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Huelva Travel Guide

Huelva Local History

The city of Huelva, originally called Onuda, is over 3000 years old. Throughout its history it has been under the control of the Carthaginians and the Romans, who used it as a mining base.

This is the birthplace of the great explorer Christopher Columbus who discovered America, and as you'd expect there are many monuments and tourist sites dedicated to him and his journeys. Now the city is a large industrialized center, with heavy industrial plants and factories lining the Odiel waterfront.

From here you have easy access to the nearby areas, so it's a great place to use as a base of operations.

Huelva Attractions

Huelva Beaches

Huelva Restaurants and Bars

Huelva Restaurants

Las Teresas In a narrow street in Barrio de Santa Cruz is this tiny tapas bar which is owned by a very friendly old man. The bar stays open till late at night so you can enjoy eating great tapas all day long, in the morning the locals hang out here to drink their cafe con leche (coffee with milk) in a glass. Black and white photos of flamenco and bullfighting which date back many years are placed on all the walls. (Calle Sta. Teresa)

Pizzeria San Marco If tapas are getting a little tiring for you, head over to Pizzeria San Marco, which serves up great pizzas and other Italian style food, is located in a converted Muslim Bathhouse. The pizzeria is closed on Mondays and is packed on every other day, so bookings are a must. (c/ Meson del Moro 6, 41004 Sevilla) (Tel: 954-214390)

Enrique Becerra This restaurant is named after the owner which is quite a celebrity in the area due to his great food and charisma. Here you can enjoy Andulusian cuisine, such as the honey roasted lamb, surrounded by relics of historical significance and elegance. (C/ Gamazo, 2) (Tel: 954-213049)

Cafe de Indias Coffee Shop Located just opposite the Cathedral, this coffee shop is the prefect place for a quick stop. Known for their to die for brownies with homemade vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and nuts.

Huelva Bars & Clubs

The Carbonería This is the most popular live music bar among both tourists and locals. Nightly flamenco and classical music can be enjoyed. The bar does not have a sign and the streets are small, so make sure you bring along a map. (c/ Levíes 18, Sevilla)

P. Flaherty's - P. Flaherty's is the definitive Irish pub complete with Guinness, Harp, Heineken and other beers on tap. Here you can finally hear some English being spoken while you have a good time. (C/ Alemanes, 7) (Tel: 954-210451)

Botellona Botellona which literally means big bottle is the phenomenon of people gathering in the streets to drink and have fun. Go buy some alcoholic drinks, plastic glasses and ice in the supermarket, then head out and meet in young crowed places to drink. It's a great way to meet new people and live a little.

Try these places on summer evenings; Plaza del Salvador, Plaza del Pan, Plaza de San Pedro.

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