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Blenheim Palac home of the 11th Duke of Marlborough, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and one of Britain's greatest houses, the palace is filled with treasures and dripping with opulence. The Long Library, which was originally planned as a picture gallery is magnificent and houses full length portraits of Queen Anne, King William III and the 1st Duke of Marlborough, and a superb Willis organ at the north end.

Christ Church for lovers of Old Masters there is a superb collection of paintings and drawings at Christ Church. Works by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Durer, Raphael and Rubens can be seen in all their magnificence here, as well as some excellent panel paintings by early masters such as Annibale Carracci, Filippino Lippi, Salvator Rosa, Sano di Pietro, Tintoretto, and Veronese.

Magdalen College sitting in grounds of a hundred acres where deer roam freely, and have done so for the past three hundred years, is Magdalen College and some of the most compellingly beautiful buildings of the University. With more than a mile of riverside walks and shady areas to rest and listen to the haunting music of the college, life seems to take on an unreal, romantic cast.

Thames Path Walk along the riverside trail that passes through Oxford from London on its way to the Cotswolds, and see the high-spirited students forget their impressive lineage and weighty responsibilities in fun and games along the river.

Maxwells This is a restaurant/bar/club. The food served is full of grease and fat, the manager exploits his staff, I would recommend never to go here!
submitted by Lucy, 05/09/05

Oxford Shopping

Templars Square Cowley Oxford, this is Oxford's largest shopping centre and is the best place for family shopping from groceries for self-caterers, to souvenirs and cards, and just about everything needed for daily survival and fun. Low cost parking is available.

Boswells of Oxford - 1-4 Broad Street, gifts, linens, toys, and luggage are all sold by this independent department store that has been serving Oxford since 1738. So if you crave service and quality take a look at all they have to offer.

The University of Oxford Shop - 106 The High Street, if you want to pretend you are part of the university scene and walk around with goods that have the hallowed logo emblazoned on them, then this is the shop to acquire same. Or, if you are simply in need of good quality stuff take a look at what is on offer, you won't be disappointed.

Frederick Tranter - 37 High Street, call in at this tobacconist and cigar merchant for excellent gifts and accessories for that dying breed, the smoker. For those who still enjoy the ritual and delightful aroma of the pipe and its rich tobacco, Frederick Tranter will sell specially blended packs for you. There is also a mail order service available.

Oxford Restaurants and Bars

Oxford Restaurants

Cafe Joe's 21 Cowley Rd., this is one of the student haunts and where the goat cheese salad is a favourite, but other dishes are also served at reasonable prices, most ranging between US$12 to US$22.

Morton's The Covered Market & High St., serving food that has an Italian flavour and is both innovative and appetizing, this place is extremely popular and seats are hard come by over weekends, but worth the wait. Iced coffee and sandwiches are good, if your budget is a little strapped.

Grand Cafe 84 High St., antique marble tables and a genteel slightly over the top ambience gives this place just the right atmosphere for a visiting granny, or lovers tryst, but feel free to drop in and grab some excellent food if you are an ordinary bunch of tourists looking for a decent lunch.

Oxford Bars & Clubs

Freud Walton St., renovated from a church with stained glass windows intact, this huge place serves food, or afternoon tea and such like during the day, but at night lays on live music and gets out it's late licence. Good cocktails and jazz keep the crowds going until all hours.

Kings Arms 40 Holywell St., usually the locals know a good thing when it comes to pubs, and the Kings Arms is popular with the students of Oxford, so if you can handle the youthful joie de vivre and hi-jinks pop in and try out the local brew, or sample some of the good bar food.

Turf Tavern Bath Pl., this is a strange place with a warren of small rooms on the inside, but an area outdoors where you can take your drink and enjoy in the fresh air.

The Punchbowl Inn located at 12 Oxford Street, Woodstock, this 18th century inn has not lost it's traditional ambience, and one can almost imagine some burly highwayman standing before the open fireplace glowering at nervous patrons, as he stamps the snow from boots and sups his foaming ale. Or not. If your imagination is not as out of control as mine is, in any event it is worth checking out.

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