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Murcia Travel Guide

Murcia Local History

About four centuries ago, Mother Nature decided to do a spot of spring cleaning and rearranging in Murcia, and there followed a powerful series of plagues, earthquakes and floods, which turned the place upside down, but revealed a wealth of minerals and natural springs.

Mankind is persistent, if nothing else, and today the coastal towns are treasure troves of thermal spas, paprika mills, and pottery factories. The abundance of Apricot and Orange trees has earned Murcia the reputation of being Europe's orchard, 'Huerta de Europa'.

Murcia Attractions

Top Attractions

Casino de Murcia - This palatial establishment was originally a gentlemen's club in the 19th and 20th centuries, with rooms furnished in themes, such as the Versailles Ballroom, or the Arabic patio.

Museo de Auqueologia de Murcia - One of Spain's finest museums, the Museo de Auqueologia records the history of the area with displays and exhibits that date back to prehistoric times.

Lorca - An hour's drive from Murcia is Lorca and its diverse, sometimes crumbling, architectural leftovers from different times and cultures. Baroque magnificence, Renaissance beauty, and medieval ghettos, all speak of the centuries of human habitation of the town and its surrounding areas.

Aguilas - About one and a half hours drive from Murcia is the delightful fortified medieval town of Guilas. This is a tourist haven with lovely beaches and coves to explore, ancient structures, and the pier on the Bay of Hornillo.

Bol Nuevo A beautiful beach surrounded by magnificent natural rock sculptures. The beach itself is served by several good restaurants and cafes and has good coverage from the local life guards
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Murcia Parks & Gardens

Jardine Del Salitre - The Museo Taurino located here has displays of bullfighting memorabilia, including a particularly offensive enshrinement of the torn and bloodied shirt worn by the matador, Jose Manuel Calvo Benichon, on the day he was gored to death. (I suppose it really depends on one's point of view, the bull would probably be quite chuffed at the exhibit.)

Parque Natural Sierra Espuna - Located just outside of Murcia, the Rio Espuna runs through the mountainous and rocky Parque Natural Sierra Espuna, wooded with pine trees and sagebrush. Spring is the best time to visit the park, when the wild flowers burst into glorious and riotous bloom .

Murcia Beaches

The beaches of Aguilas are beautiful, and with thirty-five coves and inlets to choose from a visitor is spoilt for choice. Another fabulous beach, possibly the finest in Spain, is located at La Manga Del Mar Menor where windsurfers glory in the calm waters, and sun-seekers repose on sparkling white sands.

Murcia Restaurants and Bars

Murcia Restaurants

Aires de Murcia - Calle Simon Garcia, This restaurant has a tropical ambience due to all the greenery and plants that adorn every nook and cranny, and which the owner cares for diligently. The service is excellent, and the food and wine match. For a night where you are made to feel like royalty, visit Aires de Murcia, you won't regret it.

Las Cocinas del Cardenal - Plaza del Cardenal Belluga 7. Enjoy dishes from the a la carte menu, or tuck into the divine tapas from the bar.

Hispano - Calle Arquitecto Cerdan 7. This excellent restaurant serves regional dishes, their most well known being Caldero Marinero del Mar Menor, a seafood casserole to die for. It also has a good selection of wines.

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