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Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland and filled with beauty and steeped in history. There's Edinburgh Castle set high upon Castle Rock from where the view of the city below is breathtaking. Nearby is the Palace of Holyroodhouse which is open to the public. Take a stroll through the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens or walk up Calton hill at the end of Princess Street, where you have a view of the castle, Holyrood Palance, Arthur's Seat, the Firth of Forth, New Town and the entire length of Princes St.

Glasgow - a fine example of a great Victorian city. Filled with museums and galleries, Glasgow Cathedral is the oldest building and now serves as a wonderful museum. Glasgow has some of the finest architecture in Britain and hosts a variety of cultural events and attractions. The city spreads out on both sides of the River Clyde and is the largest city in Scotland.

Loch Ness - The highland area of Scotland features the famous Loch Ness. The lake is home to the alleged Loch Ness monster. The picturesque highland area also features a vast expanse of mountains, valleys, and other scenic lakes.


In the warmer months, the beauty of the highlands are known for their unspoilt, wild beauty. There are plenty of walks and trails where you can take in the beauty and peace of the rivers, lakes and mountains.

Moving around

Glasgow has a very modern underground railway system. For the rest of the country both the rail and coach services are extremely efficient.

National festival and holidays

Scotland hosts two of the world's, premier arts festivals, the Edinburgh International Festival (the world's largest arts festival), and Glasgow's Mayfest.

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