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Waterskiing - If you are a outdoors kind of person you will enjoy nothing more than waterskiing by the beautiful unspoilt beach. Also available for entertainment is windsurfing, parasailing and dingy-hiring.

Sailing - There is most definitly no other way to enjoy a relaxing holiday as sailing on a traditional Turkish gulet along the breath-takingly beautiful waters of Altinkum.

Diving - Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, the crystal clear waters in Altinkum offers a variety of diving. You can expect to see various marine life ranging from moray eels, octopus, tuna, jacks, barracuda's and lobster to dolphins.

Toy bar Great friendly bar . Really welcoming ,great craic and suits all ages . Staff are fantastic and made our stay brilliant !!!! Thanks to u all . Summer 09
submitted by 3 Belfast girls, 27/08/09

goodbye third beach Goodbye third beach. Your broke my heart. Once quiet, beautiful, remote. A peaceful respite from the noise of Altinkum. For many years we shared the heat of the afternoons and the gentle lapping of waves. But now you have motorboats. And the marina inviting many other distractions. And the noise of the bars. Aci Gercek. Hello second beach. Not beautiful. But more faithful.
submitted by Patrick, 18/06/09

Galaxy Bar This is the best and busiest bar in Altinkum. The staff are great and really make you welcome. Nemo and David are a great team. DJ plays all the latest music so really busy and filled with loads of girls
submitted by Marcus, 12/06/09

Palm Beach nıght club This club is open till 5am and is fully airconditioned. İt has a good sızed dance floor insıde but also has a huge outdoor terrace where you can sit and look at the views of the beach and the whole of the bay. Views at nıght are spectacular and it is really relaxing and cool at night. The staff are really friendly and the music is good judging by how busy it gets.
submitted by Marcus, 12/06/09

Galaxybar and Palm Beach club Galaxybar has been my favourıte place to drink and dance in Altinkum for the last 6 years. Mehmet the owner ıs really nice and has an English wife. Everyone makes you feel welcome and lots of regular customers come back again and again. Palm Beach was just new last year but was very busy and again the staff are very friendly and the music great. Always busy
submitted by Leıgh, 12/06/09

Galaxy Bar and Palm Beach Nightclub These are definately the best places to drink and dance in Altinkum. Staff very friendly and music the best sounds so always busy.
submitted by Jordan, 08/05/09

Mekan, Bulvar and Valentines Tried these restaurants many times, in order 1st place Valentine, 2nd Mekan and third Bulvar near Little Britian restaurant. These restaurants dont have the typical waiters and music, they are nice family restuarants, maybe a little more expensive but very good. Altinkium is not all about dancers, music and clubs, if you go to the quieter areas towards Apollo you will get a different sense of Turkey altogether
submitted by Cathryn, 28/01/09

Ali G's & Family Door Best restaurants in Altinkum service and staff were fantastic and food was excellent will be back next year
submitted by Lesley Woodward, 06/08/08

Temmuz Bar This is a great bar for a good night out. The music is mostly turkish which is great and the staff are friendly and welcoming. They sell the best meatballs in Didim. Acili Kofte. Delicious.
submitted by Molly, 22/07/08

Ege Bar Me n me mate av bn goin nw 4 d lst 3 years 2 dis bar n we lv it! d staff r lvly n d dancers r sound n gorjis (no doubt der players doh ha) michael is great 2 tok 2 n es lvly forton (cnt spel) sound bu such a player! Husein is lvly 2 n mr white is dead sound! must go 2 dis bar! its also a gud family bar 2!
submitted by Niamh, 03/07/08

Temmuz Bar This is a really great place for a party night. Lots of traditional Turkish music along with tracks you will know. The staff are friendly but not overly so and the food is delicious.
submitted by Daisy, 04/06/08

British Pub Karaoke A lively bar with great entertainment [BREAKDANCING],and people who think they can sing doing karaoke aswell as that they're contests including quizzes witch if you win you can get great prizes and th staff are great!!!!
submitted by The Dixons', 25/03/08

Pinocchios Lovely restaurant although it is getting quite pricing. Waiters are very freindly and lovely food. Not for every night as too expensive but for one night of the holiday or birthday party.
submitted by Jenni, 10/03/08

Palm Beach Bar A new bar in 2007 and definitely the best bar in Altinkum best location and the view from the terrace is just beautiful. Very friendly staff and good music what more could you ask for.
submitted by Jennifer, 13/02/08

Cheers Bar Altimkum The best bar in town + the best staff, we love them all. Hi from Ibo = Diane xxx
submitted by Ibo + Diane, 14/01/08

Mercury Restaurant Hi every1. I have been 9 times in Altýnkum. Mercury is the best restaurant and staff are really very friendly if you go there so you should meet Zac. He is very nice person and gorgeous too.
submitted by Louise, 10/11/07

Ege Bar Good bar but be careful, the dancers are very slimy especially Michael he turns the charm on to everyone but it didn’t work with me, watch your daughters cos he really does not care what age they are, by the looks of it the younger the better, made me feel a bit sick watching him, dolphin bar very good.
submitted by Faye, 19/09/07

Family door The best place to go when you are in Altinkum it was my first time to Altinkum and the people in family door made it a holiday. I will definitely go again I would give it 10/10 love you all xxx
submitted by Ashleigh, 06/08/07

Narnia Billys opposite Bignose Bar. What a lovley place. Billy the owner has got great staff. Mehmet the waiter is barmy, lol, and Alichef is the best in Altinkum. The food is lovely esp the Apple Crumble. Give it a try. Narnia Opposite BigNose Bar.
submitted by Donna, 30/07/07

Cheers!!!!! Hey all I love this bar I have been to turkey 2 times now and going again in at the end of August so see you all soon guys if ya reading this x. Both time that I've been to Altinkum, I have gone to cheers. This place is great. As the guys who work, there are fab and such great fun. This bar is a karaoke bar and I’ve done it a threw times lol. The food and drinks are at great prices. They have fab games which are great fun as I’ve done a threw. Cheers is in Dolphin Square near the beach. When I go back, I'm going there. Why don’t you go and see what I mean by going your self and you won't want to go anywhere else I promise you. C ya there.
submitted by Liz, 18/07/07

Galaxy Bar And Disco Bar They are the best clubs in Altinkum :D love it!! x
submitted by Trixie, 18/07/07

Ege Bar..... been loadz ov times, best bar in Altinkum all staff r great especially Zeggy n Chico, Michael sometimes great 2 talk 2 but not that good 2 go wiv ha ha Alvin, Segkin, the other geeza we call German ans sheriff are all class. xx
submitted by Micheals ex girlfriend and her friend!!!, 17/07/07

Ege Bar Ege bar is top, the guys are brilliant and they will look after you very well and do anything for you.. Getting with Michael does seem to be a perk that comes with going to the bar tho girls so watch out ;) Lovely guy tho!!!
submitted by Starr, 13/07/07

The EGE Bar This bar had a really good atmosphere. They had the best break dancers in Altinkum and all the staff are really friendly. In September, this will be my 6th time going back to Altinkum and I can’t wait to visit this bar again!
submitted by Sasha, 03/07/07

Ege Bar Ege bar is the best ever, I was out there for 4 week and never missed a nite in there especially when I got with Michael he is so kind he helped us when my sister broke her foot and he came to hospital with us. I’ll love him forever. jus be careful coz they do get cheeky and ask u 2 buy them a drink which is normally red bull and vodka (dearest drink) but that’s if u only know them 2 well. So if u go u gotta go there its brill. Hope u enjoy yourselves as much as I do.
submitted by Kayleigh, 15/05/07

Shadynook Restaurant Altinkum I found the Shadynook b the best restaurant in Altinkum, its great for kids as its right on the beach so when the adults are drinking and having fun, the kids can play footy right next to you. The staff were fantastic especially Ershlum (not sure how to spell her name haha) she was so friendly she would sit with us all night and we had such a laugh there. We are going back the in June 2007 so we will see them all again. I can’t wait... 4 days to go.
submitted by Semocan, 06/04/07

Romeos Restaurant This restaurant is definitely the best place in the area. The food is brilliant, the place is brilliant and the entertainment is brilliant. Everyone is so friendly and will treat you as if you are family. This has been my 9th time to Altinkum and I have loved it still. The prices are cheap, the food is great and the staff are so friendly and welcoming, especially romeo him self. Miss you and will see you next year. Trust me, if you go, you will never stop going. It is the friendliest restaurant around.
submitted by Karen, 01/03/07

The Blue Rose Fantastic restaurant, lovely people (hiya Mehmet, luv ya babes) lovely food. It’s the best place in Altinkum. It’s the place to be!
submitted by Julia, 13/11/06

Flamingo & Galaxy These two club/bars are amazing. I had an amazing time here, and all of the staff were a right laugh. I can't wait to go back to Altinkum, cause I loved meeting all those guys! :D
submitted by Gem, 21/10/06

The Family Door I will never forget the family door! They have the kindest staff!! With a side order of great laughs! I will defiantly be coming back!! xx
submitted by Chloe jones-came with the simpson family, 19/10/06

Ege Bar We go here every year!! The guys are all friends especially Alvin! The drink is cheap the service is A1 and Mr White is a very good man I have stopped upstairs as a guest on several occasions if you have not been then you must it’s the best bar in Altinkum !!
submitted by Fiona, 16/10/06

Romeos We have been going to Altinkum for 7 years now. We always go back to this restaurant the food is great and the price and Romeo is a really nice guy
submitted by Fiona, 14/10/06

Blue rose The blue rose is the best restaurant ever in Altinkum. There is a really fit young lad called Jason working there. We recommend it to any1
submitted by Louise and Liz, 09/10/06

Cheers Bar Hiya all this bar is the best bar I know. Cos all the ppl that work there are all great, Nico, Bedo, Harry, Eddie, Rafael, Canip and Faik (the best cousins in town lol),Gixx (Liz likes him allot) DJ Psyco and many more. The drinks r good prices and the games they sometimes play r hilarious (they all involve alcoholic drinks).
submitted by Louise + Liz, 09/10/06

Characters Bar I love this bar! I spent all of my 2 weeks in this bar in September! The atmosphere is amazing day and night, and the boys are even better! They are so so gorgeous, caring and funny! They did everything to make sure we were enjoying ourselves, they let us do whatever we felt like! I love them all! Definitely pay it a visit it is a lot quieter now than in June as the season is coming to an end but if you are planning to go next year, go there just for 1 drink and you will see what I mean!
submitted by Sarah, 06/10/06

The Sultan The Sultan is a place for everyone! What makes the sultan is the staff, the stuff are very polite and very funny! I have been the Altnikum 3 times this year and the sultan is the best restaurant around! Everything about the sultan makes you want to go back! Gokhan and Jack and Adem are so funny you must go!! Miss u all..!
submitted by Jess & Jill, 04/10/06

Ege and Dolphin bar hi guys the Ege bar is great iv been to Altinkum 15 times now I have only just returned, Isaac and ulna is 2 sexi ppl and Michael I class him as me big bro as I have grown up to know him as my brother as I have been going since I was 4. The dolphin bar is good this year was the first time id been in there and I really enjoyed the staff were really good and there is 1 sexi lad in there and that’s ADAM!!!!
submitted by Natalie, 03/10/06

Golf bar Golf bar is great, it serves the best food for the best prices, located on the same road as the shopping centre opposite the burak hotel. The owners are brill and so friendly, not in the least creeps. They are genuine and honest and Tom or and Ramazan will do anything to make sure u enjoy ur meal....the Sigara Boregi are the best here.
submitted by Katie, 03/09/06

Ege bar This bar is ok...its small and this year it was fairly quiet, however the staff are friendly and dont get funny with you if you dont go in every single night like some places do. alex (gone to army now), Isaac and Mike are great. Seckins a good dancer and so's Umit. Chiko's the guy that stands on the front most nights and is a very cheeky but charming chap so watch out
submitted by Katie, 03/09/06

Cheers bar Great bar the staff are absolutely fab. The drinks are reasonably priced in here and the dj fehmi is a good dj playing music for all ages to get everyone up dancing. It is a god place for families as it has a ply area and a pool table for the kids. This bar is a must try! I love the cocktails cus you get a glow stick with it haha x
submitted by Katie, 03/09/06

dolphin bar LOVE THIS BAR!!! been going altinkum for 3 years, went in this bar in my second year and loved it! the staff are so friendly. i went back this year andthey have all become like family now. the dj is great BEST FRIEND!! and plays music of all types to get u up dancing. the cocktails are good and always haggle down the price of fishbowls! i love the guys here, they are now my family was with them 24/7 and really looked after us. see ya next year guys..i'm oming marmeris to some of ya too!! so ya not escaped me! lol
submitted by Katie, 03/09/06

Sultan Restaurant This is the best restaurant in Altinkum you can go to all the staff are so friendly and funny they have lovely food as well when we go back next year that will be the restaurant we will be going to everyday it is fantastic missing all the staff especially jack n Gerkhan they are good friends to are family cya use all soon xxxx
submitted by Mel, 30/08/06

Panorama Cafe Utterly amazing! Food is great (especially the Turkish menu)and the atmosphere is buzzing. There is all night entertainment from the staff in the form of great dancing and wonderful banter. If you go there once you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your holiday there (we certainly did). As an aside they also have the best looking staff in Altinkum!!
submitted by Sarah and Imo, 22/08/06

Jollys Restaurant Well presented food. Lovely bar staff and a great menu.
submitted by Katie, 17/08/06

Dolphin Bar Well what can I say, first time in Turkey, and I'm plannin my next trip soon. Dolphin Bar is top, thats why I want 2 go back, yes there are many fit dancers who make u feel good and go out of their way to help you 11/10 for me ... c u all in October.
submitted by Yvonne, 14/08/06

Istanbul Restaurant First time we went to the Istanbul restaurant we had a lovely meal and the staff were great that was Sept 05. We went back in may 06 and the staff still remembered us the food was still great and the staff. Hello David
submitted by Jenny, 13/08/06

Characters Bar Characters bar is just out of dolphin square and is defo 1 of the best bars in Altinkum. The lads r so friendly especially Canel, Mehmet, Murat, Ahmet, Bartal ......... Can’t wait 2 c u all, just came bak from there 2 days ago (31/07/06) Going bak in October Go on there web site
submitted by Anom, 01/08/06

Deniz Deniz is on the 3rd beach so it has a beautiful view. They have a bus service witch pick u up literally 5 mins. Great food, great service, great staff.
submitted by Georgi, 01/08/06

Garden Bar If you like black of music - R&B, Hip-Hop, yo will be go to the GARDEN BAR ! Three level, opened roof.
submitted by Gosia, 28/07/06

Club Flamingo Best club ever, cnt test it man...ITS A MUST GO :D
submitted by A Travel Library User, 14/07/06

Mercury Restaurant Brilliant English breakfasts and the staff go out of there way to make sure everything is perfect!
submitted by Sarah, 09/07/06

Family Door Restaurant Visit the 'Family Door' and ask for a Testi-kebab. Leon, Mehmet and Co. will treat you to a brilliant show as the flaming clay pot is brought into the street and danced round to the accompaniment of feverish music and fire throwing. On top of that, the contents of the pot were superb and excellent value for money. Try a Turkish breakfast there too. We will certainly be returning the next time in Altinkum.
submitted by John & Susan Hartley, 17/06/06

Penguin Bar I found the penguin bar the best restaurant in Altinkum, its great for kids as its right on the beach so when the adults are drinking and having fun, the kids can play footy right next to you. The staff were fantastic especially Ershlum (not sure how to spell her name haha) she was so friendly she would sit with us all night and we had such a laugh there. We are going back the in June 2006 so we will see them all again. I can’t wait 4 days to go.
submitted by Karen, 05/06/06

Great Chinese Restaurant This restaurant is very nice. Food is good. People are nice and the prices is cheaper than england if you want to view it click
submitted by Alice, 02/05/06

Great Chinese Restaurant Altinkum We would like you to fill in the fineries of chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine takes a prominent position in world cooking for it's varieties and it's unique characteristics concerning the preparation,serving and eating. Nothing is pre-cooked in our kitchen.Upon your order , our skilled cook will prepare a meal specially for you.
submitted by J, 18/04/06

Galaxy Bar!!!!!!! The best bloody bar in Altinkum!!! I had the best time here, and I will go back agen and agen!! love it!!!! highly recomended!
submitted by Sophie :P, 16/04/06

The Best Chinese Restaurant In Altinkum A small, family run restaurant. Wonderful food, great service and very good prices. Nothing is pre cooked so all meals are freshly prepared to order. This restaurant survives on word of mouth advertising and has been in business for many years. Very popular with the regular Altinkum visitor, so book early in high season as it gets very busy. Transport to the restaurant for diners can also be provided
submitted by Omer, 11/04/06

Characters Bar A friendly lively Bar for all age groups do nice food too!! Up from the beach near dolphin square
submitted by Shelley, 29/03/06

Altinkum Sailing Centre Placed at the end of third beach these guys are the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet. Ali and his team will make you most welcome whether you are learning to sail for the first time or are a seasoned seafarer.
submitted by Mike with the kite, 01/11/05

Didyma Karaoke Bar This is the best and first ever Karaoke Bar in Altinkum!!!!! Staff will never do enough to help you or make you feel welcome... Atmosphere is fantastic and you have plenty of laughs here. You enter the bar as a customer and leave as a friend!!!! Love to bar staff Mickey, Murat, Resat and Yasar!!!!!!
submitted by Ayse Jackson, 31/10/05

Beer Bank Bar The beer bank bar is fantastic especially at night the staff is extremely funny and is up for a laugh you can’t go wrong. The cocktails are the cheapest in Altinkum. The music is great and up to date if you wanna have a laugh and a great time and wanna drink for England and don’t want to spend a lot of money go beer bank bar its ace.
submitted by Louise, 25/10/05

Kismet restaurant The Kismet restaurant is fantastic. The staff are so friendly and make you feel sooo welcome. The food is of a very high standard - I would most definitley recommend the Shephard style chicken - I think I ate that almost every night, and most importantly it is good quality at a reasonable price.
submitted by Emma Bracey, 14/10/05

The Dolphin Bar This bar is by far the best I've ever been to, I went to Altinkum for 2 weeks and it was the best holiday ever but it was definitely the Dolphin Bar that made it so great! I was friends with everyone that worked there (especially the dancers)!!!And they made me feel so at home! I'll b there next year, will you?!
submitted by Saoirse Orpen, 14/10/05

Sailing Center in Altinkum I'd always been curious about windsurfing, thanks to Ali, it was so easy to learn & practice it in the shallow waters and the perfect wind of the 3rd beach in Didim.
submitted by Lucas, 07/10/05

Akbuk Akbuk is just 20 minutes drive south of Altinkum, if you want a peaceful, idylic setting for your holiday this is ideal. One or two small beaches along a tree lined promenade. Lovely place if you like a quiet life and want to get away from it all. Kemal from the Penguin bar on the beautiful third beach in Altinkum told us about it. Thanks.
submitted by Alan Weston, 04/10/05

Penguin Restaurant and Bar This restaurant is on the beautiful third beach in Altinkum. The staff are very friendly and helpful. We made friends with Kemal, he speaks good english and will help you with anything. Thanks Alan and Andrea
submitted by Alan Weston, 04/10/05

Shamrock Bar The Shamrock bar is great fun every day of the week you have to go there the only Irish bar in Altinkum All the staff are fun and we will miss them all they make you so welcome and the entertainment is very good all the bar staff do their dances which r very good all I can say is that you have to go there yourself to see just how good it is will miss all the Shamrock staff luv Nikki xx
submitted by Nikita, 29/09/05

Altinkum Sailing Center Altinkum Sailing Center, located on the 3rd beach, offers tuition for windsurfing & laser. You can also enjoy sailing on a catamaran with the skipper or steer it yourself.
submitted by Richard, 27/09/05

Sultan Restaurant This restaurant is definitely the best place in the area. The food is brilliant, the place is brilliant and the entertainment is brilliant. Everyone is so friendly and will treat you as if you are family. This has been my second time to Altinkum and I have loved it still. The prices are cheap, the food is great and the staff are so friendly and welcoming, especially CHATTY, LEON and ADAM. Miss you and will see you next year. Trust me, if you go, you will never stop going. It is the friendliest restaurant around.
submitted by Alex Devenish, 15/09/05

Penguin cafe bar This bar/restaurant is definitely a place to visit in Altinkum. Like all the bars the staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome. If you are up for a long night of dancing and drinking, this is the place to visit. I have been to Altinkum 3-4 times now and everytime we are there we spend most of our time in this bar. The staff are great. Especially the good looking staff. Ali who owns the bar is extremely friendy and just makes you feel so welcome. Definately going back. Boys watch out haha.
submitted by Katie Mac, 02/09/05

The Shamrock Bar This is the best bar in Altinkum!! The staff are so friendly and they are ALWAYS up for a laugh!! They made our holiday and we will miss them so much!! Its a place to go,I cant say it enough how nice the lads are. We wish we could have brought them all home with us!! If you go to Altinkum please go here you wont regret it!!
submitted by Emma,lou,dayna, 28/08/05

Shamrock Irish Bar Its the only Irish bar in Altinkum, Saturday night they have a raffle, turkish dancers belly dancers and general fun and games and of course they have the Break dancers. It has a good atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and are always up for a laugh. There is entertainment there all week. we will miss them all.
submitted by Samantha and Cherleen, 16/08/05

Istanbul restaurant Really nice food, and the staff are very friendly and good to talk to. They will help in anyway to make sure you enjoy your meal. The food is resonably priced and of good quality.
submitted by Amy, 14/08/05

Linikers It has a really good atmosphere and is a good place to go for a drink after a meal, but they do serve food in the bar aswell. Your drink is accompanied by a break dance show and belly dancers who are amazing to watch. They also have quiz's for customers to join in and as almost all bars in Altinkum they have karaoke. Staff are extremely friendly and encourage customers to dance and have a good time.
submitted by Amy, 14/08/05

Parasol Inn Brill pub - all the people are really nice -cant wait 2 go agen - miss thm all
submitted by Josie Crawford, 27/07/05

Dolphin Bar It is the BEST the dancers are super fit and sexyest ever. Everyone is amazing there including my boyfriend Mehmet who is gorgeous. I'm living in Altinkham at the moment and I think dolphin bar is best place ever.
submitted by Laura from Stockport, 18/07/05

Dolphin bar This is really for the younger people as it is a club with lots and lots of fit men especailly the dancers:) they are nice. Their cocktails are gr8 and so are the staff. They are really friendly in the day time, they do great meals, but the nights there are great 10/10
submitted by Chloe, 14/07/05

The Egge Bar If you havent visited the egge bar then WHY NOT?? The family atmosphere and the break dancing entertainment will keep you wanting more!! and the people there are amazing! It is a must do when vivsiting altinkum. The egge bar is situated at the middle of Dolphin square i guarantee you will love it.
submitted by Leah cooper, 28/04/05

Panorama Cafe Panorama cafe is a wonderful cafe with the cheekiest staff you'll ever meet!!! haha. The staff are so friendly and you'll be so sad to leave them after your holiday. The cafe is located in the best place with the golden beach just 1 metre away!!! How lucky can you get??!! I can't wait to go back there!! We love you cengiz, deniz and billy!! Love from, Halimah and Chantelle.
submitted by Halimah, 10/03/05

Altinkum Shopping

There are plenty of little tourist shops located along the beach front and around the small centre, including the modern Didyma Shopping Mall. You can find everything from candy floss to corn on the cob and a variety of essential items, wonderful souvenirs and some lovely beachwear.

Altinkum Restaurants and Bars

Altinkum Restaurants

Ali Babas - A lovely little restaurant, serving very tasty British cuisine. The staff are very friendly and make you feel at home the minute you enter the restaurant. The prices are extremely resonable, ensuring that it is the perfect place to enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Barney's Restaurant - Karakol Cad.1.Sok.No7, a stunning place, serving delicious Turkish cuisine and as if that's not good enough - they have the most amazing owner and staff members. The people there are so friendly that they put you right into the good ol' holiday mood. Definitly not to be missed!

Penguin Bar and Cafe - Located on 3rd Beach, if you are looking for a place to party the night away - this is, without a doubt, the place to be. Staff are super friendly, making you feel really relaxed. They offer Turkish evenings every thursday, where you will find beautiful dancers and delicious tradtional Turkish cuisine.

Altinkum Bars & Clubs

Medusa - Vali Konagi Cad. A stunning open air club that overlooks the sea and bay area. Most definitly the place to go if you are in Altinkum between July and August - this is the only time it is open. The qeues tend to be pretty hectic, so go early to avoid dissapointment.

Beer Bank - The perfect place to start off or end off an evening of partying. The beer here is so cheap, you might as well be getting it for free. The bar sports a really vibey atmosphere with very friendly staff, pool tables and a bonus added extra - playstation for the kiddies.

Big Nose Eric's - The bar is very spacious, featuring pool tables and play station for the kids. If you are in the mood for entertainment with a twist, you can treat yourself to a game of sitdown bingo with other locals and staff members.

Toy Bar - The best place in town to enjoy a fun-packed evening of good old Karaoke. The staff are so friendly, once you put foot in the door it feels like you have known them for years. A very popular hangout with tourists and locals alike.

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