Cuenca Travel Guide

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Cuenca Travel Guide

Cuenca Local History

The town of Cuenca is set amidst a beautiful rugged landscape consisting of limestone outcroppings inbetween the gorges of two large rivers. The old town is world famous for its medieval landscape and especially well known for its 15th century hanging houses which is known as Casas Colgadas. What makes these houses so extraordinary is that they seem to be suspended over the edge of the cliff.

The architecture of the town is believed to have inspired some of the earliest versions of cubism. This is commemorated in the Museum of Abstract Art.

Cuenca Attractions

Cuenca Shopping

Spain is particulary well known for its variety of beautiful hand-made items such as ceramics, pottery, woodwork, embroidery and paintings. Visitors can also expect to find excellent quality leather goods, as well as beautiful arts and crafts.

There are many different types of shopping markets throughout the whole of Spain, consisting predominantly of indoor markets, aka Mercados, permanent street markets and also a range of open-air street markets which move around continuously.

Tourists can expect to find a large variety of items at much lower prices than in shops. Items on sale generally include goods such as food, flowers, clothes, shoes, crockery, cookware, linen, ceramics, arts and crafts, household wares, carpets, jewellery.

Cuenca Restaurants and Bars

Cuenca Restaurants

El Figon de Pedro - Situated on Cervantes 13. The restaurant is owned by Pedro Torres Pacheco, who is one of Spain's most celebrated restauranteurs. The restaurant features a very intimate and romantic atmosphere and is decorated with traditional Castillian decor. The menu consists of a large range of excellently prepared traditional Castillian cuisine.

Meson Casa Colgadas - Situated on Canonigos 3. The restaurant was established in the 1960's and is housed within the walls of a 5-story 19th century building. The restaurant features an excellently place pine balcony, which features magnificent views of the hills beyond and the ravine below. The menu consists of a delicious selection of traditional Spanish and international cuisine.

Togar - Situated on Avenue Republica Argentina 1. The restaurant was established in 1955 and offers guests a wonderful selection of deliciously prepared homemade dishes which are inspired by the tastes and flavours of traditional Spanish cuisine. Their specialties include dishes such as revuelto Togar - which is a dish consisiting of egg, ham and shrimp which is served with herbs and crusty bread.

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