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Fatih Mosque - Constructed between 1462 and 1470, it bears the name of the Ottoman conqueror of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and is also the site of his mausoleum. It stands on top of one of Istanbul's hills, its vast size and great complex of religious buildings - medreses, hospices, baths, a hospital, a caravanserai and a library make it a must see.

Topkapi Palace - This is without a doubt one of the most astounding places to visit in Istanbul, the symbolic and political centre of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. It stands on the tip of land where the Golden Horn, the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus come together. It is a maze of buildings in the center of a series of courtyards which is typical of Islamic tradition.

Istanbul Archeology Museum - The museum consists of three smaller museums namely, The Archeology Museum, Old Eastern Works Museum and Enameled Kiosk Museum. The museum was established as The Empire Museum by the famous artist and museum director Osman Hamdi Bey in the 19th century and was opened to the public on June 13, 1891.

SUultanahmet Fish House The Sultanahmet Fish House Restaurant,Özlem-Haci SIMSEK, Ercan CEYLAN and Yasar CELEN, after their long years experience in tourism and restaurant managership, was opened to serve you the most delicious taste. We wish to be with you in our restaurant under the atmosphere which will make you feel at home. Our kitchen is mostly Aegean and Mediterranean and all the seafood types are available. Sultanahmet Fish House was founded in 1994 in the historical and touristic location of Istanbul, Sultanahmet. Since then we are the sole fish house located in Istanbul and serving to our foreign customers. The quality of our food is quite famous among the Sultanahmet region and you can easily get information and referances about us both from your tourist guides and hotels. To contact us and to make a reservation you can call us 0 (212) 527 44 41 or send us a message from the contact page.
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Istanbul Beaches

Kamo's - Located at Manastir Cove on the southern part of Kinaliada and has a capacity of 600 people. You can either treat yourself to a boat trip departing from the Kinaliada port or alternatively dare the 15 min walk. It also features a swimming pool which is surrounded by plant life designed to look like a rain forest. There is a clubhouse which has a restaurant offering delicious treats like salad with Cafe de Paris sauce and filet or chicken with special sauces.

Solar Beach and Party - Located in Kilyos on a 60 thousand property, offering a wide range of sporting facilities like beach volleyball, beach soccer, free climbing, jet skiing, kite-boarding, go-carting, an outdoor training zone, a high-rope center, banana-boats, windsurfing, wake board, skateboarding, to name but a fewl. Music is played the entire day to keep visitors entertained. It also features a clinic, helicopter ambulance and lifeguard-rescue crew with all-terrain vehicles and jet-boats.

Buyuk Calticak and Kucuk Calticak - Located about 10-12km from the city center, you are warned to go early because the crowds are legendary. Without a doubt the most popular areas to have a picnic, swim, and chill out.

Istanbul Restaurants and Bars

Istanbul Restaurants

The Istanbul kitchen - Regarded as one of the best in the world, featuring ingredients, chefs, styles and tastes that came from every part of the Empire to the capital. A typical dish would consist of lamb, mutton and veal, to which a variety of vegetables are added. To wash down your meal, Turkey's most two most famous drinks - Ayran, a cooling, salty yoghurt drink which is refreshing in summer and Raki, a strong spirit with the taste of Aniseed, is also available.

Baran Bufe - Divan Yolu Cad 7. An awesome spot to watch the world go by whilst enjoying some inexpensive tasty eats. It is particularly popular with locals and is open 24hrs a day.

Cennet - Serving Turkish Cuisine, consisting of sauced dishes prepared with cereals, various vegetables, meat, soups, cold dishes cooked with olive oil, pastry dishes and dishes made from wild vegetation, consumed from floor cushions whilst listening to traditional music. You are promised to have immense fun at a reasonably inexpensive price.

Istanbul Bars & Clubs

Babylon - The most premier live music club in Istanbul, it has standing capacity 400 people. It features a monthly program presenting music from the international jazz, world music and electronica scene.

Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi - Sahne Sokak No: 47 Beyoolu, An old historical bar with a history of more than 110 years. It features three floors - expect to hear traditional Turkish music on the first two floors and on the third floor live Turkish music from bygone days. A great experience for tourists and is also a very popular hang out with locals.

Tophane - A perfect place to unwind whilst sipping on tradition Turkish drinks and playing tavla (backgammon). Most popular treats offered are apple flavored water pipe, hot apple tea, and Adana Kebab Durum.

Murpheys Dance Bar - Located at Kalamis Marina, open all days of the week, this is a wonderful place to practise those salsa steps. It features special events every night and is particularly popular in summer, sporting an awesome atmosphere.

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