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Los Gigantes Travel Guide

Los Gigantes Local History

The massive cliffs of Los Gigantes certainly live up to their name, Acantilados de los Gigantes, (Cliffs of the Giants) and form towering rock walls that seem to have had a huge portion of the earth sheered from them by some gigantic scythe, and plunge from a height of 500m and 800m straight into the sea below. This is where people once thought the world ended, and when you come up to them by boat, or gaze down from their dizzying heights, it doesn't seem such a far-fetched idea.

The resort of Los Gigantes is very attractive and carefully designed with aesthetic taste and forbearance. There is only one high-rise hotel block to spoil the skyline, and there is an exclusive air of tranquility and of being at one with the natural surroundings, which seems likely to remain, locked in as it is between area's natural rocky confines and the Atlantic Ocean.

Los Gigantes Attractions

Top Attractions

The Marina - Located next to the public beach is the Marina, filled with an armada of private yachts and boats floating on the water like so many luxury floating hotels and adorned with beautiful people who drip with bling-bling and all the trappings of the wealthy. Next to them wait the boats that take tourists to visit the colonies of dolphins and whales that inhabit the area between the west coast of Tenerife and the La Gomera Island.

Public Beach At the foot of the towering cliffs lies a small, black sand beach that is perfect for families and their children. Quiet and clean, this beach is seldom crowded, possibly because parking near the beach is difficult, but getting to the beach is well worth the effort for a day playing in the sun and sand.

Puerto de Santiago This little fishing village lies between Playa de la Arena (Sandy Beach) and Los Gigantes, and its narrow, winding main road connects the two towns. To see the large tourist-filled buses trying to negotiate the 'Spanish Corner' of Puerto Santiago is worth the inconvenience of being held up while they try to squeeze round and impossible constricted thoroughfare. The town has its fair share of restaurants, bars and shops, catering to the tourists, and some of the eateries serve traditional Canarian cuisine.

La Gomera This little island just 28 km off the coast is a timeless, almost forgotten paradise of lush greenery and deep ravines. Hardly populated at all by the human species, it offers an escape from commercialism and pollution, and instead provides peace and tranquility.

Pilgrims Bar In the Playa la Arena area situated at the end of the shops. A bar owned by a freindly man originally from Plymouth. They do the greatest BBQ ribs and their salads are fantastic. If you are in the area you really should go.
submitted by Michael, 16/08/06

Los Gigantes Shopping

Los Gigantes has all the shops any tourist would look for, from gifts, perfumes, and jewellery, to freshly baked cakes and bread from the local bakery, to supermarkets and bazaars for the more mundane shopping. There are also hairdressers, chemist, and other shops and boutiques with different lines on their shelves.

Los Gigantes Restaurants and Bars

Los Gigantes Restaurants

CK's Bistro - Pasja Jacaranda, 2, LOS GIGANTES, the house rules of this bistro bear repeating, the first being that the customer is always right, the second that if the customer is not right, then refer to the first rule. The third rule is one that truly states their confidence in their cooking, because it states that if you do not enjoy your meal, you do not have to pay for it. The fourth rule is that if a particular dish that you fancy is not on the menu, then with warning in the morning, they will serve it in the evening.

Ocean Drive Cafe/Bar Situated next to the Calypso Bar and gift shop, this place has serves good food while you watch the game on the biggest TV screen in town. The service matches the food, and visitors can depend on a great evening if spent at the Ocean Drive Cafe/Bar.

Fettucine Inn Located in the Paseo, this place offers great value for money, both food-wise and in the entertaining service provided by the staff, and local characters.

The Harbour Club Located in Los Gigantes, this Restaurant and Cabaret Bar has an enormous big screen TV, great live acts and excellent food and booze, what more could you want?

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