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Bodrum Castle - The castle was built on Zephyrion island and covers approximately 30,000 sq. meters. It was built by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century and dedicated to St. Peter. The construction of the castle took an entire amount of 99 years. It consists of 5 towers namely French, English, Italian, German and Snake towers.

The Underwater Archeological Museum of Bodrum - Located in the Bodrum Castle it is one of the world's most important and biggest museums. On display are relics recovered from excavation in the 1960's as well as findings resulting from research on sunken ships. You can also find a display of the remains of the oldest known sunken ship in the world, which is definitely worth it to see.

Maussolleion Open Air Museum - The tomb of Mausolos, the King of Caria, is located here, now a small museum, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. His wife (also his sister) ensured that the most famous architects of the day would design the structure. It was nearly completely destroyed in the Great Anatolian earthquake.

Besa Bar Wow, what a place, The Besa Bar should be called the Best Bar. Here is how to make your holiday one to remember, with the most fantastic food. A Great Fun Bar, The staff Chris, Barish and Cihan. Will let the party go on and on, so many friends so little time.Go past Jimmys,"Quickly"Ihasten to add,down the hill to Besa market. Bar is opp side of road. (Enjoy).
submitted by Pam, 10/03/09

Besa Definitely one of the best in Bodrum. Fantastic food and atmosphere, brilliant staff and a great night out. Really centrally located, just 2 mins from Red Lion Studios and Kavala Studios. Highly recommended!
submitted by G-Man, 25/05/08

Dejavu Hi everyone, just wanted to say that if you go to Bodrum you should definitely go to Dejavu. People there are very friendly, great cocktails ;) If you go over there, don't forget to say hi to Sinan from me :) Greetings from Belgium -x- Anick
submitted by Anick, 04/08/07

Deja Vu This club was fantastic, great staff, music, atmosphere and drinks! Was in there nearly every night for 2 weeks!
submitted by Michelle, 15/03/07

Goldenplate A very good restaurant with an extensive variety of food. Caters for all tastes. Great atmosphere, helpful and entertaining staff and a brilliant view across the bay.
submitted by Nicki, 07/10/05

Bodrum Beaches

Located in the small peaceful village of Torba, situated 5 km from Bodrum, you will find the most extravagant beaches where the shining sea connects with the green pines and olive trees.

Another definite must see is Gumupluk. One of the oldest settlements of the Peninsula, it is still possible to see the underwater remains of the old harbour wall that connected Tafpan Island to the mainland. Enjoying sun-downers here amist the extraordinary green vegetation will be a life-long memory.

Bodrum Restaurants and Bars

Bodrum Restaurants

Secret Garden - It has a ultimate romantic atmosphere and is located up the small street opposite the Marina. Expect to find Modern Mediterannean style dishes, both beautiful and colourful and which is often very original and always delicious. The menu features treats such as frogs legs in garlic sauce, hot tomato tarts, rabbit in cream, sea bass in vanilla butter and chicken liver and brandy pate.

Denizhan - Situated on the outskirts of the town. Upon entering you will be greeted with a Lavash ( Turkish balloon bread ), delicious starters and the best grilled meat. Remember to leave some space for their unique and well known Kunefe, a sweet with cheese.

Epsilon - A restaurant owned by a Dutch lady, serving the most delicious lamb dishes. It is a quiet, civilized place that serves traditional Aegean cuisine, with beautiful art exhibitions that add to the enjoyable atmosphere.

Bodrum Bars & Clubs

Fora bar - Situated on the beach, this is one of the most popular bars with its breathtaking views of the sea and castle. Expect to hear the lastes tunes as well as some great live music.

The White House - Located on bar street, it is an excellent place to either chill out outside or dance the night away.

Sensy Bar - The funkiest place on Bar Street. It offers the most outrageous coctails and you will be blown away by the friendly staff.

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Bodrum Guide, loads of information about bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum Guide, loads of information about bodrum, Turkey

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