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Dundee Travel Guide

Dundee Local History

Historical evidence suggests that Dundee was once inhabited by the Romans many centuries ago during their occupation of Britain. The city suffered many sackings in its history with buildings being built and destroyed on an ongoing basis. As a result of this constant rebuilding, nothing much survives from before the 19th century.

Dundee is not the prettiest city in Scotland, but its endearing quality is that it is very down to earth, with plenty of humour and little pretence.

Dundee Attractions

Top Attractions

Discovery Pont Located at the Discovery Quay, Discovery point is the home of Captain Scott's famous ship the RRS Discovery. Launched in 1901, the Discovery lived up to her name as she charted the treacherous waters of Antarctica. You can explore the ship inside and out all year round from 10am to 4pm, 5pm in summer.

HMS Frigate Unicorn This Royal navy frigate was launched in 1824 and featured 46 guns; it was one of the most successful sailing warships of its time. You are invited to step aboard and experience what it was like to be aboard a ship in Nelson's navy. The ship is open daily from 10am to 4pm.

McManus Art Gallery and Museum This museum was built as a memorial to Prince Albert and showcases the Victorian era. The collection includes elaborate china, glass and silverware, artifacts and memorabilia from the time. The gallery includes many paintings from the era. In addition you will also find a good deal of history about Dundee itself. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

Jute Cafe Bar Stunning restaurant in the centre of Dundee. Offering gourmet food and coffees. A great place for family and friends to catch up and relax, with an expansive outdoor patio. Late night music and fun makes this the perfect venue day or night in Dundee.
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Dundee Restaurants and Bars

The hills of Scotland produce some of the finest beef in the world, none more so than Aberdeen Angus. Scottish lamb is equally good and is a treat for meat lovers. It is said that the different grazing lands of Scotland influence the taste of the meat and a true connoisseur can tell the region from where the meat comes from its flavour.

Dundee Restaurants

Het Theatrecafe This excellent venue is both a café bar upstairs and a restaurant downstairs. Since its opening it has become one of the more fashionable restaurants in the city. The food is freshly prepared and reasonably with something for everyone. You will find the restaurant on Tay Square; it is open Mondays to Saturdays for lunch and dinner.

Howies Located at 25 Tay Street, this is a good place to come for Traditional Scottish cuisine. The starter menu includes Scottish Salmon with a wholegrain mustard and dill dressing; for the main course, try the Scottish beef with wild mushrooms and shallots. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner.

Jahangir Tandoori For the best South Asian cuisine in town, this is undoubtedly the place to go. The restaurant is designed around an indoor fishpond and is draped in embroidered fabric, creating a truly exotic feel. The menu includes the full range of Indian cuisine and is cooked using traditional methods. Vegetarian meals are also available. The address is 1 Sessions Street; the restaurant opens at 5pm for dinner daily.

Dundee Bars & Clubs

Tally Ho This friendly local pub is really popular with locals, which is always a good sign. The food here is also great and reasonably priced. The address is 11 Old Hawkhill.

Oxygen As far as clubs go in Dundee, Oxygen is one of the better ones. Some of the others have rather poor reputations and are not recommended. There are many themed evenings and occasional live music on weekends; although DJs are the norm playing a selection of popular music that gets people dancing. The drinks are also not expensive, which is a plus. The address is 60 Brown Street.

Drouthy Neebors This place is extremely popular, especially for the live music and open mike nights. The drinks are not expensive and the atmosphere is quite relaxed. You could stop in here before moving on or remain here and enjoy the entertainment. The address is 142 Perth Road.

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Dundee Guide
A guide to Dundee with information on accommodation, attractions and restaurants in Dundee.

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