Ciudad Real Travel Guide

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Ciudad Real Travel Guide

Ciudad Real Local History

The town of Ciudad Real was founded Alfonso X in 1255. It was originally named Pozuelo de Don Gil and was later changed by "The Wise" to Villa Real. The aim of the founding of Ciudad Real was to establish a center of power which was located in the territories dominated by the Order of Calatrava.

The people of Ciudad Real experienced an abandunce of great prosperity during the 15th century, which was then followed by the destruction of the plague of hunger, which lead to the death of a great collection of the population. Ciudad Real was named the capital of the province in 1883, which ultimately boosted the population and ensured a multiplication in the economic importance of the town.

Ciudad Real Attractions

Ciudad Real Shopping

Shopping done in Ciudad Real is generally a very pleasurable experience. There is a good selection of small family-run shops where you can acquire almost anything that your heart desires.

There is also an excellent selection of markets, from which visitors can get fresh produce, as well as a variety of arts and crafts, and souvenirs. Leather works is one of the traditional craft items which Spain is famous for, this can be found anywhere in Spain in great abundance.

Ciudad Real Restaurants and Bars

Ciudad Real Restaurants

Ciudad Real Palenque Hotel - The restaurant is situated in the Paleque Hotel, under a beautiful palapa. The restaurant offers an excellent menu which consists predominantly of the best Chiapanecan, Mexican and international cuisine.

Silken Alfonso X Restaurant - The restaurant is situated inside the Silken Alfonso X Hotel. The restaurant features a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The menu consists of a great selection of local cuisine, as well as superb famous hunting meats and popular regional cheeses. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list.

Gran Meson - Situated on Ronda de Ciruela 34. This gorgeous yet simple restaurant features a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant offers a set menu, consisting of tasty gachas, pisto and deliciously prepared suckling pig. The menu also features an excellent selection of local cheeses and wines.

Featured Hotels in Ciudad Real

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