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Waterskiing - If you are a outdoors kind of person you will enjoy nothing more than waterskiing by the long curved beach. Also available for entertainment is windsurfing, parasailing and dingy-hiring.

Bodrum Castle - Located in Bodrum city, about 3 km from Gumbet, the castle was built on Zephyrion island and covers approximately 30,000 sq. meters. It was built by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century and dedicated to St. Peter. The construction of the castle took an entire amount of 99 years. It consists of 5 towers namely French, English, Italian, German and Snake towers.

The Underwater Archeological Museum of Bodrum - Located inside the Bodrum Castle (3 km from Gumbet). This underwater museum is one of the world's most important and biggest museums. On display are relics recovered from excavation in the 1960's as well as findings resulting from research on sunken ships. You can also find a display of the remains of the oldest known sunken ship in the world, which is definitely worth seeing.

mystery mystery iz the one if u want a dance the staff are wiked n the cocktails are great. prices are ok .theres alos a pole u lovly laides lol
submitted by Wayne, 08/08/09

Cheers A very friendly restaurant/bar where the staff do not try to pull you in with cheap banter. Good food at reasonable prices with nice background music played at a level where you can still talk to friends without having to shout. Mehmet, the owner, speaks good english and goes out of his way to make your evening enjoyable. Visited June 2009.
submitted by Martyn & Lorraine, 20/06/09

happy pub karaoke bar met JOSEPH many years ago ı return each year to the best bar ın gumbet try ıt you wıll come ın nıght after nıght ıt also has the largest karaoke selectıon ın gumbet 47 000 songs and the frıendlıest of welcomes
submitted by Paul, 14/06/09

Millennium bar / restaurant Gumbet Initially very good impression, food was very nice and everyone wants you to be thier friend and tell you that you are a special customer...however you will soon learn that behind the smiles and false friendliness is nothing more than nastiness and money grabing tactics. Check your bills also your sure to find a few extra items on it! The staff, mainly a very poisonous Adam and another of the owners Saalami are very very friendly to begin, but once you dare to eat somewhere else they verbally attack you and generally make life miserable and accuse you of taking customers to other places. Dont get involved with anyone there, as they are encouraged to have girlfriends (of which each staff has many to keep the customers returning and spending) just eat if you must (the old chef has gone now and food not so good) Do not give your contact details out if you should become friends or you will be sent very disgusting and nasty messages as several of us have discovered. My advice, dont bother, lots of other good places to eat, cheaper and without the hassle. Recommend the Red Dragon, The Parrot or Windy Bay - all great, no hassle and good food!
submitted by Gumbet regular, 08/06/09

aloha just got back from a week in gumbet we used to go to this bar every night for our fish bowls before hitting bar street the staff here are very friendly and such good fun miss you all hopefully see you soon xx
submitted by Vikki, 02/06/09

millennium resraurant bar hmm lovely place in gümbet u shud try ther food...and aspecly barman adam his so hondsome and make lovelly cocktail verry verry friendly and good english...
submitted by Donna, 03/05/09

Mr Horrible Bar Best bar in Gumbet. Friendly staff always make you welcome, any time of day or night. Scottish and Irish music but Mehmet will play anything you ask within reason. Very family friendly great prices. First drink last drink and some in between drinks.
submitted by Shona and Sam, 09/09/08

Corner Fun Pub This is the best place to go if you want good entertainment, the lads in here are so much fun to be around, they get you to dance all the time and have a really good laugh, it’s really cheap, and this place made are holiday as we looked forward to going out all the time. Wish was still there, we can’t wait to go back next year.
submitted by Dee and Emma, 24/08/08

Saray Zetas My wife almost swallowed a metal fibre that was in her meal here and the waiters didn't seem to give a toss. After having to argue the point for ages they finally gave us 50% off the price of her meal. Not happy.. she could have cut her insides open if she'd swallowed it! Zetas on the beach is a different experience altogether.. friendly service and fantastic food.. we had the fajitas and beef in oyster sauce.. both meals were absolutely stunning!
submitted by Bryn, 08/08/08

The Golden Knife On the beach in the middle of the bay... wifey had chefs special steak.. it was stuffed with mushrooms and cheese and was awesome.. tender, juicy.. a proper matrix steak! I had grilled chicken which was also extremely good.. lovely bread to start but not quite as good as the bread and garlic butter at Zetas on the beach
submitted by Bryn, 08/08/08

Annalivia Just behind the Mystery bar/club at the top of bar street. Beautiful food.. too much for me to eat but really loved it here. The Owner is lovely too and gave us a voucher for a free drink in Murphys Bar next door.. Cheers!
submitted by Bryn, 08/08/08

Millennium Restaurant/bar Very friendly people and very good food. We went several times to eat in this restaurant and every time it was very good and cheap. We think it's the best.
submitted by Henny and Tamara, 27/07/08

Smiley's Bar And Restaurant So good, we went every single night! A great, fun bar. Where the staff entertain you, and cater for your every need, and it's always the staff who make or break a bar, it's wonderfull if you enjoy that Turkish bar experience, plenty of music, dancing and entertainment. Also, worth mentioning is the care we we're given in there, as two women on their own in Turkey, my friend and I were a little anxious, but the staff in Smiley's made sure we were looked after, and on a few occasions helped us avoid hassle (always from european men!) A very family friendly bar too! I would advise any-one going to Gumbet to check it out, and I will definately be going back again.
submitted by Nichola, 07/07/08

Casablanca Great food, the steak melts in your mouth. Good value, small children eat free. The staff very friendly and helpful, especially Falcon.
submitted by Susan, 28/06/08

The Mandarin excellent restaurant, georgous food and he most friendly staff you wil ever meet. Make u so welcome n they put their own dancing entertainment trying to get every1 up n dancing along :)
submitted by Dani & Cathy, 26/05/08

X bar One of the best places 2 go in Gumbet. Fell in love wiv the place, the people that work in there, the music and atmosphere. U got 2 go at least once!
submitted by Debbie, 01/05/08

Central Bar A great place 2 go. Music and people who work there are great. Fantastic atmosphere. Gets packed after midnight. Dancing on the bar is a must.
submitted by Debbie, 01/05/08

gesi restaurant Very lovely this restaurant its like a romantic bar were you can just chill out with smartly dressed and very very friendly staff and you also get a free bottle of wine with your first meal xxxx
submitted by James, 20/03/08

Alternative Cafe Walk out of Gumbet with cafe de Columbia on your right and Dilek hotel on your left, towards the windmills on the hill as you start climbing the hill alternative cafe is on your right looks like nothing from outside but the owner never hassles you and food is top notch!!!! Check out this guys steak with sauce you won’t be disappointed, just sit relax and chill, beer glasses are always ICE cold
submitted by Martyn, 27/02/08

AnnaLivia What can I say about this restaurant....never go anywhere else to eat at night, has such a fantastic and varied menu, never had 1 complaint. We sit by the beach at the day thinking about what we are going to have! Service is fantastic, the staff cannot do enough for you but in a nice and mannerly way. Cleanliness and hygiene is at the top of the list in this place. Can't wait until June 07!!
submitted by Nikki, 31/01/08

Tropicana Best bar..or wide'll never be hot....But barmens and the sexy guys who work there can make u sooo..Burn...Best to dance...perfect
submitted by Dragana, 25/01/08

Alora Beach Best Party...Best Waitress...Hayri... :D
submitted by Dragana, 25/01/08

Anna Livia Food is amazing, I never eat anywhere else when I go over! Best steaks I’ve ever eaten. Home cooked chips to die for.. Staff are very friendly and go out of their way to help. No complaints whatsoever. Can’t wait to go back this year...
submitted by Maria, 22/01/08

Outback Bar Far the Best Bar in Gumbet and have the best staff Aussies and English, Great Music that other bar's dont play; If you're into Indie and rock tunes this is the place to be.So its a must if your in Gumbet.
submitted by Sarah, 29/12/07

Smileys Bar and Restaurant Best place in Gumbet, staff are amazing and so friendly, we went there all the time, will definitely be back there next year!!!
submitted by Lynn, 03/10/07

Bitez Beach The beach in Bitez is so clean and peaceful, a true paradise.
submitted by Lynn, 03/10/07

Shakers Dance Bar We love this bar! Come to it anytime e in the year and you’re guaranteed a great time. Staff are gorgeous. We are working there next year! xxxxx
submitted by Lauren & Summer, 26/09/07

Beach Club This place is one of the best atmospheres in Gumbet spent most of my 2 weeks there lol or however much I can remember: defo recommended going back next May! (I know ages away but can’t wait)
submitted by Phil, 18/09/07

Siesta Soccer Bar This is the best bar in turkey. It is great if you are staying at the siesta hotel, because it is right next door. Also, it has cheap drinks. The main bit about this bar are all the staff! Ilyas my love ;), Memet, Jayjay and the new lovely young smiler who works behind the bar. These guys are very good at English and will do anything they can to make your night extra special. When the football I on, this is the place to be, there are football shirts covering the roof of the bar that people have left there. There are big screens for you to watch the game on. This is a good bar to go before bar street, but also it is a great bar to sit in all night because it is sooo fun. One of the good things about the bar is that it is one of the bars that plus different music every night. Some of the bars are very annoying because they place the same music every night. The siesta bar doesn’t do food, but it does take out from other places. There is a fantastic restaurant across the road called china town that does every type of food going and is very nice. This is where they order from mostly. I went to this bar every night for a whole week. Then we returned 2 months later and spent every day and every night in the bar. Every1 should go to this bar to make their holiday extra special because of the staff!!! :P
submitted by Lucy! :p, 11/09/07

Xbar Umm well where do we start? Umm OK, but staff in dere are devious. I like it but there iz betta places, lol, and I’ve been goin dere for 9 years, lol, soo I no wats to recommend, lol.
submitted by Emmzzz, 08/09/07

Club Tropicana This is one of the best clubs in Gumbet the bar men are so good. If you want to dance all night long this is the place to go.
submitted by Laura, 19/08/07

Crazy bar and restaurant OMG brill bar. If u wnt sumtin 2 laugh at, go dere, brillo.
submitted by Jayne, 13/07/07

Dolphin Bar @ Siesta Apartments Great fun bar - cheap drinks and great atmosphere. Would recommend you take a visit.
submitted by Lee, 10/07/07

Beavis and Butthead An amazing place to eat and drink! Lovely staff all make you welcome I went there a couple of times a day when I was on holiday!! The staff are now good friends of mine and I plan on going back next year to visit the bar and restaurant!
submitted by Kirsty, 02/07/07

Tent Bar Excellent atmosphere, no hassle, great food, great drink, great service from Sharhin Shona and Ahmet
submitted by Nick, 30/06/07

Millenium bar and restaurant Food fantastic, people sly, devious and will rip you off at any given point, drinks are added on the bill, people have been persuaded to purchase properties and much extra has been added for their own gain, evil devious nasty people, beware, all smiles at first, once your friend they take you for everything.
submitted by Mary, 27/06/07

Millennium Restaurant This is the best place you can go in Gumbet!! Good quality food and very good staff selami, donna, alim and adam =D
submitted by Adam, 25/06/07

Smiley's Fun Pub! =] You Better Go There!!! Its The Best Place Around. Watch Out For Alexander And Martin. They're A Bit Too Sexy =]
submitted by Danielle & Lia, 12/06/07

Gesi Restaurant One of the oldest restaurants in Gumbet, established since 1988. The food is great, steak and fish a speciality but they also have a range of international dishes too. Wonderful staff, no hassle, live music, (and the house wine is very drinkable!) This is an open-air restaurant that gives you a feeling of being on a relaxing holiday, open all day it is also a cafe and bar (cheap beer) and there are two free billiard tables. Great place, great staff, great food!
submitted by Gina, 31/05/07

Gesi Very lovely this restaurant its like a romantic bar were you can just chill out with smartly dressed and very very friendly staff and you also get a free bottle of wine with your first meal
submitted by Billie, 29/05/07

SiestaSoccerBar This is only little bar but its got a good atsmothere and lots of friendly staff decent price on the drinks open 24hours a day got to try it
submitted by Billie, 29/05/07

Zetas Had a fantastic time. It was my 40th birthday, the staff were great. They decorated the bar and put tables on the beach. With balloons. All music playing. Best time of my life. Will be returning July. Then returning October for my 41st. CAN'T WAIT!!
submitted by Maria, 18/02/07

Happy Pub Karaoke Bar We've been going to Turkey for 9 years and always go to Josephs Happy Pub. It's fantastic and you are guaranteed a brilliant night. Bad singers are very welcome. Great fun, friendly staff and I can guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and want to go back again, and again, and again. x
submitted by Christine, 24/01/07

Tropical Tent Restaurant & Bar This restaurant is really good, nice place to have your diner, or have your breakfast, or just a drink. When I be in Gumbet this year I shall visit them again, we love their hospitality.
submitted by Maria, 19/01/07

Annaliva Best food in Gumbet very reasonably priced the staff are great I got discount coz my fiancé used to work for the owner!!!!! Love it u can’t beat it!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Georgie Girl, 16/01/07

Club Escape Can’t believe it has not been mentioned it’s the only place that stays open till 8 in the morning, don’t get busy till everywhere else closes at about 4 on the morning. Love all the staff here there my second family as its where my fiancé works!!!!!!! So hands off Steve/ Suleyman
submitted by Georgie Girl, 16/01/07

Saray Zetas Love it here great staff and this is where my fiancé proposed to me over dinner, and on my first time that I went there alone to meet my fiancé they help him arrange a candle lit dinner on the beach for us!!!!
submitted by Georgie Girl, 16/01/07

Mystery Best place to eat at 8 in the morning. Open 24hours and the staff are great
submitted by Georgie Girl, 16/01/07

Tent Tropical Bar & Restaurant Been in Gümbet a different times. But this year I visited Tent Tropical, the location was nice, friendly and the food was very good. This is a place you don't want to mis. This is the place to be for everybody
submitted by Kris Peeters, 13/01/07

Central Bar Central is great! It's really lively and you can have a really goo time there. It's at its most lively at about 1pm! There are fit bar men that work there to!!!!!
submitted by Sadie, 13/10/06

AnnaLivia The best restaurant in Gumbet by far, I've been to gumbet about 6 times over the last 8 years, have been to a lot of restaurants and this one beats the lot. Very friendly and extremely helpful staff who can't do enough for you and well the food is out of this world. The Steaks cannot be missed!Another great thing about this restaurant is that there is no-one standing outside trying to drag you in, they don't need anyone to do that, the delicious food brings me back over and over!!
submitted by Nikki, 25/09/06

Murphys Irish Bar We planned to do a pub crawl every night of our hols but never made it out of this bar! Music is great, have karoke if ur feeling brave (or drunk!!) friendly staff, cater for all ur drinking needs,they even have a leprechaun! Try the fishbowls or B52 is the Murphys shot for me! Also Fred (Feridun) is some craic, he runs the place, he loves getting up on the Karoke, buy him a whiskey to see him sing Pink floyd!!Can't wait to go back Next year!
submitted by Nikki, 25/09/06

The Mermaid By far the best bar in Gumbet! So friendly with excellent dancers who are not bad looking either! The Mermaid is a must during any visit to Gumbet!
submitted by Han, 06/09/06

Smileys this is the best bar to be in... there is young sexy dancers here... if yere in gumbet make sure you pop in... it will be a place you never forget... an keep away from sexy alexander an junior....!!!!
submitted by Jennifer and Sarah, 05/09/06

The Horrible Bar Cant believe it hasn't been mentioned on here, its right opposite the Ali Baba karaoke bar. Its the main Irish bar in Gumbet with some wacky tunes, fantastic friendly staff and reasonably priced drinks. This is a must for a first drink every night.
submitted by Claire, 22/08/06

The Central Bar Best place to go, staff are the best, Have been there two years now, But don;t miss out on the back bar they set that on fire, also watch out for when you dancing on the bars, as the barmen have a secret they can do, I miss all the guys from central already and only back 3 days, Oh if you want the songs that they play from central you can ask the DJ he has copy's of them all, Good mix to ;0) xxxxxx See ya next year Irish xxx
submitted by Sabrina, 17/08/06

Millennium Restaurant Cafe Bar Best food in turkey. Lovely friendly staff salam donna salim metta. Nice bar, Alem best bar man in town. Check out the take-away best kebabs in town by enva.
submitted by Cheril, 12/08/06

Outback bar Great bar and playing the music other bars dont. Kaiser cheifs, the killers, the kooks, arctic monkeys, green day, hard fi, and many many more.
submitted by Emma, 12/08/06

X-Bar The best club in Gumbet with a buzzing atmosphere and cheeky staff that love to get everyone up and dancing to a mix of disco classics and r&b/hip hop! Definitely the busiest place in Gumbet...if you go you will understand why!
submitted by Katie, 04/08/06

Shakers A great dance bar with an upstairs balcony and cage to dance in. Free cocktails to all-night dancers who get on the bar and bring in the customers! A variety of music, but mostly dance/club tracks with some r&b remixes.
submitted by Kitty-Kat, 04/08/06

Saray Zetas A really fantastic and Truly Turkish experience, with a full and varied menu. Unbelievably cheap prices, friendly service, and a huge fountain inside! Be sure to try the Mezze at only 4 lira.
submitted by Katie, 04/08/06

Zetas Very friendly restaurant serving Turkish, mexican, chinese, English and Italian dishes at good prices. Fantastic service and great doormen make sure you come again!
submitted by Kitty-Kat, 04/08/06

Marys Excellent it’s the only restaurant in Gumbet that doesn’t have staff pulling you in. Mary is always there, she’s a typical business woman wanting to make her staff happy at all times. Food is excellent you tell her what you want she will make it . Go to Marys
submitted by Jain [ club alka regular ], 24/07/06

Mermaid It's the best bar in Gumbet. there are very nice people who work there.Great atsmophere and brillant dancing. it is so much fun. you have the time of ur life there.
submitted by Caz, 18/07/06

Parkim Palace boat trip Well what can I say we have just got back from an amazing holiday in Gumbet and we found that the best way to get a gorgeous tan is to take a boat trip, we went on four while we were there and we had the best time ever, the food is simply delicious and the crew were so friendly and really made you feel welcome. We would recommend the sailor boat as it is the best all round. Ask for Tyson outside the Parkim palace hotel he will give you all the details. An all round great day with lots of entertainment well worth the money.
submitted by Katy, 27/06/06

The Corner Pub This a great place where you can feel right at home, the staff are friendly and the prices are cheap. We have enjoyed many nights here and would recommend it to all our friends. Its quiet but it has the best atmosphere you could wish for, I love this place. Situated at the side of the Parkim Palace Hotel.
submitted by Katy, 27/06/06

Speed This is defo the best bar in Gumbet! Best music and the staff are amazing!
submitted by Rory, 26/06/06

Daddy's Bar (formerly known as Sea Breeze!) I cannot believe it hasn't been mentioned before. Although simple, this place does the best food and is just great for a good night. All the staff are great and treats everyone as though they are Royalty! We went to this place 5 times during our holiday and it was excellent. It was the most reasonable place to eat and drink - every where else was far too expensive!
submitted by Krystal, 31/05/06

Karaokecabin Gumbet Great place to go, everyone friendly good place to take ur children, Gary is a top bloke !!!
submitted by Mandy Bagstaff, 30/05/06

The Atlantis Bar I loved it escially loved watching them dance and taking there tops off me and my mate loved mustafa as he made us feel welcome and I hope he will still be there next year.
submitted by Danielle, 29/05/06

The Atlantis Bar Its the best place to go! Friendly staff like Alex, Arif, Mustafa, Cobra who all made me and my mum very welcome, and I'm looking forward to seeing them back in the Atlantis bar next year.
submitted by Danielle and Maggie, 22/05/06

Shamrock Bar Its the place to be seen and the place to go, full of single, sexi hot Irish people...... ;)
submitted by Amy, 16/05/06

Ali Babas Kareoke Bar! Ali Babas is a quiet kareoke bar that isnt really known but when your in there u dont want to leave! When you put your name down for a song you are immediatly up 2 sing it, there is no waiting around, cheap drinks and very friendly staff! There is also a big wheel attached to the ceiling go there to try it out its so much fun!! X
submitted by Beccy & Catherine, 06/04/06

X-Bar X-bar is amazing, I was in there for a whole 2 weeks! During the day and the night the Workers are so friendly aswell!
submitted by Beccy, 03/04/06

Murphys Irish Bar If you ever go to Gumbet try that place.Its owned by the local major of the Gumbet Town.There is an Irish live music band every night.Toilots are spotless clean.Atmosphere electric. Staff are very friendly. Its A MUST NOT TO BE MÝSSED...
submitted by Yvonne, 25/03/06

The Windy Bay Best service in town, quality food every time. The bar next door Bugsy's stays open till you decide to go home. The guys here always make up games and make their own entertainment for the evening.
submitted by Michelle, 22/02/06

Karaoke Cabin By far the best karaoke bar in the world, I repped there in 2002 and spent many a night singing the night away with the English DJ Gary, a must if you go to Gumbet.
submitted by Phil (aka) zoe, 12/01/06

The Atlantis Bar The Atlantis Bar was a great bar propa cheap drinks and great bar staff. the x-bar was the busiest bar ever there wasnt realli much space to dance unless you were on the tables like us
submitted by Sarah & ellie, 15/12/05

Central Bar Central is by far the best in Gumbet!! It doesn’t start getting busy until about 11pm but not many bars do! WKD music, WKD staff and drinks are reasonable (I get free drinks there so I can’t fault the place)
submitted by Fee, 29/09/05

Shakers This is the best bar to go to for up to date music as well as fun music. Everyone dances on the bar and the platform by the DJ. The staff is really cute and friendly, they will always get up and dance to the songs that they know and they even dance with some of the customers if they like you that is. The drinks are cheap and really good. It rocks!!!!
submitted by Sarah and Georgina, 22/09/05

Central bar This is a quite bar to start with but by midnight its one of the best bars in Gumbet. The drinks are not the cheapest but they are still good.
submitted by Sarah and Georgina, 22/09/05

Ringos These are so cool!!! You get pulled along in a rubber ring by a speed boat. You have to hold on so tight to stay on and not bob around on the top of the sea. The driver will play around with you a bit to scare you but they wont make you fall off. They are lovely!!!
submitted by Sarah and Georgina, 22/09/05

Roxy Bar I went to Gumbet few weeks ago. Roxy is the place to be for fine food, dancing, amazing atmosphere, staff are great also. I’d go back
submitted by Gemma, 09/09/05

Mystery Bar The bar staff were great the management were very friendly and a very sexy dancer x x x all my love had a great time.
submitted by Travel Lib User, 08/09/05

The Roxy Lived in the bar!! Best crack ever... the lads are all sexy! Tyson is the nicest guy ever - hope to go back there! Don't go to Gumbet and not go to the Roxy!!!!
submitted by Susan, 31/08/05

The BEACH CLUB dancing bar The beach club dancing bar is THE place to go to for a good atmosphere, it stays busy all night from 10pm - 7am. Cheep drinks from just 2 lira and cocktails at just 7 lira. Everyone's there dancing to the exellent and up to date music on the bar, on the stage and on the pole. The staff are really friendly there too, they are always there to dance with you so you are ALWAYS gonna have a BRILLIANT time. The BEACH CLUB dancing bar is THE place you wanna be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
submitted by Emma, 31/08/05

The Atlantis The ATLANTIS is the place to go to, its in the centre of Gumbet, just across the street from the Scream Bar. It is a hot place to go, cheep drinks, cocktails at just 5 lira.
submitted by Emma, 31/08/05

Smiley Fun Pub & Restaurant Fantastic place. Nice meals, good music, friendly staff, good entertainment.
submitted by David, 21/08/05

The Roxy Lived in this bar while on hols. Its the only place to be if you're in Gumbet. You havent seen Gumbet if you havent been to this bar. GO.........
submitted by Holly, 21/08/05

Corner Pub Fantastic staff who are funny and friendly at the same time. Excellent meals and then good entertainment after by the dj. If you love dancin it is the place 2 go.
submitted by Linzi, 17/08/05

Mystery Disco A fantastic night out with very friendly ;) staff! Great music and a very impressive cocktail and drinks menu, a night here is must for any holiday to Gumbet!!
submitted by Shaylee, 10/08/05

Aloha fun & pub This is the livliest bar in Gumbet it has a great range of music, a small dance floor and the staff are the friendliest people and are also great dancers in all the name of the place describes it perfectly.
submitted by Jan Beck, 31/07/05

The Roxy Bar Its the only place to go in Gumbet for genuine friendliness! The staff are fantastic and not that bad looking, especially sexy Alexander!!!! You gotta go and check it out for yourself!
submitted by Emily, 27/07/05

Shamrock Bar Shamrock Bar is newly opened and is THE bar to go to hear some of the best music to strutt your stuff to! Staff are fantastic ( hi guys ! ) and the vodka redbulls are mean!
submitted by Bolton girl, 20/07/05

Gulet Boat Trips I recommend when you are visiting Gumbet that you take a day on the local Gulet boat trips. They take you round the coastline of the Bodrum peninsula, to all the alcoves and bays. Includes lunch. Really great way to relax and top up your tan. Well worth it!
submitted by Belfast-Girl, 24/06/05

Yummies is the answer. YUMMIES is great. The best kebabs in Gumbet without a doubt. Its great after a night on Bar street just to sit and have a kebab watching everyone head back to their apartments. Chicken or donor kebabs, with salad and choice of sause. Try donor kebab with garlic sauce yummmmmm.
submitted by Belfast- Girl, 24/06/05

X Bar X Bar is the place to go it you like getting down to some seriously dirty dancing!! Drinks aint the cheapest around but worth the price for the atmosphere.
submitted by Kinky Boots, 26/05/05

Annelivia This is an irish owned restaurant serving the most fantastic international cuisine at shockingly reasonable prices. Try the chicken fajhitas, Im still dreaming about them!
submitted by Sharon, 12/04/05

Outback Bar Famous Aussie Surf Bar Famous Aussie Surf Bar - Jonny Oxbow, Mussy, Luke, welcome you to come in and relax in our famous aussie surf bar. Bigger and better then ever,always looking forward never looking back. Sea view balcony,you can wacth the sun setting (or rising) from it. Open 24 hrs Give us a try and become one of our disciples and ever worshipping followers(yeah right)just give it a go!!
submitted by Luke, 27/03/05

Gumbet Beaches

Located in the small peaceful village of Torba, situated 5 km from Bodrum, you will find the most extravagant beaches where the shining sea connects with the green pines and olive trees.

Another definite must see is Gumupluk. One of the oldest settlements of the Peninsula, it is still possible to see the underwater remains of the old harbour wall that connected Tafpan Island to the mainland. Enjoying sun-downers here amist the extraordinary green vegetation will be a life-long memory.

Gumbet Restaurants and Bars

Gumbet Restaurants

Beavis & Butthead - A lovely restaurant, offering a great selection of fantastic food at a very affordable price. Expect to find the best steak in the area. The staff are very friendly and polite and nothing is too much of a hassle. A wonderful experiece awaits you.

China Red Town - It features a menu consisting of chinese,mexican,indian,italian,and turkish cuisine. A very popular venue with tourists and locals alike.

Yucca - The restaurant caters for almost all types of food, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Indian. The service is excellent and the food delicious. Live entertainment is available after 10pm daily and the place is always busy so be sure to go early.

Gumbet Bars & Clubs

Mermaid Bar - A wonderful place if you are interested in partying all night long, especially due to the fact that the bar staff are so friendly. You can expect to find beautiful dancers and a really friendly, vibey atmosphere. One night and you will have made many new friends.

Spuds Bar - Located at the bottom of Bar Street near the taxi rank and facing Hotel Sun Club, they serve the best Pina Colada's in the entire region. Expect to find friendly staff, good music and a fantastic atmosphere.

The Roxy Bar - It features a restaurant and bar, so after having a delicious meal you can have a couple of drinks and then end off the experience by dancing the night away. Staff are friendly, the service is excellent and the bar has a fantastic atmosphere.

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