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Berner Oberland Travel Guide

Berner Oberland Local History

The history of the Berner Oberland is a story of amazing growth due to the Romantics who first came to this region of Switzerland. The German writer, Johann Wolgang von Goethe wrote one of his most famous poems, 'Song of the Spirits over the Waters', after viewing the Staubbach Falls in 1779.

Rousseau spread the word of its natural beauty to the Paris society. Lord Byron came to investigate, followed by Shelley, then William Thackery, John Ruskin, and Mark Twain. Then after a visit by England's Queen Victoria the flood of tourism into the area changed it forever.

The local inhabitants then laid down their farming tools; agriculture was the main industry here, to start inns.

Berner Oberland Attractions

Berner Oberland Shopping

As far as shopping goes in to Berner Oberland the two most bought and sought after items are spindle-made torchon (dish rag) lace from Lauterbrunnen and the world famous wood carvings from the town of Brienz. Other items that are getting more popular every season is hand painted pottery from Steffisburg and equipment from top notch ski boutiques in most of the resorts. Gstaad is also now appearing on the shopping map with its many designer shops.

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Berner Oberland Restaurants and Bars

Berner Oberland Restaurants

Schuh This sweet shop and café-restaurants serves everything from tea to hot meals, I recommend though that you save space for some showcase pastries which can be bought from the shop next door. It has a stunning shady terrace which, in summer, spills out into the Hohematte. (Interlaken, Hohneweg 56) (Tel: 036 -229441)

Chesery This fairly pricey restaurant allows you to enjoy late night dining and a piano bar at a height of 1,100 meters. Meals like veal and salmon in pastry with spinach, or duck in kumquat sauce are served up by the house chef, Robert Speth. Booking, and a jacket, is highly recommended as the crowds pack in till midnight for the great food. (Gstaad, Lauenenstrasse) (Tel: 030-42451)

Stella For vegetarians try the hotel dining room, Stella. They have a huge variety of organically grown ingredients and their 'surprise' menu is five courses of unexpected delights served on mismatched china. (Interlaken, Waldeggstrasse 10) (Tel: 036-228871)

Seegarten Hotel Marina This hotel sits on the edge of the marina so the scenery is really relaxing. In one wing you'll find a decent pizzeria where you can buy the usual meals, but in the other wing you'll find two great dining rooms where the lakes' fish are served in generous portions. (Spiez, CH-3700) (Tel: 033-546761)

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