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Santander Travel Guide

Santander Attractions

Top Attractions

Catedral Somorrostro. This fortress like 13th century cathedral contains the tomb of Marcelino Menendezy Pelayo, Santander's most famous historian/write. The 12th century crypt can be entered through the south portico. Romean ruins were found beneath the cathedral's north aisle in 1983..

Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes - Calle Rubio 6. The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts houses an excellent collection of works by Flemish; Spanish; and Italian artists. It is famous for its collection of paintings by Gova, including his portrait of Ferdinand VII and his series of etchings, Disasters of War..

Museo Regional de Prehistoria y Arqueología de Cantabria - Calle Casimiro Sainz 4. The museum houses an excellent collection of artefacts that were discovered in the Cantabrian province, including Roman and prehistoric finds. There are a range of objects and photographs from the Cuebas de Altamira on display, some of the items are 15,000 years old.

Magdalena's park This park is part of the Magdalena palace and is located in the peninsula of La Magdalena. Is the most beautiful park in Santander and inside you can find a bizaree mini-zoo with penqguins and sea lions.
submitted by Jose M. Diego, 23/08/05

Sardinero beach One of the best knows beaches in Spain, Sardinero beach is located on the north part of the city of Santander. The sand is fine and the waters more refreshing than in the Mediterranean.
submitted by Jose M., 23/08/05

Magdalena palace and peninsula the Magdalena palace was originally the summer house of the Spanish Royal Family. Today, it belongs to the city and hosts summer courses. The Palace is located in the most beautiful part of Santandert, inside a small peninsula with gardens and next to the Sardinero beach. It's a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the brise.
submitted by Jose m. diego, 23/08/05

Meson Rampalay This is a very popular destination among people in Santander. Specialized in tapas, they are open until late (1 am). Typical price for a bocadito (a tapa served with bread, pretty much like a small sandwhich) is about 2 euros.
submitted by Jose M. Diego, 23/08/05

Somo Beach Although not exactly in Santander, Somo beach can be reached by boat. Boats leave every 10 minutes for Somo from downtown Santander. the ride takes about 10 minutes. Somo beach is about 3 km long and is less crowded that Santander's beaches. Nowadays is very popular among kite surfers.
submitted by Jose M. Diego, 23/08/05

Bikinis Beach This is a beach in the bay area of Santander. Since the beach is protected from the big waves by the bay, its waters are very calm and is perfect for children and swimming. The sand is also of good quality and there are some rocks among which you can do some snorkeling.
submitted by Jose m. diego, 23/08/05

Santander Parks & Gardens

Parque de Matalenas Avenida del Faro. This is one of Santanders largest parks, and is located high on a promontory and is surrounded by cliffs, with amazing views of the city. The park is great place to have a fun day out with many things to do. You can take a walk through the woodland and meadow areas; play a round of golf; visit the zoo; and do some exercise on the athletics track.

Jardines de Pereda –Paseo de Pereda. This is one of the most famous parks in the city centre, and is a great place to take a break from all the sightseeing around town. The park is filled with a number of different trees; bushes; and flowers. It also has a pond; a range of sculptures; and a music pavilion. There is a monument dedicated to Jose Maria de Pereda, who was the city's most famous writer.

Santander Restaurants and Bars

Santander Restaurants

Zacarias - General Mola 41. This is one of the best restaurants in town, and is owned by the best-known chef in Santander, Zacarias Puente Herboso. The restaurant has been very popular with locals and tourists for many years. They serve a wide range of Cantabrian and seafood dishes, including guiso pescadores and manganos encebollados.

La Sardina de Plata - Doctor Fleming 3-4. This nautically designed restaurant is one of the best in the old city, and is very popular with both the locals and tourists. They serve a wide range of imaginative regional cuisine, including cheese mousse. Beef filet with truffles and cognac; and fish salad. They also have a wide range of Spanish and other European wines.

Bodega Cigalena - Daoiz y Velarde 19. This Castilian bodega is very popular with a younger crowd of locals. They serve a wide range of typical regional dishes, including sopa de pescado and shellfish paella. The restaurant also has a great selection of wines from an old Castilian town near Valladolid.

Santander Bars & Clubs

Gran Casino del Sardinero Plaza de Italia. This is about the most exciting place to visit in this quiet town in the evenings. Here you can strike it lucky at one of the slot machines or table games, including roulette; poker; black jack and many more. The casino is very popular with locals and tourists, especially over the weekend.

Lisboa Plaza de Italia, in the Gran Casino del Sardinero. This is one of the best bars in town, and is very popular with a mixed crowd of locals and tourists, especially in summer. This is a great place to relax, have a few drinks and make a whole lot of new friends.

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