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Bilbao Travel Guide

Bilbao Attractions

Top Attractions

Guggenheim Museum - Calle Abandoibarra 2, this gigantic, colossal expression of modern architecture symbolises everything awful about the modern world with no regard to sensitivity or beauty, it also symbolises everything brave and brash about modern society. Love it or hate it, it is there in its entire enormity for generations to see.

Museo a Euska/Museo Vasco - Plaza Miguel de Unamuno 4, this museum is found in the centre of the old quarter, and is housed in a centuries-old Jesuit cloister. It is dedicated to Basque archaeology and history, with rooms reconstructed to show the daily life of the 16th century, models of ships, and the tools used for building them. Other displays include Basque tombstones, and the equipment used for playing the traditional Basque game, pelota.

Museo de Bellas Artes - Plaza del Museo 2, one of Spain's most important art museum's the Museo de Bellas Artes has collections of both medieval and modern art. Important names like Velazquez, Goya, Zurbarán, and El Greco can be seen in the displays, as well as works by Gauguin, Picasso, and such artists. The gardens of the museum are an attraction in themselves, and if you have had your fill of man and his art, take a look at the wonder of nature in the flowers and plants of the gardens.

Scanlan's Irish Tavern Gernika 20 min by car 40 min by bus from Bilbao to Gernika the cradle of Basque culture close to beaches and surf and the best dram in Euskadi. Locals, tourists, and expats come here to see Rugby & football on satellite TV and enjoy the craic in Euskadi's genuine Irish country pub.
submitted by Patrick Scanlan, 09/02/06

Bourbon Pub Superb gay club, though some latina girl go dancing salsa there. Great atmosphere. Calle Elcano near Hurtado
submitted by Jon, 17/11/05

Bilbao Parks & Gardens

Parque de Europa this is a good place to take your teenage offspring, as it has a roller skating track, and a wall for playing the Basque game that resembles squash. The Txurdinaga Multisports Complex is close to one of the parks entrance gates. In the gardens are various sculptures that symbolize the joining of European cultures and peoples.

Jardines de Albia - Iglesia de San Vincente, this piece of urban space has been cultivated and gardened, and has a statue of the writer, Antonio Trueba, by the sculptor, Benlliure. Surrounded by some impressive buildings, the most noteworthy being the San Vicente church, it is a good place to sit in and relax and study the architecture of Bilbao.

Bilbao Beaches

Playa de Bakio this is a quiet, but well maintained beach where a family can spend a day playing without being overwhelmed by crowds of tourists and sun chasers. Just 27 kilometres from Bilbao it is far enough to be undisturbed and yet close to reach easily.

Playa de La Arena Muskiz this is a very popular beach and thousands come to enjoy its sands and sun. It has a car park that accommodates 2500 cars, and a children's play area.

Playas de Gorliz y Plentzia these two family beaches are wide and safe, and popular as summer destinations for the Spanish people. Gorliz has a pine tree plantation where family's picnic in their shade, and Plentzia boast a marina, fishing port, and promenade.

Bilbao Restaurants and Bars

Bilbao Restaurants

Restaurante Guggenheim Bilbao - Abandoibarra Etorbidea 2, the art on display in the museum is easily matched by the cuisine of this world-class restaurant. The meals on the menu are served with a fine selection of Basque Wines.

El Perro Chico - Aretxaga 2, this restaurant in Bilbao is one of those secret places that only those 'in the know' appreciate. In this case, those in the know are such discerning diners as Antonio Banderas, Jeremy Irons, and the creator of the amazing Guggenheim Museum, Frank Gehry. Reservations are required.

Victor Montes - Plaza Nueva 8, from the sublime to the really great, this ramshackle place knows how to keep its customers happy. Huge portions of food are served here with a smile and enthusiasm. Old-fashioned roasts send out tempting aromas, and stews, salads, and soups are made with fresh ingredients, and all can be accompanied by wine, sherry, or beer.

Bilbao Bars & Clubs

Pub Avalon Barrencalle 12, although this pub is tricked out in medieval decor with spears and axes and other weapons of human destruction, and the toilet doors are set in arches, the alcohol is straight out of today's tastes and the music is pure discotheque.

Twiggy - Alameda Urquijo, 35, - with its hippy ambience and good music, this is a great place for setting yourself up for a night on the town. Located in the heart of the nightlife venues, it is a few paces from most of the entertainment in town.

High Club - Calle Naja 5, this is the city's gay club, well the most obvious, gay club. Although the clientele is most male, some women do frequent the place. Spanish dance music sets the mood downstairs, while XXX rated films are shown in the small upstairs theatre.

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