Baeza Travel Guide

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Baeza Travel Guide

Baeza Attractions

Baeza Shopping

Plaza de la Constitucion Baeza.The shops here sell woodwork and leatherwork; goods made in the area.

Ubeda A short distance from Baeza is the small town of Ubeda. Along the Plaza de Andalucíayou will find shops selling ornate Ceramics, ironwork, and carpets.

Baeza Parks & Gardens

Parque Natural de Cazorla (Cazorla Nature Park) - Wild boar, Deer and mountain goats roam the round this protected area of mountain wilderness. You will find eagles, hawks; vultures fly over the 6,000-foot high peaks. Sports such as: hiking, camping, canoeing, horseback riding hunting or fishing are available here.

Tranco de Beas Parque Cazorla. In the centre of the park you will find this water reservoir with its small island and the nearby wild animal park of Bujaraiza.

Baeza Restaurants and Bars

Baeza Restaurants

Cafeteria Mercanti - Plaza de Espana. The terrace of this ancient building is a lovely place to have a relaxed breakfast. Good tapas on offer during the rest of the day.

Casa Lucas - Plaza Espana 13. The locals favour this place as the tapas and other dishes are good and very reasonably priced.

Restaurante Sali - Benavides 9. The restaurant is quite stylish and more upmarket than some of the other eating-places but the views of Baeza's fine 16th century Avuntamiento from the terrace of this restaurant are very attractive and the food is good.

Casa Pedro Benavides 3. Another attractive place in which to eat good food at reasonable prices.

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