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Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh Local History

There is archaeological evidence of human habitation on Castle Rock in the Bronze Age (1000 BC), which makes the site one of the longest continuously inhabited places in northern Europe. Castle Rock is a massive volcanic rock upon which Edinburgh Castle, the royal fortress of Scotland, is perched.

Edinburgh Attractions

Top Attractions

Edinburgh Castle - Crowning Castle Rock, this is an absolute must. Located in the castle is the 11th-century chapel of St Margaret, Edinburgh's oldest building. The Scottish crown jewels are on display in the castle. The view of the city is breath-taking from the castle.

Holyroodhouse - The Castle Rock is connected to the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the east by a road known as the Royal Mile. Holyroodhouse is a royal residence and is usually open to the public.

Calton hill - Rises dramatically above the eastern end of Princes St. This is one of the city's best viewpoints, with a panorama that takes in the castle, Holyrood, Arthur's Seat, the Firth of Forth, New Town and the entire length of Princes St.

Gladstone's Land A rare surviving mediaeval tenement, belonging to the Scottish National Trust. Rooms laid out as they would be when a merchant and family lived and worked there.
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Edinburgh Shopping

Edinburgh Activities

Museum of Childhood - At 42 High St, attempts to cover the serious issues related to childhood - health, education and so on - but more enjoyable is the enormous collection of toys, dolls, games and books that fascinate children and bring childhood memories back for adults.

Edinburgh Parks & Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens - Apart from the gardens that surround Edinburgh Castle, there are the Royal Botanical Gardens that are certainly worth a visit. The botanical gardens are an international scientific institution with vital plant research, conservation, public amenity, and educational roles.

Holyrood Park - Edinburgh is blessed in having a real wilderness on its doorstep. It covers 263 hectares of hills, moorland, lochs and fields. The highest point is Arthur's Seat (251m, 823ft), an eroded stump of lava flow that erupted around 325 million years ago. It forms part of a volcano that includes Calton Hill and Castle Rock. The park provides several excellent walks.

Edinburgh Beaches

Edinburgh Restaurants and Bars

The national dish is haggis, which is made from minced sheep offal, mixed with oats and spices, tied in a sheep's stomach and boiled. An absolute must! Right! Then of course, you would have to wash it down with Scotch Whiskey! Or maybe, start with the whiskey.

And wherever you travel around the country, you should also grab any chance to sample the local delicacies - Arbroath smokies, Lochfyne kippers, Forfar Bridies, Selkirk bannocks, Orkney, Islay or Galloway cheeses, Dundee cake, Moffat toffee to name but a few.

Edinburgh Restaurants

Grassmarket - One of Edinburgh's nightlife centres, with numerous restaurants and pubs. An open area hedged by tall tenements and dominated by the looming castle, it can be approached from George IV Bridge, via Victoria St, an unusual two-tiered street clinging to the ridge below the Royal Mile, with some excellent shops.

The Apartment - 7-13 Barclay Pl., near King's Theatre, Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/228-6456 - A wacky, whirlwind affair, the Apartment is a popular restaurant with a varied, innovative menu that materializes into huge portions. With four menu categories: CHL (Chunky Healthy Lines), Fish Things, Other Things, and The Slab, dishes include fabulous mussels in a creamy sauce, North African spicy marinated lamb patties, merguez (spicy sausage) and grilled basil-wrapped goat cheese, and huge salads like tiede piquant (spicy olives, potatoes, roasted peppers, and chorizo, topped with a poached egg).

Bann UK - 5 Hunter Sq., Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/226-1112 - Just off the Royal Mile, in the heart of the Old Town, is Bann UK, where you can sip a cup of coffee or dine on vegetarian fare in a light and airy room with sturdy wood furniture. Try the enchiladas or a phyllo basket of cream cheese, herbs, and vegetables.

The Dome - 14 George St., Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/624-8624 - The splendid interior of this former bank, with painted plasterwork and a central dome provides an elegant backdrop for relaxed dining. The toasted BLT sandwiches are almost big enough for two, but if you're ravenous the eclectic menu offers many other options: try the tortellini in a broccoli-and-blue-cheese sauce or the char-grilled chicken salad with nan bread.

Edinburgh Bars & Clubs

Beehive Inn - 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/225-7171 - Some 400 years ago the Beehive was a coaching inn, and outside the pub's doors once stood the main city gallows. Bar suppers and snacks are served throughout the day, downstairs or in the beer garden. Don't be put off by the noisy bar; there's usually a quieter spot to be found. You can book literary lunch and supper packages downstairs in conjunction with the McEwan's Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour, which departs from here.

Doric Tavern - 15/16 Market St., Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/225-1084 - Beyond the bar's grand entrance staircase, there is a bistro environment marked by a stripped wood floor, plain wood tables, and a color scheme in subdued orange and terra-cotta. The menu lists a selection of fresh fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes, plus a daily special such as roast-pigeon salad with raspberry-vinegar dressing - execellent value but don't forget to reserve a table.

Fishers Leith - 94 Hanover St., Edinburgh - Phone: 0131/225-2131 - Locals and visitors alike flock to this laid-back pub-cum-bistro down on the waterfront, and to its sister restaurant, Fishers in the City, in the New Town. Both have the same menu, but Fishers Leith opened first and is still the one with the better reputation and vibe. Bar meals are served, but for more comfort and elegance sit in the cozy blue-walled dining room. Seafood is the specialty -- the Loch Fyne oysters are wonderful. Watch the blackboard for the daily specials, perhaps a seafood or vegetarian soup followed by North African gamba prawns as big as your hand. It's a good idea to reserve ahead for the bistro.

Edinburgh children's activities

Museum of Childhood - At 42 High St, attempts to cover the serious issues related to childhood - health, education and so on - but more enjoyable is the enormous collection of toys, dolls, games and books that fascinate children and bring childhood memories back for adults.

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