Gupuzcoa Travel Guide

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Gupuzcoa Travel Guide

Gupuzcoa Attractions

Gupuzcoa Restaurants and Bars

Gupuzcoa Restaurants

Akelare - Barrio de Igueldo, Igueldo, San Sebastian. Chef Pedro Subijana is an outstanding chef. His dishes are inventive and sublime. His more traditional dishes such as venison with apple and smoked chestnuts are also worth trying. Expensive, but worth it for the experience.

Cafe Kursal - Ramon Maria Lili, 2, San Sebastian-Donostia. Located opposite the Kursaal Conference Hall, It is a meeting point for those attending the many events held in the Conference Hall, and its cultured atmosphere is emphasized by art exhibitions. They specialize in breakfasts and pintxos (Basque tapas)

Arriaga - Santa Maria 13, Bilbao. Another internationally famous chef, Juan Mari Arzak's, has this little house on the eastern outskirts of San Sebastian. His fame is widespread so you need to book a table well in advance. He prepares traditional Basque dishes with a twist. Prices are seriously expensive, but hey, it's a once in a lifetime experience to eat here, just start saving now.

El portalon - CorrerĂ­a 151, Vitoria. This is a famous 15th-century inn, which produces excellent food in atmospheric surroundings.

Asador Kaia - General Arnau, 10 Getaria, This restaurant, specialises in grilled and baked fish and is an excellent example of the kind of restaurant typical of the Basque region, and of Getaria.

Gupuzcoa Bars & Clubs

Be Bop - Paseo de Salamanca, 3,San Sebastian. The sort of music is played in here tends to be "salsa" and other Latin rhythms. During the summer they have a terrace opposite the river from where you can admire the Kursaal Conference Hall. This big pub has a raised dance floor

Azul Cristal - Reyes Catolicos, 11. San Sebastian This bar is located in the lively and central Reyes Catolicos (Catholic Kings) area, a middle-class, yuppified area, with lots of bars that liven up the city centre. It's popularly known as "Reyes Alcoholicos" (Alcoholic Kings).

Bar Casa Senra - San Francisco, 32, San Sebastian-You will find friends easily here as customers share tables. It has a great range of drinks and a big counter that displays a variety of tasty, hot and cold pintxos (Basque tapas).

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