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Cesme Travel Guide

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Cesme Castle - The castle was built in 1508 and bears all the characteristics of typical Ottoman Sultan Bayezid architecture. This beautiful structure is also used for the International Cesme Music Festival which is held in the first week of July every year.

Cesme Museum - The museum is situated inside the Cesme Castle and has a total of 477 items on display, consisting of 320 archeological pieces, 126 ethnographic pieces and 31 coins.

Cesme Hot Springs - Located 5 km from Cesme central, this is one of the worlds most rare and fascinating places. The temperature of the water is estimated to be around 58ºC and contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. It is said that the water is very good for those suffering from chronic rheumatism, problems arising from poor metabolism, skin problems, gynecological disorders, and liver and urinary tract infections.

Dolphinland Scuba Club As a scuba diver I was pleased to find out that Cesme/Dalyan is home to a very friendly professional diving club. The Aegean sea is truely magnificent. The owners, Erdinc and Mehmet, were very helpful and very entertaining. A great dive.
submitted by Roger Skuse, 01/05/06

Cesme Shopping

The main street and a couple of side streets are scattered with little stalls, which is typical of Turkey, selling oriental rugs, jewellery, leather and a generous selection of traditional Turkish souvenirs.

Turkish style open markets are also available, where you can buy a selection of hand made items which are produced locally. Also available at the market is fresh food and drinks. Expect to find a lot of sovenirs on sale.

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