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Castilla Y Leon cuisine is hearty fare, suited to the colder climate of Northern Spain. Popular dishes usually contain generous portions of red meat, vegetable and potatoes. Lamb dishes abound, so do variations of roast suckling pig. A favourite local dish is cocido castellano, a hearty cholesterol-laden meal containing ham, beef and sausage - truly carnivorous fare indeed!

The verdant mountain pastures of this area produce rich milk and meat, making superb cheese and butter and once you taste Iberico bellota ham it is so good that you are ruined for any other type. The delicious local trout is celebrated in an annual cooking competition, held during the International Trout week. Try the local cuisine of the Bierzo region, with their popular dish of sausage, potato and ham with turnip tops and octopus.

Leon Restaurants

Restaurante Honore - 4 Calle de los Serradores. Come hungry so that you can do justice to the generous helpings on their set menu.

Cafeteria Restaurante Catedral - 17 C. Mariano Dominguez Berrueta. A real value for money set menu and a convenient luncheon venue after viewing the nearby cathedral.

Paloma - Calle de la Escalerilla. Try the local Castilian cuisine on offer at this great local restaurant.

Leon Bars & Clubs

El Robote - A mellow and chilled out bar without the usual jam packed partying crowd, for when you want to relax with a quiet drink away from the loud thump of techno music and frenzied dancing

. El Gran Café - C.Cervantes. This is for the cool jazz crowd. Sink into the velvet settees and chill to the soothing sound of the blues.

Baroque - One of most popular clubs in town, this is where you can mix with the hip local crowd and practise your Spanish. For starters try Hola!- Hello; Como se llama? What is your name?

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