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  • Sol Timor Aptos Hotel 51 Salvador Allende, Torremolinos 7.0/10 - 337 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 341 Rooms
  • Don Paquito Hotel Avda. del Lido, s/n, Torremolinos 9.0/10 - 244 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 49 Rooms
  • Puente Real Hotel Playa del Lido, s/n, Torremolinos 6.0/10 - 412 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 225 Rooms
  • Pez Espada Hotel Avda. Salvador Allende, 11, Torremolinos 8.0/10 - 244 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 205 Rooms
  • Hotel Maestranza Malaga Avda. Cánovas del Castillo, 1, Malaga 8.0/10 - 210 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 91 Rooms
  • Don Curro Hotel Sancha de Lara, 7, Malaga 8.0/10 - 224 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 118 Rooms
  • Sunset Beach Club Hotel 5 Avda. del Sol, Benalmadena Costa 8.0/10 - 602 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 553 Rooms
  • Melia Costa Del Sol Hotel 11 Paseo Maritimo, Torremolinos 8.0/10 - 348 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 540 Rooms
  • Cervantes Hotel Las Mercedes, s/n, Torremolinos 7.0/10 - 693 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 396 Rooms
  • Atarazanas Hotel Atarazanas, Malaga 8.0/10 - 145 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 39 Rooms
  • Los Naranjos Hotel Pso. Sancha, 35, Malaga 7.0/10 - 54 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 41 Rooms
  • Ibis Malaga Hotel Horacio Quiroga, s/n - Area Valdició, Malaga 7.0/10 - 107 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 138 Rooms
  • Torrequebrada Hotel Avda. del Sol, s/n, Benalmadena Costa 7.0/10 - 278 reviews Hotel Class 5 stars 350 Rooms

Malaga Travel Guide

Malaga Attractions

Top Attractions

Alcazaba - Built in the 11th century as a fortified palace for Moorish kings, this impressive structure has 10 major towers within concentric walls. Inside the walls are the ruins of a Roman theatre and a museum displaying Moroccan art.

Cathedral - Nicknamed 'La Manquita' (One-Armed Lady), because the second tower was never completed. Malaga's cathedral is an amalgam of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture.

Castillo de Gibralfaro - This Phoenician castle offers magnificent sweeping views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea from its ramparts. The lighthouse is of Arabic design.

Picasso Foundation - The birthplace of that somewhat confused fellow, Pablo Picasso, now houses the Picasso Foundation, and holds exhibitions, lectures, and concerts annually in October, and at odd times through the year.

Pedregalejo & El Palo Excellent urban beaches. Very close to the center & downtown. Bars & restaurants available.
submitted by Pierre, 07/02/05

Malaga Beaches

The beach in Malagas is lined with bars, and visitors seem to spend more time soaking up spirits rather than the sun, but it is there and Hans Christian Anderson seemed to have enjoyed its sands.

Malaga Restaurants and Bars

In Malaga if you are hungry but not as flush as you would like to be, you can grab a snack from one of the rowboats, where they roast sardines over an open flame. Nourishing, cheap and very tasty.

Malaga Restaurants

Vegetarian Canadu - Pl. de la Merced, 21. This restaurant serves an enormous variety of imaginative, healthy, and meatless dishes, and gives the vegetarian a real meal that can be thoroughly enjoyed with a clear conscious.

Eco Dulces - C. Compania. This fabulous bakery offers excellent breakfasts, or a range of snacks and delicious foods for a picnic, lunch, or secret midnight pig-out.

La Acacias - Playa Las Acacias, El Pedregalejo. Located on the waterfront this lively place offers cheap meals while fresh sea breezes blow away any cobwebs from your consciousness. The waiters are a hoot as well, frantically trying to cope with the hungry hordes and keep everyone content at the same time.

Malaga Bars & Clubs

La Tortuga - El Pedragalejo. Mix with the lively bunch of Spanish language students trying out their new lingo on each other, whilst knocking back drinks until 10pm.

O'Neill's - C. Luis de Velazquez, 3. Celtic music, Guinness, and jovial Irish bartenders, make for an evening that can only be matched in the Emerald Isles.

Donde Bolivia 41 - C. Bolivia, 41. Pillows and greenery give this bar an ambience all of its own. There is a pool table available as well, if the mood takes you to hustle a few free drinks.

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