairo as the traffic is horrendous.


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  • oasis hotel egypt
  • oasis hotel cairo
  • Address: Cairo Alex Desert Road - Cairo - 12556 - Egypt
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