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Valladolid Travel Guide

Valladolid Local History

Once this town was centre of politics, finances and culture, until it lost its capital status to Madrid in the 16th Century. The city's rich cultural heritage is still very evident in its architecture and museums.

Valladolid Attractions

Valladolid Restaurants and Bars

Lamb dishes are a great favourite in this region.

Valladolid Restaurants

Restaurant Chino Gran Muralla 1 C. Santa Maria. If you find the hanging dragons, then you have found the best Chinese restaurant in town. Prices are very affordable.

Restaurante Covadonga Pl. Val. The restaurant has a fair elegance about it, but the main attraction is Polly, the talking stuffed parrot. The food is quite affordable.

La Fragua 10 Plaseo de Zorrilla. This is the place to go for a fine dining experience. Only the very best of the local produce is used here. Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays and prices are quite steep.

Valladolid Bars & Clubs

Tiutiu Pl. Marti Monsó. This bar is rated as the most popular in Valladolid.

Charlot C. Espirito. This very lively dance club is open from 8pm to 8am.

La Rosaleda Av. Salamanca. From 8pm to 8am you can dance to the thumping beats of this dance club.

Café el Sol 2 Acera Recoletos . The perfect stop for a late night cocktail.

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