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  • Butik Hotel 20 sokak 208, Marmaris 6.2/10 - 39 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 19 Rooms
  • Elegance Hotels International Marmaris Uzunyalý Cad. No:130, Marmaris 7.0/10 - 128 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 193 Rooms
  • Sun Princess Hotel Kenan Evren Bulvarý Þirinyer Mah. Siteler, Marmaris 8.1/10 - 39 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 103 Rooms
  • Grand Yazici Mares Hotel Pamucak Mevkii Ýçmeler, Marmaris 7.0/10 - 197 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 440 Rooms
  • Ozcan Hotel Cumhuriyet Cad.No:30 Turun, Marmaris 6.0/10 - 101 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 61 Rooms
  • Green Platan Club Hotel Bayýrköyü Çiftlik Koyu Ýçmeler, Marmaris 8.1/10 - 7 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 303 Rooms
  • Poseidon Hotel Dergah Mevkii Uzunyalý Cad.No:143, Marmaris 7.0/10 - 107 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 227 Rooms
  • Irmak Otel Hotel 187 Sok. No:5, Marmaris 7.0/10 - 117 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 67 Rooms
  • Aqua Hotel Sahil Sok. No:15 Ýçmeler, Marmaris 9.0/10 - 432 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 240 Rooms
  • Portofino Hotel Kayabal Cad.No:68 Ýçmeler, Marmaris 5.8/10 - 59 reviews 50 Rooms
  • Sesin Hotel Dergah Civarý 209 Sokak No:28 Siteler, Marmaris 6.9/10 - 93 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 101 Rooms
  • Anemon Hotel Marmaris Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Bul.No:63, Marmaris 6.8/10 - 31 reviews 89 Rooms
  • Ayce Hotel (Family Hotel) 64. Sokak No:11, Marmaris 1.0/10 - 1 review Hotel Class 2 stars 24 Rooms

Hisaronu Travel Guide

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Scuba Diving - Diving along the Fethiye coastline is promised to be the most fascinating and exciting experience ever. The warm and clear turquoise waters deliver the ideal location to dive for both certified divers and beginners. Be prepared to be blown away by the abundance of unspoilt beauty.

Boat trips - Don't even dare going on holiday here and not taking a boat trip. There are many different boat trips to go on, the most popular being the 12 Islands trip. It is a day trip and on some islands you will find simple restaurants, magnificent ruins and on others nothing but glorious tranquility.

Waterskiing - If you are a outdoors kind of person you will enjoy nothing more than waterskiing by the long curved beach. Also available for entertainment is windsurfing, parasailing and dingy-hiring.

Fethiye Museum - Located in the town of Fethiye, the museum consists of two exhibition halls. The Archaeology Hall features ceramic works and statues, one of them being a Young Girl's Statue with a Dove and a trilingual stele. The Ethnography Hall constists of hand woven works and silver jewellery. In the open exhibition, you will find big stone works of art, tombs and the Izraza Monument.

Alex's cocktail bar OMG! i''ve been to hisaronu 7 times now and every year we go to alex's bar to see him and embre and his wife and kids we've made great friends with them and the bar is realy great fun with embre making you laugh and the other fit lads behind the bar lol cu guys next year
submitted by Kerry o'neill, 20/09/09

Our Place Vegetarian restaurant Wonderful authentic Turkish food for vegetarians, also serves 1 meat dish per day. Dont be put off if it looks quiet when you arrive - sadly, lots of people tend to stick to the neon-lit restaurants of the main drag that cater wholly for English tourists, serving roast dinners and all-day breakfasts - I'd hate to think I went abroad and ate english food all holiday. Our Place serves wonderful food and Yusuf, the owner, is really friendly and helpful.
submitted by Laura, 18/08/09

Mirage Bar The Mirage Bar is in Ovacik near Hisaronu, and the food was great, the service was impeccable and the music was brilliant too. They have free internet, free pool and sky sports showing all the big football games, rugby matches and cricket. I would definitely recommend it to you, I spent a lot of time there from July 25th- August 8th 2009. I'd like to mention Erol, who is always 100% helpful and friendly, and really gets to know you and makes you feel welcome. Also, Yunus, Fatih and Ahmet were great too. I love this place!
submitted by Jess :D, 09/08/09

ROBÝN HOOD RESTAURANT Ýt is the best restaurant in the village.They serve best Turkish meal and fusion food, amazing service.The staff are very friendly.l highly recommend you to try...
submitted by Nazl, 07/08/09

Sun Trap Restaurant This restaurant is next to Fez Bar and really is a sun trap in the afternoon. I have to say that although the service is good and the waiters are lovely, the food can be inconsistent - a hit or a miss! It's such a shame as I do like the place and it's nice for cocktails later on at night too!
submitted by Carole Nisbet, 09/06/09

Pizza Pepino 1 and Pizza Pepino Garden Pizza Pepino 1 is well established next to Piano restaurant and Pepino Garden has been around for the last 4 years. Both restaurants have the same menu, the food and service is very good. The staff are wonderful and really look after you too. If you want a good night out and a lovely meal, I suggest you go to one of the PEPINO restaurants. The staff at Pepino Garden sometimes do the halay (village dancing) for you - it's really good fun!!
submitted by Carole Nisbet, 09/06/09

Big Brother (Abi) Restaurant This restaurant has been around for a long time and the staff can't do enough for you. The restaurant has been re-vamped and now boasts a pasta and pizza chef. The food is excellent and this restaurant is open 24 hours as well. It's very popular with the UK visitors as well as the turkish community. The food is certainly of a higher standard than Aciktim restaurant next door, although Aciktim's soups are very good and nourishing in the early hours of the morning. Certainly helps stave off a hangover...
submitted by Carole Nisbet, 07/06/09

The Festival This restaurant is run by Emma and Suleyman Ekin who also run the Boat Bar next door. Wonderful food, huge helpings - you won't need a starter! Efficient and friendly service by knowledgeable staff - they dress in Ottoman costume on certain nights too. Try to eat upstairs if you can - you will feel like you have been transported back in time to the inside of an Ottoman Palace - wonderful hanging lights and beautiful furniture is the icing on the cake. Give The Festival a try - you won't be disappointed!!
submitted by Carole, 28/05/09

Big Brother Big Brother has the best kebabs by far!! Very friendly staff...
submitted by Lianne , 23/05/09

Woodmans Bar This bar is the bestest bar ever!! The staff are really friendly and I will never forget my friends Ibo and Shamous hope to see them again this year!! :D
submitted by Bethany Hughes, 08/02/09

TimeOut I’ve been going to Hisaronu for years now with my girls and we spend most our nights in timeout. All the staff are absolutely fab but I 100% agree with Natalie, well said lol. All the girls that think the lads 'love' them need a reality check, oh, and some self respect. I don’t blame the lads for wanting a good time, if there offered it on a plate they're obviously going to take it!
submitted by Laura, 14/10/08

Harmony Karaoke Bar Best place around had a brilliant time there! Its sooo fun and relaxed and everyone just messes about. Was great dancing around on the bar and the speakers. The boys r great, absolutely gorgeous and great dancers!! Can’t wait to go back there next time!!! :D:D
submitted by Debbie, 22/09/08

TIME OUT!!! Me and my friend Leanne just got back from Hisaronu. Spent every night in Time Out. Love it there. It was our third year and gets better every time. Love all the guys there. So nice and got lots of free drinks. Yer, they are all players but so what..U'r meant to have fun on holiday and me and my friend had plenty of that. Trick is to treat them like they do u. get what u want lol. They definitely show u a good time ;) Onur has to be the nicest! Very sexy and knows exactly what his doing!!! Great kisser etc...lol. Loved every minute! And Halil bless him. Very very nice! Two very great men ;) love all the guys at time out. Be back next year. Love Louise (winner cup) ;) xxx
submitted by Louise, 17/09/08

Oh Yes / Time Out Oh yes bar was nice and chilled deffo our local! Murat, Memmet and Ali are great friends of ours! Time Out was a bit to sleazy for us girlies. We're too good for those Turkish men! Been time out the past 3 summers and have watched every 1 of the barmen go thru 3/4 girls a season so get a grip girls, u really think they loved you? It was all about the sex and how many easy English girls they could get, BELIEVE ME, I heard it from the horse’s mouth! Instead of arguing get a grip and some self respect and realise uve all been played!
submitted by Natalie, 09/09/08

Diamond Club Jewellery The best and most welcoming jewellers in the village. We bought a beautiful engagement ring and wedding rings for a total of 2,500GBP. My valuation at home was 7,000GBP. Needless to say I am a very happy customer! Check out their website: www.diamondclubjewellery.com
submitted by Louise, 08/09/08

The Lemon Tree I absolutely love this restaurant!!! We went here every night and I fell in love for the first time ever! I met Bayram who is the gawjus waiter that works there. I saw him every day and we were both very sad to leave each other last week. Although I will be back in October this year and back again next year. I can’t wait to see all the bar staff again. They do the best food ever and won’t get one thing wrong for you. Very welcoming and treat you like family. Must go there if you get the chance!! You will love it!! See you all soon !!! x x Charlotte x x x
submitted by Charlotte Jones, 28/08/08

Time Out Bar!! Just laughing at all the girls fighting over the barmen.. got back from Turkey a week ago with all the girls.. Tarik spent the whole time with his girlfriend Laura.. lol! .. Yildirim was with my best friend and bobby was with my other friend! Charlie was with my best friend's sister! just thought I'd update everyone on what the time out guys have been up to in 2008! Definatly going back next year... Love you all, Yildirim, Boback, Charlie, Ali, Tarik, Onur!! see you in 2009. xxxxxxx
submitted by Jess, Dani, Sophie, Gemma, Sian, Emma, Naomi, Sean, s Melissa, Denise and S, 28/08/08

Malibu Malibu is one of the best Restaurants in the Hisaronu strip ! They people who work there are amazing and so friendly ! The Boss, Arif, is lovely ! We have been going there for 2 years and we have made real good friends with everybody working there ! The food is lovely and the restaurant is a must go ! x x
submitted by Ruby , 28/08/08

Cengiz's Bar Cengiz (formally owned Daisy Mays) has now moved further up the village to a new bar, same old cengiz just different setting, if you've never been it's a must to give his bar a try. walk up past dippy dollys and turn left when you get to cengiz's sign in the road (across from the go-karts)
submitted by Zoe and Mark Firth, 14/08/08

Alex's Cocktail Bar Oh my god. I loved this bar! Returned from Hisaronu on 15th July 08 and it is absolutely amazing there. We've already booked for next year! Personally, I think Alex's bar made me enjoy my holiday more than I would otherwise have done. Made a really good friend there, he works behind the bar and had a proper good flirt :D haha, can't wait to go back there next year!
submitted by Jess :D, 30/07/08

Churchills What a great bar with plenty of atmosphere and a great bar to get you into the mood for a great night. Great bar staff that make you feel very special indeed without being too over the top.
submitted by Angela, 28/07/08

Zombie/Attika/Aloha/Club UK Zombie and Attika are by far the two best clubs in Hisaronu. Had no problems in Zombie and spent most of my nights on holiday in there. Had no problems with Attika, except you get pressured to buy drinks as soon as you get in there, whereas you don't get that in Zombie at all. If you look past that, Zombie doesn't have as good music as Attika, but it is still more than decent. Aloha seemed like a good enough club, but most nights we went in there, it was pretty empty and as for club UK, don't go there! Whenever we went in, there was no other people in there apart from the DJ who looked about to fall asleep every night. New club is Atlantis: We didnt go in there, so don't know how much you have to pay, but from what I've heard it's an awesome club. Anyone got anythin to say bout Atlantis?
submitted by Sam, 23/07/08

Atikka Bar!! Best bar to start and end your night. The staff are really nice and romantic miss you Ali, Martin, Baris n Ferdi. This bar got the best music cuz they got the best DJ in Hisaronu we spent every night in this bar and look forward to it next year it just gets better every year. Keep up the good work guys c ya all next year love Caroline an Tanya xxx
submitted by Caroline, 10/07/08

Alex's Bar Alex's Bar, next door to the Olive Tree Restaurant is an absolute must visit year after year. Just got back from 3 weeks in June and was amazed to see the bar has doubled in size - and in our book that means double the fun. Great daytime snacks and a top bar for chilling out in at night whilst having a top laugh in a great atmosphere. The lads there really did contribute massively to us having a fantastic time this year. Best cocktails we've tasted in the village and the fishbowls are incredible. We'll be back!
submitted by Craig, 03/07/08

OH YES! bar Make this bar your 'local'!! It’s situated next to the fairground, by the phone boxes. Murat owns the bar and is helped by his 2 brothers and friends. You will not get a better welcome in any other bar, it’s cheap and friendly!! All the staff go that extra mile to make you feel at home and love to sit and chat. You are not a customer in 'oh yes'...you are a friend!!!!!!!!!Do not leave it too late in hols to check this place out!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Ste and Elaine, 25/06/08

Jasmins In our 2 weeks hol we ate in many restaurants and Jasmins was the only 1 we went back to several times..The reason?? You will not get a better meal which is better presented anywhere in the resort!! Portions are big and the quality is 2nd to none..Try the lamb shank, you won’t finish it!!!!Solomon the waiter is a good laugh as well and really looked after us on our wedding anniversary. Not the quickest at serving that’s because it all freshly cooked, but after the hug bread with garlic and chilli dips you wouldn’t want to rush anyway!!!Oh and don’t believe the hype about 'olive tree'...big disappointment..Ignorant staff as well unless you were buying over priced bottles of (bad) wine!!!
submitted by Ste and Elaine, 25/06/08

Big Brother Restaurant Frequent visitors to Hisaronu will see that changes have been made to this restaurant. Two partners are still there but it's now doing Italian food. The other two partners have opened a new restaurant called Sunset Restaurant further up the road in the block before Butterflies Restaurant. It does very nice Turkish food but the menu is very varied. The restaurant itself has been well designed and the decor is lovely
submitted by Carole, 23/06/08

Heads or Tails This is 1 ov the best bars in the village and not just because my husband is 1 ov the sexy barmen. This bar is a laugh a minute all the staff r so much fun and r really friendly. A great bar 4 all ages with fab cocktails. Heads or tails = either way I'd b there x
submitted by Hayley, 17/06/08

Robin Hood I have to say we ate here as often as we could over our two week holiday. The food is amazing and the staff are very professional and polite with the usual Turkish hospitality. I strongly recommend the Lamb as it just melted in the mouth!
submitted by Tanya, 16/06/08

Gemiler Beach Gemiler beach is lovely little place across from St Nicolas island.Stay on the bus that takes you to the ghost village as far as it can go+your there.Fantastic scenery on the way down!{small charge to get in} Stop at Cin Bal kebab place on way back to Hisaronu as they have best food ever !
submitted by Lynn, 26/04/08

Grand Boozey The best bar for loud music (your choice), great service, best atmosphere and best drinks, prices are good aswell. Don't have to pay to get in and everyone in there is realy friendly. Part from Attika, this is the bar to go to!
submitted by Jack, 15/03/08

Oasis I ate in a number of resturants in Hisaronu and none could match Oasis. Value for money and friendly staff. Well worth a visit.
submitted by Lisa, 21/02/08

Club Atlantis!!! Well I have been to Turkey for the past 2 yrs and I’m going again this year. Club Atlantis is definitely the best place to go for a wicked night out and it only opened last year. It has everything you want, sexi bar men, great tunes; they even have a reggae room and VIP lounge. The drinks aren’t watered down! (Defo good thing)! Also when it does get busier later on bout 1, there’s enuff room to dance and great air-con! haha. Can’t wait to go again!!!! xxx
submitted by Flick, 19/02/08

The Vineyard This is the best resaurant! Great food, fantastic service and Ahmet and Anne and the fammily are mint!(there my mates aunty n uncles)its situated in the best place aswell, right near my favourite club atlantis! Must visit! xx
submitted by Flick, 19/02/08

Hustlers Cocktail Bar Great atmosphere and music. Very hot bar staff, which I need to visit again!
submitted by Georgia, 22/01/08

Aloha cocktail bar Go here it is the best and it is still the same staff with a few new faces. Can dance on the bar like I did every night. U may even meet the person you have been waiting for like me I meet a boy Mehmet but not there now and we are planning things love him sooo much. xxxx
submitted by Cara, 04/01/08

The Heads or Tails Bar The Heads or Tails is the best bar I have ever been to. I have been to the Heads or Tails every night on every holiday I have been to Turkey. It was so good and the bar men are friendly the music and everything its perfect I luv the heads or tails xxxxxx
submitted by Charlotte, 02/01/08

Castello Castello has the best food ever. All my family enjoy it when we go and eat there if you ever go to Hisaronu I advise you to go there.
submitted by Charlotte, 02/01/08

Harmony Karaoke & Cocktail Bar =] Omg This Is Deff Thaa Best Bar In Hisaronu, I Went At Thaa Start Ov My Holiday & Just Returned EveryNight!! Thaa Lads In There Are So Friendly & Just Get You Up Dancing & Having Ahh Great Tiime.Theres Also karaoke Which Is A Good Laff =] All Thaa Staff Dance With Yoou & Pluss There All SexYy Its Extremley hard Not Too Enjoy Yourself. Cant Waitt Till Return Next Year . .. Its Awesome =] xx
submitted by Jodiee, 26/11/07

Dippy Dollys This Resturant Iss Thaa Best =D We Went Most Nights . . As Itt Was So Cheap, Great Choice And Quality Of Food And The Staff Were Really Friendly. It Was Also Convienient AQs It Was Situated Down Thaa Road From Our Hotel =] . . . You Just Cant Go Wrong With This Restaurant.
submitted by Jodiee =], 26/11/07

Pizza Pepinos! This place was amazing! We ate there every night for like 2 weeks and already knew the staff who are so kind and friendly, and also funny! You could stay there for hours and hours! The food is amazing and I was never disappointed. The food was amazing, the staff are very polite and friendly, good service and they look after you! They treat you more like a friend then a customer. Can’t wait to go back next year and see everyone!
submitted by Heather, 19/11/07

QBar This bar is great all the staff are lovely would do anything for you I spend most of my time in there partying. The entertainment is great not forgetting the vodka jelly’s.
submitted by Tracey, 11/11/07

Tango I have been going to Turkey for the last 10 years and Tango out shines them all and have never had a bad meal there. Have just returned from a 10 day holiday there and ate there most nights and also was my birthday there. The owner Ethan provided me with a lovely cake, champagne, fireworks etc what a nice memory. Must be visited!!!!!!
submitted by Laura - October 2007, 06/11/07

Attika Attika Bar Best In Turkey, Its A Must Love All The Bar Staff, Was There Every Night Of My Holiday, Going Back Next Year Jush To See Them Love Them To Bites (Ricky&Baloo&The Lil Cute One =])
submitted by Jodie, 06/11/07

Time Out Time Out is actually brilliant! All the staff are really friendly (some a bit over-friendly... not that we were complaining!) Uncle (Suleyman, asked us to call him Uncle) was always giving us free drinks and some of our mam's Turkish friends asked him to look after us and he was really nice :] I think some of the girls on here need to calm down about the lads from behind the bar... They're only afterone thing! My cousin and i keep in touch with Tarik and it's obvious that he's a bit of a playa! But it was a great place with a really god atmosphere and we'll definitely be back next year!
submitted by Nikki & Michelle!, 02/11/07

Aloha Cocktail Bar OMG Aloha was the best bar I've ever been in, nothing compared to Newcastle pubs and clubs, me and my friend went there on the 28th September until the 5th October all the guys were amyzin they made the bar what it is, Angel was so sweet thanx for the drinks darlin, DJ Tolga LEGEND u r an amazin DJ, thanx for the flash under the kilt lmao!! Dennis, Max, Mehmet, Tj, and all the other guys u were amazin! Luvd singin and dancin on the bar made my holiday what it was!!! Luv uzzzzze xXx Lv Jade in Newcastle xxx
submitted by Jade Hall, 31/10/07

Time Out / Grand Boozey / Zombie / Barumba I've just returned from two weeks in turkey, two days ago. Spent every night in Time Out, like usual! I may have seen you if you've been there recently? Or even in the summer when Kacie and I were both out there in July, two extremely tall girls? One with blonde hair one with brown (me!). Let us know if you remember us! We love Time Out, definitely the best bar with of course, the best dj. We go to most of the others bars to. Hisaronu is definitely the place to be. Jess & Kacie. x
submitted by Jess & Kacie, 27/10/07

Time Out hahahaha Charlie genuine, I don’t fink so he’s the worst one in time out by far!! He had a diff girl every night don’t trust him!!
submitted by Amy, 18/10/07

Timeout I love timeout bar! Bin like 3-4 years now and they remember me and my family every year! Tolga is lovely my little brother thinks hes wicked! Charlie is gorgeous little charmer but not sure if he genuine- hope so tho just booked a villa for next yr Timeout all the way do not miss it. Oh & Me mum got a stip dance of the gorjus one behind the bar! DEFFO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Claire-Marie, 16/10/07

Time Out Baby__ Alrite Girls Its Steph...Alrite Fair Enough You Lived With Him...Your Goin Bk And All That. He's A Lovely Lad Ye. U Say Your The Only One For Him. But yet Hes Askin Me Too Go Over There Too Be With Him For Winter. Bit Weird. I Dnt Wna Argue With Yaz Cause At The End Of The Day...Were Not Guna Be In Turkey At The Same Time. So He Will Have You Wen Ur There. And When I Go Back We'll See What Happens. At The End Of The Day...Im Not The Type Of Person Too Get Jealous Over Things Like That...Cause It Woz A Holiday Thing. It Wnt Go Any Further So Why Try Make Ppl Feel So Small...Sayin It Woz Just Sex. You Dont Know The Half Of It. Fair Enough If You Did. But You Dont. So Girls Dont Try Make Ppl Feel Small When You Know Nothing. Get Ur Facts Right. Arguin Over A Lad In Turkey. No Im Not Stoopin That Low Thanks. Take Care x
submitted by Steph_, 06/10/07

Time Out Look girls... the boys r all the same with every1! Steph is my best mate and we went to Turkey in July and met all the Time Out guys 4 the 1st time... There is no need 2 be horrible to Steph about Tarik is there... Tarik still texts her everyday and that’s the truth so it’s not her fault if he is playin about.... Ok ur cousin might be with him now but uv got 2think how Steph is gonna feel as well readin this... She really likes Tarik and is plannin on goin down 2 his in the winter, so imagine how she is gonna feel readin this about him and then havin u 2 b really horrible 2 her about it sayin " yea its just a sex thing" Really no need 4 it! Onur was exactly the same with me as he was with u but I told him where 2 get off lmao! N e way... we’re goin back out there 4 3 months next summer so we might c ya there but less of the bitchness yea.. I mean if uv been in Turkey 4 so long u will know... It’s only the Turkish men 2 blame!! x
submitted by Chare;;e, 05/10/07

Time Out Hey Chels, had such a brilliant time didn’t wanna come back, but not long till were back there 4 7months wooo! Loved time out especially Tarik is brilliant, don’t they make such a gr8 couple, dunno what dis Steph girls talkin bout apparently was jus a sex thing but don’t matter he’s hers now haha!! Cant w8 till April watch out the plastics are back wooo xxx
submitted by Emma, 04/10/07

Aloha Bar What can we say? Enjoyed it so much the first time, we returned 13 weeks later. Not much had changed except a few recruits to the already fab team, but sadly a few losses...Donny you know we miss you!!! We were the lucky two that got to work within close proximity to the beautiful Denis and the other BB's. Not too sure about the new boy though!! Angel and Tolga on top form as usual, plying us with as much vodka as humanly possible to consume, resulting in minimal suntans but maximum fun. Bring on May 08!!
submitted by Becky and Helen, 02/10/07

Aloha Cocktail Bar This bar made my holiday amazing! Ethan,Max,Angel,TJ and Tolga and the rest of the staff are so lovely! AMAZING DANCERS! I cant wait to go back! AMAZING!
submitted by Alex, 29/09/07

Time Out Hey guys.. Don’t no if ppl come back on to read this..! I've just got back and was out there 4 3months. Went to Time Out every night.. So whoever says Onur is the best darling he ain't, he tried it with me every night but I was taken.. And Tariks in love Steph, yeah, with my cousin. She lived with him and the rock from beginning of August till now. Going back in a week and out there 4 7 months next year. So hands off Tarik guys there’s only 1 girl 4 him....
submitted by Chelsea.., 28/09/07

Harmony I can't believe there are only a few reviews, felt very welcome from the first time I went there, the staff are very nice, everyone gets involved if you go there don’t miss out on dancing on the bar Harmony is a must for clubs
submitted by KT, 04/09/07

Woodmans Bar A wonderful and friendly place that you can never forget I'm definitely going there again to see Ibo and Shamous.xxxxxx
submitted by Bethany, 31/08/07

Time Out Baby__ Omg The Best Bar Ever!!...If You Ever Go To Turkey Defo Go Here!!...The Fittest Bar Men Ever!!...Tarik, Onur & Yildrim!!...Cant Wait To Go Bk Next Year 4 6 Weeks...But Nevermind That, Im Going To Stay With Tarik In The Winter So All Well :D These Lads Are Amazing...So Glad They Still Keep In Contact Us Girls Recieve Messages Everday From Them All!! Miss You All Like Crazy!! Cant Wait To Go Bk In The Winter And The Summer!! C U All Soon!! Love You Boys!! Tarik, Onur & Yildrim Are The Boys!!__
submitted by Stephy Laa__, 27/08/07

Time out What can I say.. Got bk from turkey 4weeks ago and had the time of our lives! Went to Time Out every night and got our names..."The time out girls!" Everyone in there is lovely.. they make u feel so comfortable and make ur night the best! I was with Onur wen I was there, and my two friends, Tory and Steph, were with Tarik and Yildrim... Tarik is in love with Steph she goin to stay with him in the winter but me and Tory just had a laugh! Don’t get too hung up on them girls... As u can see they are players but as they say.... "What happens in Turkey, STAYS in Turkey!" We will c u soon boys... Movin out there 4 the summer next year!! Love u alll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
submitted by Charelle, 27/08/07

Erols Gold This place is the best for jewellery been going there for 5 years and Erol is not only a lovely guy but will give good discounts even managed to get mine and my boyfriends pic on the wall - I picked me engagement ring and will be going back next year to get it!!! But seriously well worth the money and everything is unique !!!
submitted by Michelle Pereira, 17/08/07

Lycian Bar This bar was amazing! I have just got back from two weeks in Turkey, and I would 100% reccommend this bar as the best in Hisaronu. We spent practically all our nights out at this bar, and the staff kept us entertained and we even danced on the bar with them! They are all so friendly and I will never forget them. Zola with his hilarious dancing to Mr Boombastic and the boys behind the bar, Tom, Barish and Boran(very good looking!) not forgetting manager Hakan and all the waiters. Thankyou for making my holiday so unforgettable. I will definitely be back
submitted by Lauren, 17/08/07

Time out!! Haven’t been to Hisaronu for 2 years now but finally going back in 4 wks. Known al the Time out boys for about 7-8 years now ... only problem is not sure who works in there now and lost a couple of their mobile numbers. One of my best mates ever I need to get in touch with. If anyone has Tolgas number, could you please let me know. Oh and girls don’t be fooled by the boys they just see you as fresh meat and wont be as hung up over you as you are with them, trust me been there done that! Lovely boys and could take them all home with me, but I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them lol xxx
submitted by Louise, 17/08/07

Aloha ALOHA is the best bar in the village. The music is great, there is always something diffrent happening in there every night, not your usual KAROKE that most bars have on every night. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN, GET UP THERE AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING.
submitted by Tracey, 10/08/07

Attika and Grand Boozey Great bar, staff really friendly. Recommend the fish bowl cocktails there and the 'Ricky Special' cocktail - Gorge!! Baloo really nice waiter, keep u laughing till early hours. Grand Boozey mint place as well, only went there for one night but I wish I’d been earlier in my holiday. Deffo going back to Hisonaru soon!!!
submitted by Emily, 08/08/07

Aloha best bar ever Aloha is the best bar there just got back yesterday and miss it already.. All the barmen are friendly and make you feel welcome. Especially Deniz he’s so cute and lovely miss him loads.. U gotta go to this bar its amazin.
submitted by April, 03/08/07

Aloha and Heads or Tails This is the 3rd time I have commented on here!! lol, and every time I say Aloha and Heads or tails are the bars in Hisaronu, and they still are!! Love everyone in both bars, especially Bilal in heads or tails (my soon to be brother-in-law) can't wait to see everyone in September!
submitted by Rachel, 01/08/07

Billys (English) Restaurant Hanhotel Having a regular visitor to Hisaronu (10 yrs) I recommend you visit Billy’s English restaurant the restaurant has a large selection of both English & Turkish meals "if you don’t see ask Billy and he will do his best to help " and Billy’s "SUNDAY ROAST" is out of this world.
submitted by Lennie of Liverpool, 01/08/07

Ready Steady Cook, Big Brother and Aciktim You don't need to spend allot for good food, go to any of these small restaurants and you have a choice of great English or Turkish food at great prices!!! And the staff are lovely too
submitted by Rachel, 01/08/07

Ozgold Jewelley Store This is the best jewellery store in Hisaronu, you can’t fault the price and quality of the jewellery, and the staff are only happy to repair anything you take in. They also clean your jewellery free of charge. The two women who work there are lovely, they’ll do anything for you, as will the owner he’s a sweetie too!
submitted by Rachel, 01/08/07

Bees n Knees Fantastic food, great staff. Had my birthday there. The whole staff were fantastic.....
submitted by Lesley Forster, 30/07/07

Harmony Karaoke/Cocktail Bar This was the best pub we went to in Hisaronu. The drinks are cheap and the staff are all great. There is definitely something for everyone like karaoke of all sorts and music of all sorts. Oldies and new dance music for all the young ones that go in. Also us young ones all get the older ones involved and get them up to sing and dance. I went in there for the first time with my boyfriend as he had been there before and we went in almost every night. Great fun and would recommend it to anyone! Pleeasseee Goo!
submitted by Kelly & Sean, 21/07/07

Shanghia Blues This is by far the best restaurant in Hisaronu, and has the most gorgeous waiter...Seyfi...see you in 4 weeks babe!
submitted by Lauren, 20/07/07

The Turkish Ivy What a great find in the new shopping complex. This restaurant was our favourite. The staff are all so friendly and nothing was too much trouble. They offered a wide range of food at good prices but our favourites were the Kavurma and the Desti. Go here and you won’t be disappointed.
submitted by Emily, 19/07/07

Gap Bar What a great friendly place. The owner Izzy so helpful, good price drinks and big screen TV's great when the footie is on, hope we will be back again soon xx
submitted by Pauline, 17/07/07

Daisy May Bar The Daisy May Bar, previously mentioned on this site is now closed, but the owner, Cengiz, is now running the Yunus Hotel & Bar. This is situated at the top of the town almost opposite the Ramos Hotel. The bar is a similar size to the Daisy May and has the same comfortable atmosphere, with free pool table for the kids. We visited him and Tracy this year and he is looking forward to old friends visiting them this season. Their little boy Mackenzie is also looking good. Pay them a visit.
submitted by Ivan Obrey, 13/07/07

Alex's/Timeout/Atlantis Alex's bar got to be the best garden bar they do fab fish bowls and the staff are so funny and make your nite. Timeout is great busiest place at moment all staff very fit. Atlantis is the new club in the new shopping centre behind the post office this is real nice inside but at moment not very busy as not many people no about it but go there it well cool they have 3 different parts v.i.p dance and reggae..
submitted by Lucie, 08/07/07

Heads or Tails Cocktail bar Just back from Turkey - would recommend this bar to everyone- great atmosphere and all the staff are friendly. Cocktails rocked and dancing on the bar was FANTABULOUS
submitted by Sharleen & Cat, 08/07/07

Big Break... etc.. Yes big break was brilliant now aloha is amazing but can you not see what they are trying to do. They make you feel brill so u keep coming back to the same bar!! I lived out there for 6 months (my family live out there) so it’s kinda my second home! Just warning you all I know most of the names you have mentioned and it makes me laugh. Please be careful!! Loving the scenery the most beautiful country I have visited I just dislike the men!! xxxxxxxxxx
submitted by Amelia, 08/07/07

Club UK, Time Out Bar n Grand Boozey!!! The ppl in club UK r the best! They r all so friendly n I had the time of my life there. It isn’t very busy but I loved it. Time out bar is mint as well best after 1oclok wen karaoke finishes though! Grand Boozey was probably the liveliest place I went but there were too many Turkish men in there 4 me but if you don’t mind then I definitely recommend it!!
submitted by Jordane, 03/07/07

Macri Jewellry This jewellery shop is the best in Hisaronu. They have great jewellery and I have spent not that much money in there and got allot of jewellery. I have even got jewellery from 3 years ago and it is still spot on I could not fault this shop one little bit the staff are very friendly and I love em all cant wait to visit them all again very soon xxxx
submitted by Caroline, 30/06/07

Aloha!! Just got back from turkey 3 days ago cant wait 2 go back was in aloha every night just like a was last year! Missing every1 in there already! Frankie is in the army n Ahmet has go 2 hustlers not the same wit owt them but Deniz and Donny r just as good! Aloha is the best bar in Hisaronu by far!!!! Grand Boozey is good to n Ozzy the doorman is ma best friend miss him loads!!!
submitted by Megan n Coral, 14/06/07

Whispers Lovely restaurant with wide choice of food for every taste, from traditional turkish to pizza - something for everyone! Very relaxing atmosphere, its upstairs and you can watch the world go by as you chat and eat. Lovely staff, fruit salads are spectacular, go in for a meal or just a drink!
submitted by Yvonne, 12/06/07

Swallows Great food and the owner Ata and staff are very welcoming. It is the only restaurant in town to serve baby goat (similar to lamb) delicious, quail eggs and smoked salmon to name a few. Piano Bar - Again great food especially the turkish food which comes served in a clay pot surrounded by blue flames. Fantastic free bread too... Mariners - can't beat the seafood casserole and my bf had the grilled sea bass which he said was great. All in all in two years of visits here we have never had a bad meal or the Turkey trotts! Hisaronus restaurants are great x
submitted by Bruxy, 03/06/07

Four Seasons Four Seasons is a new restaurant run by Mustafa and Muhammet. It can be located on the main road from Hisaronu to Ovacik on the right hand side.The food is excellent and the friendly staff make sure that you have a really good night when you go. Try the BBQ night you will have a ball!!
submitted by Tricia, 31/05/07

Time Out Bar Time out bar was the best. The men were fit, oh and ladies as i noticed hands off The Rock and CoCo (aka. Yildrim and Tarik are ours!) haha. From Kayleigh and Jess xxxxx
submitted by Jessica, 22/05/07

Lemon Tree Wonderful atmosphere wonderful food, Bedia and Memhet always make you welcome. We stay in Hisaranou 3 times a year and eat here most nights.All of the staff there makeyou feeln very welcome. HIGHLY RECOMENDED
submitted by Caroline Grange, 18/05/07

Blue Cocktail Bar This is the best bar in Hisaronu, the staff are very friendly and helpful, especially Oz, a wonderful man, have the best time of your holiday, also they have fantastic apartments to let, very cheap, modern, clean, what more could you ask, also it is just around the corner from El-Ninos, heaven on earth.
submitted by Kate & Rob, 26/04/07

The Festival The Festival was gorgeous! The food was delicious and the staff are so friendly. I can't think of a single bad thing about it. Its all relaxed and and calm. Deffo's 10/10 for us!!
submitted by Siobhan And Mollyy, 24/04/07

Big Break Cocktail Bar Well this ones just spot on! The bar men are hilarious and the atmosphere is great. I didnt feel embarrased to dance. They even ask if you would like to dance on the bar! cocktails are fantastic too! Especially : Sex on the beach, San Fransico and Blue Lagoon! Miss the Puppy there Bee-Bee :(
submitted by Siobhan And Molly, 24/04/07

Speed boat hire Wow! What a fab day out we had and can’t wait to do it again this summer. We hired our own speedboat, drove it ourselves and went where we liked. We managed to avoid all the big 12 islands tour boats with 100 people crammed on each! The scenery was breathtaking, the sea so clear and so blue! It was amazing to get away from all the tourism and see this fab coastline. We were given very good instruction as well as a map of the coast and due to the phone on board we felt very safe and had the best day!
submitted by Jo, 08/03/07

Talk of the Town This fantastic cabaret club opened 2006.Its the best entertainment for something different in Hisaronu. The show is fronted by Miss Bonnie Le Blue (aka known as the wonderfully talented Jamie Morris) The beautiful Miss Bonny is your DJ for the night. The show is vibrant, the costumes & wigs amazing. All the staff at this venue are wonderful especially the manager V ulcan. Please give it a shot you will not be disappointed.
submitted by Di Wright, 05/03/07

The Jasmine Terrace This restaurant is great. The food is lovely. We have known Teken a couple of years now and always eat in this restaurant every time we go. It is also spotlessly clean. Try this restaurant if you ever go to Hisaonu.
submitted by Yvette, Barry, Kayli, Demi and Leon, 01/03/07

Oasis Visited last year, had a great meal. Staff very efficient and friendly. When I return will definitely go back and recommend to all my friends. If you holiday in Hisaronu it's a must to visit.
submitted by Fiona, 22/02/07

Nadias Irish Bar They make you very welcome and cannot do enough for you. Ozlem and her mother Nadia were very kind to my daughter my husband and myself for the last five years they are situated next to Disy May bar.
submitted by Abigail, 21/02/07

The Q Bar The Q bar is without a doubt the best bar in Hisaronu! The staff are the nicest and most geuine by far and the music is great. And thats without mentioning the cocktails! I spent most nights there and cant wait to go back!
submitted by Richard, 19/02/07

Aloha Cocktail Bar The best bar ever!!! Went there every night. Danced on the bar with all the boy max, Frankie, Samiel, Musila, Ahmet, Tony, Allie, Alp, Bepi. God I love them sssssssssooooooooo much but I see them in June07. Can’t wait! C u all soon luv u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
submitted by Cara Kuszpit, 02/02/07

Scream Bar The Scream Bar (new for 2006) is located in Hisaronu just ask for directions to The ciftlik Hotel, I got married in July 06 and had my wedding reception here and what a night we had! the bar staff even did the Full Monty! with great music through the night from Dj (Oz). We had our best nights in Turkey at The Scream Bar, well worth a try.
submitted by Anna, 22/01/07

Aloha OMG! What can I say.... Amazing!!! Known all the guys for years and not once have I had a bad experience! Tolga is amazing but can’t commit to 1 girl so be aware ladies!! Can’t wait to go back in june07 and see them all, especially Angel, the only girl, bless her, she's wicked!! Love them all xx
submitted by Laura, 22/11/06

Time out!! OH MY GOD!! Wot a great place this is! I came back 3 weeks ago from Hisaronu! Best holiday I've eva eva bin on! To the main guy ONUR!!! How gorge r u babez ill be back in may so ill be cuddling up wit u agen sum more!! Love ya and miss ya lots babez!!
submitted by Sally and Jodes!, 15/11/06

Aloha Bar Been to Hisaronu 7 times already this year, and going back for the big New Years Eve Celebrations at Aloha!! Most of the boys from Big Break are there now, not forgetting Angel, the only girl, and Mehmet the sexy new boy! Can't wait, love them all XX
submitted by Nicky, 12/11/06

Robin Hood Situated in the heart of town this restaurant offers excellent both traditionally Turkish and fusion food, amazing service, and beautiful surroundings. The menu is the best I have had anywhere in the world, and the bread/pide cooked in the traditional oven is to die for! The staff are friendly, polite and proffessional and the service can not be faulted. The surroundings are idilic: tables under the trees, lit by candle light. It is secluded enough to feel like a secret hide away from the madness of the main strip, but close enough to be right in the heart of it. This place is now my home from home, I highly recommend you try it.
submitted by Lauren-Grace, 04/11/06

Tangoes OH MY GOD PEOPLE!!! Are you forgetting the best place ever? Tangoes of course, how could that no be on hear. Ali and Braveheart are only the best waiters in Hisaronu!!!! There's nothing they won't do for you, and they're a right laugh. So please please please go there, you won't be disappointed. And the food, well... that is something else. I wish I was there now...
submitted by Brett, 03/11/06

Dikman Gold The best place ever for any type of jewellery you want!!! What more can I say. They will do you the best ever price. I myself have just come back from Hisaronu, and Mr. Dikman was going to let me have a 1.93 crt BLACK DIAMOND in 17 crts of white gold for... are you ready??? £600. That is such a steal. I priced the same ring over hear in England, and guess how much... to much, over £2000 it would of cost!!!!
submitted by Brett, 03/11/06

Tunç Do you want leather??? If you do, I know the best ever place. It's called Tunç. If you ask the taxi driver to go to the leather shop in Fethiye he'll know where it is. The best prices. I bought a turquoise blue jaket that cost me £150. I saw the same one in Newcastle when I was shopping for £500. What a graet deal I got on that.
submitted by Brett, 03/11/06

Timeout Bar Had the best time eva in Turkey, boys in Timeout made it even better. There all georgous!!, especially our boys, Gazi, Onur and Tarik. Cant wait to see u all agen nxt year. Love the essex girls, kayleigh Nikita and Louise xxx xxx
submitted by Kayleigh, 24/10/06

Time Out Bar! Omg people you have gotta go to this bar.. It is the best. Me and my two mates that went there and loved it. Best cocktails n men! Hands off girls! Gazi, Onur and Tarik are ours! Don’t worry boys we coming bk next yr! Missing ya! Love Louise, Kayleigh and Nikita! xxxxx
submitted by Louise, 24/10/06

London Bar Best bar in Hisaronu friendly staff, Shaba is a diamond, good food, cheap rooms, stayed there 3 times this year the best, right in the middle of town. What more could you ask for.
submitted by Paul, 23/10/06

The Butterfly Restaurant (Hisaronu) It is the NUTS!! We go to Hisaronu twice a year and spend everynight in the there. We love all the waiters there, they are friendly and make you welcome, they are our friends for life, we keep in contact with them in England. The food is to die for it is always fresh and hot, can't wait 2 c u all next year xxxxxxxx
submitted by XCharlotte, Jack, Amie and Kathx, 22/10/06

Aloha Its the best bar in the world! the group dancing is great! Angle, Frankie, Bobby, Ahmet, max, ramazan, mahmet and Dj tolga bar staff are the best ever cant wait to see them all again in may07!
submitted by Megan n Claire, 20/10/06

Harmony Cocktail and Karoke This is the best bar in Hisaronu. The waiters are brill they are always there and you never have to wait long for a drink. They are all so friendly. The break dancers are absolutely amazing they involve you in there dances it is just brilliant. If you don’t go there you will be missing out.
submitted by Jodie Hana Jade n Jenny, 15/10/06

Barumba we went o the bar every night, the foam party was amazing so much so that me and my mate stripped to our underwear and had loadsa pics taken! We constantly got dragged up to dance on the bar! If u want a crazy time with fab music then go here!!
submitted by Natalie & Tana, 08/10/06

The Bees Knees its right middle of Hisarönü best meals u can have in Hisarönü traditional Turkish foods the best Sish kebabs n Musakka in turkey the most friendly stuff I feel like I known them for years thank u so much TALÝP for making our holiday is the best ever see u next year lotsa love from family
submitted by Vicky from UK, 08/10/06

Atikka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Atikka is the best bar in Turkey, especially Halil, he's amazing! All the bar staff are friendly, Turgut, Ibo, Peggy. I’ve been 3 times this year n cant wait to go bk next year!!! Got 1 thing to say to all bar staff at Atikka DO 1 EH!!! LOL X X
submitted by Kirstey n Nicola ov Newcastle!!!, 01/10/06

Aloha Bar This was the best bar in Hisaronu and I spent everynight in here and most of that time on the bar with Frankie, Bobby and the rest. Definitely going here at least three times next year
submitted by Katie, 26/09/06

Sun Trap / Zombie Bar / London Bar / Fez Bar No one has mentioned Sun Trap. Me and Zoe went in there for lunch one day and made some wonderful friends. They really looked after us. If you want somewhere to sit and drink in good company then this is the place. The food is cheap but not great. I had a fab time in Zombie bar this year - Joseph you are a very naughty boy! Fez is also a great place for a drink. You must give it a visit simply to see Bucan's six pack! London Bar will always hold a special place in my heart - had many fun nights in there getting completely blotto. Have been to Hisaronu twice this year and can't wait to go back. Love to all our friends!!!
submitted by Lauren & Zoe, 25/09/06

Time Out Jus got back from the best holiday of my life! Time Out is wicked. The best lookin blokes work there, especially Onur the best kisser in Turkey. Will be going back next year.
submitted by Sarah, 24/09/06

Cheers Fantastic resturant. Gorgeous food and excellent service. All staff are very friendly and will bend over backwards to please you. Had my birthday there and they put on a fabulous spread and really made my birthday special. My family, friends and Me highly recommend it.
submitted by Emz, 17/09/06

Big Brother Restaurant The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere and staff are also said to be very friendly and efficient. For the chilly evenings there is a large open area with logfire to keep the cold at bay. The menu has a great selection of typical English meals along with traditional Turkish meals and a range of Continental meals.
submitted by Adam, 14/09/06

Time Out Bar Ive been going to this bar a very long time now, i sing often so u may have seen me. Suleyman i love u and your family... Onur if u read this i love u more than anything.(my bar man) hand off girls..... Just a note to say everyone must go to that bar, nicest, genuine people u will ever meet. will be seeing u in a few months boys. Love Vikki, Vicki, and Dani x x x
submitted by Vikki, 14/09/06

Desire Jewellery Visit Erkan for wonderful service and hospitality. We have been visiting Erkan for the last 4 years and he is now like a close friend. The gold is always stunning. You can even pick your own stones and have the put into a piece of your own choice. I would also recommend the excellent repair service. All purchases come with a guarentee so there are no problems, Erkan even has an English contact number. Please visit this lovely shop.
submitted by Wendy, 12/09/06

Zombie, Alhoa!, Time Out The best clubs and cocktail bars in the town. Quality music, safe environment, ur av the ebst times of ur lives in these bars. Aloha is suitable for any age- all the waiters are great and extremely friendly! Best places to go for a decent night out!!!!
submitted by Racy, 24/08/06

Aloha Great atmosphere in here - spent every night of my 3 weeks in here with than gang. the guys and angel makethe pub the best in hisaronu. cant wait to be back in october with them all. miss you all lots specially mahson xx
submitted by Sam, 24/08/06

Time Out bar The time out bar is fantastic,the staff are really friendly and good looking!Great music and karaoke.
submitted by Jordan, 19/08/06

Oasis Best place to eat,a wide selection of food for all tastes and presentaion perfect,lovely staff.
submitted by Jordan, 19/08/06

Sugar beach Lovely beach,peaceful,calm blue waters,great for relaxing and topping up that tan!
submitted by Jordan, 19/08/06

Time Out Bar What can I say Suleyman is time out he is the man he always tries his best and gets me a women and succeeds most of the time. You will get looked after by him and the staff they don’t just want you for your money! Like some bars. You must go and see I just wish I could pick it up and bring it to Sheffield. If you want some where to stay I recommend Hann hotel and see Billy from hull.
submitted by Michael, 19/08/06

Fiddler Restaurant In the heart if the town this restaurant caters for all from the famlies that have small children with the play area to the teenagers who like to play on the playstation,,,couples the food is excellent especially the maryland chicken (my fav) and the staff are great ..,The owner if this new restaurant Selim does a really good fortune tellin trick ...MAKE THE EFFORT TO GO ITS WORTH IT...
submitted by Lesley Forster, 19/08/06

Attika Attika is 1 of the best bars in Turkey, especially Turgut (doughnut), he made us feel very welcome plus he's very sexy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Kirstey n Kelly, 19/08/06

Lycian Cocktail Bar This is the best bar in Turkey. I was in the bar my full hol, n went clubbing with Zola n Tom!!!!!!! Tom is lush!!!!!!!!
submitted by Kirstey n Kelly, 19/08/06

Aloha Aloha is the best bar ever. All the staff r realy nice. You dance on the bar and its so great. Frankie is really hot and cute and he is the best dancer. If you go u will have the time of your life. I'm really missing it. Lots of fantastic music, the DJ Tolga is the best dj ever. I love Aloha it is suitable 4 all ages. I would go back there in a second. It's the best bar ever.
submitted by Karen, 15/08/06

Aloha Coctail Bar Aloh is the best bar ever. All the staff are great. You have great fun with them u dance on the bar its great fun frankie is hot and cute. Its sutible for all ages. Its the best bar. The staff r great dancers, Frankie is the best. DJ Tolga is the best dj ever, he playes great songs. Theres games that you can play with DJ tolga. Its the best bar ever!!!
submitted by Karen, 15/08/06

Fiddlers Restaurant Fantastic location, Fantastic service and Fabulous staff! Selim, Reshid and Co! with the most delicious and yummy food we would definatley return as we did night after night!!!! children are extremely well catered for as their is childrens play area and playstation to keep them amused and Happy! I would definitley recommend you try Fiddlers!!!x
submitted by Tracy & Abi, 12/08/06

Grand Boozey and London Bar! These 2 places are absolutely excellent I love them both loadz! The people in there are friendly n are really hyper!! Shabba n Mel from the London Bar are the bollox! They are really sweet and such a laugh to b arnd! Ozzy the doorman of Grand Boozey is a star!! His gojus 2 look at n got a brill personality! I just lovin being with this lot. Wen u with them there never is a dull moment!! Luvs ya all!!
submitted by Laurina, 11/08/06

Lycian Cocktail Bar Just come back from 2 weeks in Turkey n best part was going to this cocktail every nite. Ppl r so nice n friendly n gr8 dancers!!Always entertained us on bar!! Will never forget Zola, Hakan and mostly Ramazan!! Very nice guys n very funny!!!
submitted by Hannah, 08/08/06

Aloha Bar and Heads or Tails All the barmen from Big Break have moved here so Aloha is deffinaltly now the best bar, it has to be said that the boys make the bar, so it doesnt matter which building they are in. Heads or tails is great to (we love you micheal. Go to these bars and u will have a great time.
submitted by Ray, 08/08/06

Aloha Cocktail Bar Suitable 4 all ages brilliant. You can dance on the bar, it has good music friendly barmen especially Ramamzan he is so cute love them all though it is fantastic
submitted by Charlotte, 08/08/06

Alfesco Cocktail Bar Oh my god! The best bar by far. You must pay them a visit if you go. The best staff ever. (Luv ya Mehmet, won't forget you) really hope to go next year xxx
submitted by Chloe, 04/08/06

O'Briens Bar A new bar guys, just opened this year. Live entertainment 2/3 times a week. Excellent atmosphere. Run by an English couple who are very nice. They do food as well (simple but very tasty and cheap) Sky t.v., karaoke and pool table. Its tucked away about 50 yds from the Hisaranu/Ovacik roundabout. Check it out!!!
submitted by Deano, 03/08/06

Grand Boozey! THAT CLUB WAS WICKED! The only downside I found is that it didn’t get rammed till bout 2am so not good for early nites but I loved it! My Turkish m8 was bezzies with the waiters so I didn’t have to pay 2 get in and my drinks were cheap! It depends on how the doorman’s feelin 2 whether u pay or not... but would recommend 2 anyone! I had great fun!
submitted by Georgia Adams, 17/07/06

Lycian Cocktail Bar How fab is this place! This really made my 2 week holiday in Turkey a holiday to remember. Such lovely people in this bar and are always very lively, dancing and running about mad. It is so easy to get on with the staff here and they really do, do their best. I definately will be back next year! I got my photo took with everybody that worked there too. Fab!
submitted by Nicola, 15/07/06

The swallow Fantastic, the food, service, surroundings and especially the the people who work there, they try to make everything special and are truly genuine people. Will be back again in September.
submitted by Chris Lowery, 11/07/06

Grand Boozy & Barumba Just come back from a weeks holiday in Hisaronui and the best clubs to visit are barumba and grand boozy, they are the most lively places and the music is fab. A few times we went to club UK but normally in early hours as they played drum n base. A WICKED HOLIDAY GOING BACK NXT YR.
submitted by Katie Battams & Emily O Donnell, 10/07/06

Swallows Restaurant We were a party of four who spent most of our weeks stay eating at this excellent restaurant. Food is superb, staff are friendly and can't do enough for you. The manager is a great bloke and we can't wait to go their again. Try this restaurant and you will be delighted every time!!
submitted by Chris, 10/07/06

The Lemon Tree We go to Hisaronu twice a year and I have to say the best restaurants we have been to are the lemon tree, the olive tree and shine Indian restaurant, all give really huge portions and the food is so beautifully presented! The worst restaurant has to be Ata restaurant!!! Me and my friend had the same dish and it was freezing cold and uncooked! We both complained but were ignored and said it’s supposed to be like that!!! Was ill for the rest of the holiday! But that is the only bad meal I have really had in Hisaronu!
submitted by Hisaronulover, 29/06/06

English Rose Located upstairs in the Lycian centre, the English Rose has a fantastic menu. Im not one to go abroad and just eat English all the time but we went here 3 times in 2 weeks and will be returning in August. We went here on our last night as we always go to our favourite on the last night!!! Food is incredible and prices average for the area.
submitted by Sarah D, 29/06/06

Grand Boozey Come and visite the Grand Boozey! You can dance till the morning hours and if you want to sit outside it is also possible! You can look at the street and enjoy the night live! And don't forget the lovely waiters! They are not only very handsome but also ver sweet...! And they turn DJ Tiesto!!!
submitted by Beppina, 25/06/06

Shanghai Blues Very superiour Chinese Restaurant. Top quality ingredients well prepared. Friendly courteous staff who are attentive without being overbearing.
submitted by Linda Floyd, 23/06/06

Reef Bar This bar is amazing and actually staying on the complex is even better because you get to see all the staff thru out the day. Entertainment here is unbelivable with the fab breakdancers showing us their moves and the ever so entertaing full monty. In the space of a year sept 05 - sept 06 we will have visited 3 time, cant really say no more. This ones for you Sonny "Iechyd Da" See you soon all Corinne & Hayley From Wales xx
submitted by Corinne & Hayley, 23/06/06

Swallows Restaurant We ate here three times on our weeks holiday and the food superb. Ata and his team can't do enough for you. Highly recommend it !!!!!!
submitted by Tracey Sokell, 18/06/06

El Ninos El Ninos is the best retaurant in hisaroni (along with the swallows and shine) the food is excellent, lovely staff, great bar and Ali rocks (and so does tooni or however you spell his name)!! xxx
submitted by Harriet and Sarah, 16/06/06

Paragliding Its an amazing experience and it wasnt scary at all im really excited about going next year xx
submitted by Harriet and Sara, 16/06/06

Big Break Although this has now closed it was definately the best bar. All the lads have now moved to Aloha. Don't be taken in by their charms girls, they may say they love you but trust me, they have a new girl every 2 weeks. As for Deniz - he belongs to several girls apparently - including one of my friends until she realised what players they all are!! Sorry girls but its true! Go and have fun but don't expect too much, it'll end in tears!! x x
submitted by Kerry and Jo, 16/06/06

The Ivy Really love this restaurant and would definitely recommend it, my husband and I go back every year! There is such a great selection of food to choose from, you'll want to try something different every time you go there! The staff are very friendly and make you feel so welcome. Can't wait to go back!!
submitted by Ali, 14/06/06

The Ivy This restaurant should be on top of your list of places to eat when in Hisaronu. Its in a great location,in the centre of the village on the first floor which means you have great balcony views of the surrounding area. They have a great selection of food on their menu which includes English, Continental & a wide range of Turkish. My favourite dish was the Lamb Kavurma and the Garlic Lamb and potato skins. They make their own bread here which comes with garlic butter. Our son James loved it in The Ivy as the staff made us all feel so welcome and part of the family and he also loved making his own balloon bread here. Cant wait to visit them later this year.
submitted by Nicola, 13/06/06

Daisy May Bar Great bar for chilling out. Cengiz the owner is absolutely sound. He enjoys a laugh but does not tolerate idiots so you can take the family and be assured of a good atmosphere. It is not a disco bar but does have background music and free pool table.Almost everyone in the bar is a previous guest but if you're in there for the first time Cengiz will make you very welcome indeed.
submitted by Ivan Obrey, 08/06/06

Attika!!!! Attika is the best club in Hisaronu. All the staff are really friendly Halil, dj Ibs, Turgut, Musti and our lil baby barboy!! We luv em all and highly recommend it 4 a great night out. You can dance on bars and do karaoke. Great place
submitted by Genna and Zoey, 05/06/06

El-Nino Hurricane They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as all kinds of light snacks in between. The restaurant is open from around 8.00 a.m. until 2.00 a.m. The bar stays open until around 4.00 a.m. You can enjoy all types of food in El-nino. All meals come with complimentary home made bread and butter baked in our wood burning oven. We serve pizza, pide (a sort of Turkish pizza), all sorts of steak, chicken and vegetarian dishes and fish in traditional Turkish dishes as well as your favourite English food. And in that restaurant the staff are so lovely and nice,especially Halil. If you wanna learn more information about el-nino restaurant,you can find everything in www.el-nino.biz
submitted by Julie and John, 03/06/06

The Olive Tree The Olive Tree is a fabulous, hassle free, friendly restaurant. The staff do not hang around in the street imploring you to enter but greet your arrival as if you are an old friend; this is probably because most customers are! My wife and I ate there every night ( and ate there 5 years ago too ) and saw others that were regulars too. The food is fabulous and varied. The bread is to die for. JUST GO!
submitted by Bill Wright, 30/05/06

Lyceum Cocktail Bar You'll find this bar just at the beginning of the Main Street of bars, near the roundabout. Just come back from a week in Hisaronu and spent nearly every night of our hol here, its fab! The waiters and barmen are lovely, friendly and very sexy! Lots of dancing on bar to cheesy tunes and general fun and frolics kept us amused all holiday. Cha Cha slide and Belfast City song bring back happy memories! Zola is just the best funniest little guy and made our holiday with his wicked hat and funky dancing. Ramazan is just lovely too also very sexy!! We will miss you all and hope to see you all again soon.
submitted by Jools, 24/05/06

The Q Bar Top quality bar with the best tunes to dance the night away to!! The bar staff were cool and supported Liverpool! Good choice! Spent every night of my holiday there and would go back again tomorrow!!
submitted by Eddie, 10/05/06

Piano bar Loved it here and loved the waiters. Esat was adorable and so was david. Loved Ali too. cant wait to go back and see them all!!!
submitted by Kelly, 08/05/06

Red lion Really nice food and not to expensive. See Murat the chef. He will be pleased to cook you Spotted Dick!!!
submitted by Fred and Joan, 06/05/06

Fiddler Restaurant We went to the Fiddler Restaurant and it s the best restaurant in the town we been to every restaurant but we never changed the restaurant after we met the Fiddler Restaurant
submitted by Sam, 03/05/06

Fiddlers In the heart of the town, fantastic food, particulaly the seafood speciality. Very friendly good English speaking staff, in excellent suroundings with balcony views. It also offers a supervised childrens play area, including a play station which kept our children amused while we enjoyed our meal. Probably the best restaurant and bar weve visited in Turkey, superb!
submitted by Pauline, 02/05/06

Miss So so so so sorry girs but big break has closed down its a kids rest now the boys from last yr are in aloha.
submitted by Julie, 02/05/06

Daphnies Excellant restaurant and bar, she does the best steak in town and also has a take away fish n chips, musshy peas next door, well worth a visit
submitted by Ron&Pat, 28/04/06

Savanas Bar Just off the main high st at the top end of the strip on your right walking down. This small bar caters for the young and old, the owner is Arrif he used to be head waiter in the Robin Hoood restaurant, he makes you welcome as does most bar owners but he takes great care of new and old guests alike. he will play the music to suit your taste and likes to stay open.
submitted by Ron&Pat, 28/04/06

Big Break Best bar evaa in the whole of Turkey! Spent every nyt in there 4 2 weeks! amazin!!! cant wait 2 go bk n live it up!!! Deniz is my man so keep ya hands off ladies! keep in contact wif him and he is so gawjusss! best drink eva vodka n redbull fish bowls lol drunk so many ova those 2 wkz! cant wait 2 go bk! if ur goin on holz here u NEED 2 go 2 big break! def! I LOVE DENIZ lol xxxxxxx
submitted by Han, 26/04/06

Big Break Bar Been going to Hisaranu for years and everytime we go we spend everynite in da big break bar. Tha ladz r well fit, but as sumwan sed, dnt b takin in by their charms, but they r fit and they make yah feel ded welcum, so get yah sels in der gurlies
submitted by Jodie, 22/04/06

Erols Gold The best place for gold and silver! This man Erol will do you the best price. We have been going to him for 5 years and we always come back with some really good gold that is worth much more than you buy it for. Trust me it is worth a visit. Erols gold is past the taxis.
submitted by Amy, 14/04/06

Daisy May Cocktail Bar The owner Gengiz is such a nice person. We frist went in the bar 2years ago and the second time we went in he knew all of our names. This bar is a must for all ages and I'm sure you will get on with Gengiz he is lovely. When we say our goodbyes it is like leaving a really good friend behind.
submitted by Amy, 14/04/06

Pine Hills Reef Bar Oh my word!! What can I say about this bar? It is cracking! I went there last year and had 1 amazing time. Sonny and Ferah are wicked and cant wait to see them again this year!! The brakedancers they have there are amazing, take thier trousers off while spinnin on there head!! crazy! I tell you what if your my age(15) go, cuz I tell you now its buzzing!!! xxxxxxxx
submitted by Monique, 13/04/06

Grand Boozeeeyy We thought Grand Boozey was the best bar here, great music (mostly dance & RnB) & the Djs put on whatever you want. Good crowd of people & the waiters are very sexy! The guy on the door called Ozzy is quality banter. Worth travelling out to Fethiye for a couple of nights cos there's some fantastic clubs there aswell.
submitted by Cara, 04/04/06

Time Out Bar What can I say about Time Out Bar? I've known the guys there since 2002. They're lovely, but I must admit to a soft spot for Cosken and Suleyman. Although some guys in the other bars are really sleazy (watch out for the ones in Big Break and Zombie - don't think you're the only and only - I've seen too many upset girls and ladies of all ages over the years), the staff in Time Out are reckoned to be most decent. Generally, be careful and keep your sensible heads well and truly screwed on. Protect your hearts.
submitted by Carole Nisbet, 29/03/06

Abrahkebabrah Great restaurant located at the top of the main street - they do a set menu for £5! Which includes balloon bread, any starter, any main course (apart from seafood), ice cream for desert and coffee! Fantastic value for money. Waiters are so lovely and friendly (especially Hamza he he). We went there time and time again! And hopefully we will get the chance to go back there again this year! Highly recommended!
submitted by Sarah Belchamber, 21/03/06

Big Break Come on girls you can’t beat this bar it has to be the best in the village and the guys are well fit. This is different from every other, it doesn’t have a karaoke on every night it has different entertainment shows, soooooo good. If you haven’t tried it you’re so missing out girls, get your glad rags on and get up there this year.
submitted by Stacy, 14/03/06

The Festival/The Vineyard Both of these restaurants are fantastic and right opposite each other. The festival has fantastic steaks and some of the best Turkish meals I've tasted!! You also have to try the desserts....fantastic! The staff is also very friendly and is not in your face. The vineyard also has some great food on the menu! 3 course meals for about £7...can’t be bad! Turkish meals are also fantastic and the staff brilliant-we had loads of meals in here and were never disappointed.
submitted by Sarah, 08/02/06

Aloha! This bar is fantastic for everyone. All the staff are friendly and do anything they can to make your stay better! They're all great with kids if your on a family holiday and the break-dance show is defiantly a must see. A selection of old school classics and newer songs are played for a great variety! Would reccomend this bar to anyone...a good laugh to be had by all!
submitted by Sarah, 08/02/06

The Lemon Tree Have been going to The Lemon Tree during our hols now every year for the past 6 years. The food is wonderful and consistently so, I can honestly say that we have never had a meal here that has not been cooked or presented to a very high standard. The staff is very friendly and helpful.
submitted by Karen Hoskins, 25/01/06

Alfresco Bar After a hard day soaking up the sun (!) what better than to relax amongst the tree tops at Alfresco bar! The atmosphere is always fantastic; the music is great especially when the alcohol makes you think that you can sing! And as for Turgut's bar top moves to "Sex Bomb" well girls... go along and check it out!
submitted by Karen Hoskins, 25/01/06

El-Nino The El-Nino is a fantastic restaurant, where the staff and the management are wonderful and fantastic. All of the staff are Ali's cousins. You can find as well as Turkish food, it is delicious and very hygienic and it is a great place to eat. If you want to learn the others beautiful things go there. Don’t wait. I am sure you will enjoy El-Nino restaurant.
submitted by Arthur, 16/01/06

EL-NINO The EL-NÝNO restaurant is a wonderful place to eat. The staff is very nice and helpful and the food is excellent. The cooker, Murat, is boss's brother. He makes delicious food. I go there every year with my family. If you go there Hisaronu you should try the foods.
submitted by Kith, 13/01/06

Olive Tree Restaurant The Olive Tree restaurant in Hisaronu is the best I have ate at and I've been 3 times so far. The food is lovely with a wide variety and staff is really friendly. I will be returning next year!
submitted by Katie, 13/01/06

The Red Lion The Red Lion in Hisaronu is really nice. The food is lovely and Staff are even better. My children love the bread and garlic butter. Me and my family always get a very warm welcome from the staff at the Red Lion.
submitted by Sharon, 13/01/06

The best, Elnino When I was on holiday in Hisaronu there was a beautiful restaurant there. They had good service, a bar, was squeaky, clean and have handsome boys, who work there. It was fantastic. This is Elnino Restaurant. Thanks Elnino for good delicious food and good service. You should go to Elnino restaurant.
submitted by Cariona, 12/01/06

Elnino restaurant The best restaurant in Hisaronu. Elnino's food is excellent, steak, any kind of pizzas, chicken shish kebab, and fish...in my opinion they make best bread in the world, and very good staff who are very considerate. You should go there next year...
submitted by Markus, 12/01/06

Heads or Tails Great bar with fantastic cocktails. The staff are lovely in here really friendly always get hugs and kisses when we go in! Reasonable priced drinks and with entertainment throw in by the staff!! Ask the dj to play drinking games with you! This bar is a must.
submitted by Clare, 10/01/06

Reef Bar Just to let Jenny know that the breakdancers from Pine Hill are not hired out to other bars, they are self employed and work within the area. Pine Hills is a like a night job. Highly recommended though!
submitted by Shezz, 28/12/05

Club uk If you go to Hisaronu at night time you should definitely go to club UK its well good we went there every night. The bar staff are really friendly and the music is well good!!!!! ;-) We really miss it n wanna go back!!!!! :-( !!!!!!!
submitted by Emma n jemma, 18/12/05

The Reef Bar Strangely it took me 4 years to discover the best bar in Hisaronu which is the reef bar hidden away at the pine hill hotel. I said hidden but the place was packed out every night by families, couples, youngsters until 5 am.
submitted by John, 18/12/05

Reef bar Visited Hisaronu twice and been told to go to big break and did so until we have discovered the reef bar at the Pine Hills. Entertainment changes every night and is so good that they hire out their break dancers to other bars. You have to see it to believe it.
submitted by Jenny Foster, 18/12/05

Ata Bar - Oct 05 Well what can we say, experienced the best laughs, drinks and guys in this bar! The gorgeous Tiger Lilly drag show, singers and bands they had on were all excellent. With a footy table, large screen, premier league matches and half naked men on the bar, what more could us girls want!!! Oh yea an excellent jewelry shop (Goldmark) next door with 2 great blokes to show us all the bling!
submitted by Birds on tour, 15/11/05

Suntana This bar is the best! Its not to busy but u can dance away all night! The staff are great dancers and really friendly!!
submitted by Beckie, 29/10/05

Big Break Already taken in by the charms of Tolga and Jimmy but nevertheless had a brilliant holiday because of this bar. Great atmosphere and a good laugh all the time. Definitely returning next year with a sensible head firmly screwed on!
submitted by Kez @ Jo, 25/10/05

Piano restaurant The best restaurant in Hisaronu, boss man is the greatest missing you loads, food is excellent, miss little David and Esat. Ali makes best bread in all of turkey, can’t wait to c u all next year, and go out to big break for sum fun....
submitted by Lisa and Emma, 21/10/05

Big Break Bar It’s a great bar; it’s a good laugh and great for dancing. The bar men are fit like, Frankie, Jimmy, Dennis, Tolga. You may be their lovers one week but believe it or not every week they have a different girl. So go to this bar and have a laugh but don’t be taken in by their charms girls!!! Miss them all a great laugh see you next year...
submitted by Lisa and Emma, 21/10/05

Alex's Bar This bar is not well noticed as round corner from piano restaurant, but is the best bar for FISH BOWLS!!!! It is one of the cheapest places to buy them. Also it is best place for karaoke, and the bar staff are always up for fun, letting you dance on the bars. Emre is a great laugh to be around and makes the best milkshakes in the world. Alex is the tequila king and always gets the party started we miss you very much see you next year for a fave drinks...
submitted by Lisa and Emma, 21/10/05

Time Out Bar - The Best Just got back from a week in Turkey and have decided to do a Shirley Valentine. Time Out bar is the best not only do the staff make you have fun but they are the best eye candy ever! Tempted to runaway and leave the hubbie!!
submitted by Heidi,Shel,Suze & Tina, 20/10/05

Swallows Restaurant & Bar Got back from Hisaronu from a weeks holiday today and once we had eaten at Swallows we didnt find anywhere nicer. EXCELLENT range of foods to suit everyones tastes, and very good staff who are very attentive without being pushy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
submitted by Janine Groom, 11/10/05

Big Break I had the best time in that bar, staff very entertaining. Would definatley go back next year..
submitted by Vanessa, 04/10/05

Big Break!! All I can say is wow! This is the best bar ever and spent 14 outta 14 nights there! The staff are great and well fit especially Jimmy, Dennis, Emrah, Frankie and Tolga. Goin back to see them all next year and can't wait
submitted by Charl n chloe, 03/10/05

Attika!! A great dance bar good for beginning your night. The staff are great especially Riccie and Baloo! I spent every night there on my holiday and have kept in touch with everyone. O yea and when you see the doorman ask him if you can have large beers for 3lira and he will always say yes!!
submitted by Charl, 03/10/05

Big Break Cocktail Bar Loved this place, spent 7 out of 7 nights there, staff are excellent and friendly will be going back next year and will pop in their first to say Hi. Well worth a visit.
submitted by Emma & Paul, 27/09/05

Billy's Beach Lovely sandy beach on The Blue Lagoon with shallow calm water ideal for children and non swimmers. Family run beach very friendly and welcoming. Great food, free pool table and pedalo. Toilet facilities are very clean, Billy will even pick you up and drop you back at your hotel free of charge.
submitted by Anna, 25/09/05

Big Break Definitely our fave bar in Hisaronu after coming here for a few years now. The entertainment is good before 2am, such as Break Dance shows and little acts from the bar staff, then after 2am the music gets going. Love all the bar staff in here too, they are great friendly guys, especially Jimmy, Tolga, Dennis & Frankie who yet again made our holiday even better. You should definitely pay this bar a visit if you're in Hisaronu - we'll be back here again very soon without a doubt!
submitted by Louise, Jo, Kez and Lauren, 23/09/05

Cherry Tree Boat Trip from Olu Deniz We have just come back from Hisaronu and went out on the Olu Deniz Boat Trip with Captain Raki otherwise known as Salih on the Cherry Tree Boat. The best food, the best service and the fantastic staff. Recommend it to all - the best day out we have ever had and only £8!
submitted by Sarah & Hils, 20/09/05

Blue Cocktail Bar Blue Cocktail bar is the best sit down bar in Turkey!! Bar staff are the best I’ll find in Hisaronu, really friendly!! Music and big screen (recently got Sky) great bar staff and wicked atmosphere with a fire show every night what more could you ask for!!? Say hi to the sexy boys (Izzy, Ferruh, Chik-Chik, Erdem, Tek, Ayhan) if you go in next time you visit the wonderland of Turkey!!
submitted by Haylee n Nicola, 08/09/05

The Reef Bar Most amazing bar in Hisaronu, always something going on every night, whether it is the foam party the karaoke or the full Monty. Everyone dances on the bar, a real laugh. The entire bar staff are so friendly, Sonny, Charlie, Sherife, Ferah, Freddie and Wolf. Do not miss this. Just round the corner from alfresco bar. Next to the Destan hotel!
submitted by Jay, 07/09/05

Club UK This bar was gr8. You don't have to pay to go in at all! They do foam parties there and have fit lads in there. It's great to go to have a dance and have a great time! xxx
submitted by Lauren And Hayley, 07/09/05

Alfresco Bar Definitly the place to go in Hisaronu. The staff are great, especially Memet and Turgut. Fantastic with the kiddies. Can't wait to go again next year : )
submitted by Katie, 04/09/05

Daisy May Bar Located in between Alfresco Bar and Nadias Irish Bar Daisy May is a must for everybody. From young children to elderly couples people go back year after year. The owner, Cengiz, is full of funny jokes and party tricks that will amaze you all night long. He runs competitons such as Killer pool and stand up bingo all of which children are welcome to join in. While you are sat enjoying your drinks you do not have to worry about your children as they will be probably be playing pool on the free pool table or Cengiz will be showing them a trick shot. Plays background music so no headaches. You only have to look at the pictures in the bar to see the amount of people that have spent many a memorable night in there. Also, when you are leaving feel welcome to leave a shirt with your name and personal message for Cengiz, as you will see he hangs them up in the bar. Another great thing is Cengiz will always remember who you are. I have been in there some nights and there have been 50-60 people in and he remembers everybodies name without fault.
submitted by Michael, 03/09/05

Club U.K. Grand Boozey Barrumba Just got back from Turkey, Club UK you do not have to pay they just ripped you off, anyway it dosent get busy till about 1, Grand Boozey is always good and the bouncer Ozzy is safe, Barrumba is good but you have to pay after 12, blys are great, but its a bit expensive 10 lira for sex on the beach 6 lira for beer
submitted by Jake & dan & fran, 03/09/05

Big Break The Bestest Bar in Turkey... Def going back in Oct just to see our "lovers" Dennis, Tolga n Ahmet plus just to see the rest of em, made our holiday so much better. Miss waking up on sofas at 11:00am seeing the morning drinkers. For all u going bk in Oct....luk out for us on the sofas! luv ya x
submitted by Sam, Jenni n Gabriel, 01/09/05

Time Out Bar This is definitely the best bar in Hisaronu, this is where I met the man of my dreams, Coskun, who works there, going back in Sep 4 a week again! Big break is also good with very friendly barstaff!
submitted by Buffy, 31/08/05

Heads or Tails Cocktail Bar A great night out, bar staff are very friendly and remembered us from last year. great entertainment. The best strawberry milkshakes in the whole of Hisaranou.
submitted by Ann and kristian, 28/08/05

Robin Hood First visited here 8 years ago, service n food excellent. All staff very friendly. Caters 4 all tastes, also very good childrens menu. Visiting again in october.
submitted by X x Eymi n Ang x x, 25/08/05

Big Break Bar Been visiting here 4 8 yrs with my family, had some great times in this bar. Goin back in october can't w8! Missin them all. If u visit Hisaronu this bar is a must. They r all very friendly n make u feel welcome.
submitted by X x Eymi n Ang x x, 25/08/05

Big Break Love this bar, great staff and great entertainment, made some really good friends at this bar, both staff and people from home and have stayed in touch!
submitted by Louise, 23/08/05

Domino's Took over a hour and half to present food ... when the food finally arrived was not any thing special .
submitted by Leanne n holly, 23/08/05

Grand Boozey - Club UK - Atticka - Grand Boozey is defintly the best club in Hiaronu - there are people dancing from around 11pm til 5.30am and the music is good all night. But the barmen dont give you whistles for free :(
Club UK always has foam parties which are pretty good however a lot of the time the club is empty. You dont have to pay to go in - I dont know who said that !
Atticka is very boring. There is hardly anyone in there - they have to give free shots to encourage people in ahah ! And the staff are too upfront :| but we spent a few hours in there just livin it up a bit . . but generally its bad !
Definatly recommend trying every club there.
submitted by Keri and Yassin, 23/08/05

Mamma Mias Italian Restaurant Wonderful Italian Restaurant serving huge portions. Family 3 course meal for 6 came to £16-£18 including drinks!! If you stay at the Lycian apartments in the complex you also get a 20% discount.
submitted by Lisa Brindle, 22/08/05

The Q Bar This bar is brilliant, the barmen are fantastic.
submitted by Victoria, 21/08/05

Time Out Bar I am fan of Time Out Bar. I live in Istanbul. Every summer I come Time Out Bar.
submitted by Ya, 16/08/05

Big Break Bar!! Big Break - the best bar we have ever been to!! The barmen are excellent and fit - especially Tolga!! Loved it so much we're going back next week!!!!
submitted by Carly and Christine, 15/08/05

Hakuna Matata Clearly the best bar in the village. Sedge is the funniest guy we've ever met and Serpil is lovely. DJ Ramazan is fantastic, Thomas is wonderful and was really good with my baby cousin. But theres one person who has been there for ages and he's sweet, kind and one of my best friends, Aardar (Eddie). I'm sure anyone who's met him will agree he's one of the nicest guys in the village.
submitted by Carly n Lauren, 15/08/05

Time Out Bar Time Out Bar is the best bar in Hisaronu, it is owned by the most amazing people and has the bar staff are not only fit, they are great dancers too! Say Hi to Suleyman if you go there!
submitted by Lindsay Winwood, 13/08/05

Woodmans Restaurant Try Woodmans Restaurant near the market place in Hisaronu, quality food and good portions. Kids welcome, free table.
submitted by Gemma Bryant, 13/08/05

Aloha and Atticka Aloha is a great cocktail bar 2 start your night off...every1 is friendly and the music is good. Atticka is a great place 2 spend your evening every1 is up 4 a good time, every1 gets up on the bar...and those who dont like dancing have got a big screen out on the balcony..if you like your cocktails these are the best 2 bars 2 go 2...
submitted by Rach x and Jo x, 10/08/05

Hakuna Matata Amazing club with Karaoke that will never disappoint you. All the staff are friendly and you will never have a bad night in there. At this bar there is seating area both in and outside to suit everyone. Give it ago you will love it!
submitted by Danni, 07/08/05

Club uk DON'T GO!! You have to pay to go in ... when we got in there we were the only people in there!! Its so rubbish ...WASTE OF MONEY!
submitted by Holly n Leanne, 03/08/05

Big Break Bar The best bar ever, I could have went every night if I was allowed, just been and going back in October. Lovely atmosphere and great, fit barmen, go, you will love it
submitted by Rachel, 03/08/05

Express Jeep Safari Very enjoyable day out, kept everyone entertained throughout the day!! Would recommend.. definitely!! Even sell a dvd at the end of the day of your trip!!
submitted by Leanne n holly, 03/08/05

Daisy May Bar This is an amazing friendly bar, where its cool to hang out. Friendly service, you must try it!!!
submitted by Emmazing, 03/08/05

Big Break The best bar i have ever been to!! going back next year for a month this time so i can see muso and frankie again!! missing them already !!! the best ever.. dont miss it!!! for all ages!!
submitted by Leanne n holly, 01/08/05

Best restaurants in Hisaronu Do try White Man Restaurant opposite Pizza Pepino, also another favourite is Big Brother Cafe near to the Grand Boozey Bar and Sun Trap for good food and lovely waiters.
You must try the Pasha Kebab, Lamb Shish and Testi at White Man. Kemal and Patricia get to know their customers very quickly. Their waiters are lovely and very entertaining. After 3 years, Big Brother also now feels like a second home. It is open 24 hours. The food is always of a high standard. Eno, Ramazan and Ahmet have become like my own brothers. To them, a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet! Always very welcoming and genuinely sorry when you have to go back home again. They often give regular diners a 10% discount as well.
submitted by Carole Nisbet, 26/07/05

Barrumba Barrumba is the best bar there is in Turkey. There are very nice people in there and it is very lively at nite when the dancing begins on the bar (Me n Me Sis). There is also alot of romance there.
submitted by Cazza, 21/07/05

Barumba and Grand Boozey Definatly the best places to spend the BEST night out....great atmosphere and music will keep you dancing all night!!! Foam parties at Barumbar are also fab!!!
submitted by Sarah, 21/07/05

Heads or Tails Cocktail Bar This is definately one for a great night out, even singin along to the yogi bear song (you'll know how funny this is if you go)!! I'd recommend it to any one- just got bk from Turkey and found it fab! Even the kids will love it cos they do special kiddies cocktails such as the 'pink panther' or the 'teletubbies'!!
submitted by Lucy, 16/07/05

Vineyard Restaurant Cafe and Bar A warm and friendly place with superb food and service this is a must for people who hate being hassled into restaurants as the staff are helpful but not 'in your face' when you attempt to read the menu board. The Vineyard is owned by Ahmet and Anne and the waiters are all Ahmets brothers and nephews. You will be sure of 5 star service and superb food at the Vineyard which is situated at the bottom of the 'strip' past Suntrap and Fez.
submitted by Carly, 12/07/05

Big Break Bar Its a lively bar with a good atmosphere, all the staff make you feel welcome, great entertainment then its party all nite. Full of sexy bar men. MISS IT MISS OUT!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Megan and Lauren 5/7/05, 05/07/05

Village chippy If you eat at one place when you visit Hisaranou make it the Village Chippy. The food is fantastic and they go out of their way to make the customer happy. Thank you Yvonne and Sapher for everything. We will be back whenever we are in turkey.
submitted by Christina, 16/06/05

Zombie If you like clubs try this place. I danced till morning a few times and it was 5am before I knew it. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. This is a pretty small place but its buzzing and I had a great time.
submitted by Christina, 16/06/05

Village Chippy The Village Chippy is a great place to eat. The staff are nice, very chatty and very helpful, and the food is cooked to perfection. If you are going to Hisaronu you should give them a visit....Thanks to Yvonne, Zafer and staff.
submitted by Craig, 10/06/05

The Swallows A wonderful restaurant with an overwhelming range on the menu and tastes that are out of this world! Is is run by Ata who really looks after you and nothing is too much trouble.
submitted by Angie, 08/06/05

Village Chippy The village chippy is a fantastic restaurant, where themanagement and staff are fantastic and freindly people, this i must say is the best restaurant we found while there on holiday, they cater for all, you can find a touch of home cooking as well as turkish food, it is very hygeinic and well served restaurant, and the food is cooked to perfection. If you go to hisaronu the vilage chippy is a must. thank you saphar and yvonne and staff for making our visit a enjoyable one and we will most certainly be back.
submitted by Trower, 30/05/05

Alfresco Cocktail Bar The no.1 place for the best music. an atmosphere all the family can enjoy with friendly staff on hand to entertain and amuse.An ambience which will create unforgettable memories .
submitted by Claire Hall, 21/04/05

Hisaronu Shopping

Ozgold Jewelley and Repair service - Situated about 100 metres past the post office, it has a lovely atmosphere and is always a pleasure to visit. The shop offers free refreshments which is always a bonus on those hot summer days. If you are intersted in buying gold, diamonds or watches this is definitly the place to go.

Beachfront Minimarket - There is also a minimarket which is located on the beachfront. You can find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to a lot of little souvenir stalls. For tourists this would be the best place to go shopping for souvenirs.

Hisaronu Beaches

The Blue Lagoon - in Olu Deniz features clean,calm, warm and crystel clear turqoise waters, making it an ideal place to enjoy a variety of water sports and a very safe place for children to swim. It tends to get rather crowded, so be sure to arrive early to find a spot to sit.

Suara and Bobs - If you are looking for a uncrowded, beautifully sandy beach then Suara and Bobs is for you. It is perfect for small children as the water is calm and crystal clear. You can go out pretty deep in certain areas and you will still only be waist-deep. Probably one of the best reasons to visit this beach is to sit and laugh at the people on the opposite beach of Olu Deniz, squashing up on a tiny piece of sand.

Hisaronu Restaurants and Bars

Hisaronu Restaurants

180 - Cavuslar Mah No.28, Pos.Kod.48840, One of the best places to visit, with great food, good service and a lovely atmosphere, you are promised to have the time of your life.

Domino's Restaurant - The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere and staff are also said to be very friendly and efficient. For the chilly evenings there is a large open area with logfire to keep the cold at bay. The menu has a great selection of typical English meals along with traditional Turkish meals and a range of Continental meals.

Castello - Located in the center of Hisaronu, it features a delicious menu consisting of Italian, Scandinavian, French and Turkish cuisine. To compliment your meal the restaurant has a wonderful selection of quality wines from all around Turkey.

Malibu - Situated in the center of the town, sits a small comfortable garden restaurant with a very relaxed atmosphere. The menu is varied, consisting of English and Turkish cuisine. It's location is ideal for enjoying good food and watching all the happenings around the town.

Hisaronu Bars & Clubs

Fez Bar - A wonderful place to taste local spirits and beers as well as indulge in a wide range of imports. If you are the dare devil type, you can tickle those taste buds with some very funky and viciously delicious cocktails. To keep you entertained they offer great floor shows, dancing and bottel shows.

Hustlers Cocktail Bar - Music caters for all tastes and ages, featuring Turkish, Pop, the latest UK charts and timeless rock classics. The bar counters provide a dance floor for the gorgeous barstaff as they sway those luscious hips to funky tunes.

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