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Olu Deniz Travel Guide

Olu Deniz Attractions

Top Attractions

Paragliding - One of the best places on earth to go paragliding with the turquoise blue waters and white strechs of beaches below you. Paragliding in Oludeniz has become as famous as Oludeniz itself due to the annual Oludeniz Air Games Festival which is held in October every year.

Sailing - There is most definitly no other holiday available as relaxing as sailing on a traditional Turkish gulet along the heart-stoppingly beautiful Turquoise coast.

Diving - Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, the crystal clear turquoise waters in Oludeniz offers a variety of diving from calm shallow reefs to caverns, walls, drop offs and tunnels. You can expect to see various marine life ranging from moray eels, octopus, tuna, jacks, barracuda's and lobster to dolphins.

Sultan Ahmet Fantastic Restaurant! We ate there at least 8 times in our two week holiday and never had a bad meal - always beautifully cooked. Wonderful bread. Try and sample all the menu worth it. Murat (owner of the restaurant with his family) is charming and welcomes everyone with great fun. Love from the Bashir Family.
submitted by Sue Bashir, 28/08/08

N-Joy Bar Personally I didn't think this bar was up to much. The main 2 guys at the door can be cheeky about passers-by. Basically, they just want you to come in and spend lots of money on cocktails. I didn't think the other staff were that nice either. There are better Karaoke bars in Hisaronu such as Hakuna Matata, Harmony Bar and Barrumba is now doing karaoke.
submitted by Carole, 24/06/08

N-Joy Amazing - many brilliant nights... staff are awesome and hot!! Especially Selim :P
submitted by Tia, 26/05/08

Buzz Beach Bar Been to lot of different countries & lot of different beach resorts in my life - and must say this is one of the best beaches and & Buzz Bar is the best I have seen so far!!!
submitted by Claire, 11/05/08

Boat hire and fishing On Oludeniz beach met a great guy called Ali, he took me end my friend on a private coastal tour with many stops. Really lovely day for us all 2 adults 2 kids. He also does fishing, wakeboarding and private boat hire. Even picked us up and dropped us off at villa. A very memorable day .
submitted by Nicola Hunter, 17/04/08

Oba This is by far my favourite restaurant in Olu Deniz. Beautifully cooked food & fantastic service. Extensive menu, so something for everyone. http://www.obahostel.com/restauranten.html
submitted by S-J, 16/04/08

Sultan Ahmet This is by far the best restaurant in Olu Deniz..The food is fantastic and the staff are superb..If you go here once, you will go and go and go here
submitted by Trevor Connolly, 14/10/07

The secret garden Wonderful, the food is to die for. 10 out of 10. Go there or you will be missing out.
submitted by Kellie, 21/09/07

Tequila Bar ItÂ’s a great bar to go to. It stays open till late and the people are really nice and friendly. Go on and try it you will love it. Oh and they even do food as well.
submitted by Kellie, 21/09/07

Sultan Ahmet This is one of the best restaurants in Olu Deniz, the food is fantasic and the staff are very friendly. Tuesday nights are really good when they have belly dancing night,very entertaining!
submitted by Shelley, 13/09/07

Bella Gusto It s an Italian restaurant ..near to the beach we had the best time there..good food, professional waiters, music...imitate...in one word..a perfect place to feel alive and appreciated..
submitted by Gal Emoke, 09/08/07

The White Dolphin Restaurant This is a top class restaurant, serving pretty much only fresh seafood, the only thing better than the food was the views from the cliff it is terraced on. P.s. try the sea bass!!!
submitted by Nathan, 06/02/07

Waterside Waterside has great food and the best staff, all very friendly and a lot of fun, you could stay there all night and be entertained!! Going back this year
submitted by Jodie, 16/01/07

Sugar and Spice We know it as the queen vic. Excellent service, food is exceptional and the prices are great!
submitted by Suzz, 10/11/06

Sultan Ahmet I was also on an all inclusive holiday but loved the food and the staff in Sultan Ahmet. The bread is to die for.
submitted by Keeley, 27/09/06

Antique Excellent, good quality food
submitted by Sue, 14/09/06

Crusoes Bar A funky bar / Club which comes alive at night, wicked atmosphere, you cannot fault the workers, everyone is very friendly and welcoming!! Highly reccomend if you are looking for a lively, highly paced night out with all the latest house tunes being played by the resident DJ
submitted by Charlotte Dobbs, 25/08/06

Best Bar in Oludeniz Simply one of the best bars I have been to. Magnificient scenery, excellent setup and best cocktails of all times...
submitted by Keith Durham, 22/08/06

N-Joy Very good bar, light-hearted, fun, mostly the staff are great especially Selim, he's the nicest guy there, just be careful though, most of them are teenagers/early twenties and they only want 1 thing...
submitted by Lauren, 20/07/06

Sultan Ahmet The best restaurant in Olu Deniz! a wide variety of delicious food and very reasonably priced. we were actually on an all inclusive basis at our hotel but ended up eating in the Sultan Ahmet every day because the food was so much nicer. The staff in the restaurant are also absolutely fantastic!!
submitted by Kathryn, 17/07/06

North to Defend It is awesome. Easily the best bar in Olu Deniz and the staff welcome there guests to the max and have also have fun and games. It is found around the middle of the main town. I would highly recommend this bar if travelling to Olu Deniz
submitted by Shane, 13/07/06

N-Joy The best karaoke bar I've been to holiday, great drinks, music and really friendly staff.
submitted by Melissa, 22/06/06

Water Side Wonderful, original Turkish food and very friendly and inviting staff!!!!
submitted by EmilyPyke, 15/05/06

Crusoes A bar/club, great for the younger generation and hosts a foam party every Saturday night. There is an inside and outside part to this club.
submitted by Jenny, 17/11/05

Ottomans Very nice food staff are very friendly
submitted by Tracy, 04/10/05

Olu Deniz Beaches

The Blue Lagoon - in Olu Deniz features clean,calm, warm and crystel clear turqoise waters, making it an ideal place to enjoy a variety of water sports and a very safe place for children to swim.

Kidrak Beach - which is also known as the Paradise Beach is only 2 km away from Oludeniz. It can be reached with a half an hour walk and is much quiter than Oludeniz.

Patara Beach - In recent years, it was voted as the winner of the "best beach in the world" survey in the Sunday Times. It is a 54 km drive from Fethiye and offers eighteen kilometers of soft white sand, backed by magnificent sand-dunes. This one most definitly should'nt be missed!

Olu Deniz Restaurants and Bars

Olu Deniz Restaurants

Beyas Yunuz - Belcekiz, serving great local cuisine as well as delicious international food, this restaurant meets the needs of the individual. The restaurant has a enjoyable atmosphere and stunning sea views.

Blue Star Pide Restaurant - A wonderful family restaurant serving delicious Turkish cuisine at a very resonable price. A very popular restaurant with locals and tourists.

Alladins - Located in the Piazza, this is a very stylish restaurant, serving extremely delicious interesting dishes. If you are looking for something different, this is the place to go.

Buzz Grill and Restaurant - Located on the beach front, this restaurant not only offers magnificant sea views, but also very tasty food. It features a very large menu, ensuring a great selection to choose from.

Olu Deniz Bars & Clubs

Buzz Beach Bar - It maintains its infamous reputation with it's chilled out and laid-back atmosphere. It is set on the terrace of the Buzz grill and offers stunning views of the bay, sundowners is most definitly a brilliant way to start an evening of partying. The music is predominantly from the acid jazz, hip hop and house genres.

Tuti's Bar - The perfect late night watering hole, open until the very early hours of the morning. It features a very excentric selection of music with a mixture of house, trance and Turkish belly dancing music.

Help Beach Bar - It functions as a cafe style bar in the day and transforms itself into a stylish club at night. It features colourful decorations which adds to the funky atmosphere.

Soho bar - Overlooking a swimmingpool where regular pool parties take place, this is the perfect place to hang out on those warm evenings. The ideal place to have a nice cool drink and splash around in the pool. What more can you ask for?

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