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Avila Travel Guide

Avila Attractions

Avila Shopping

Plaza de Santa Teresa - This is the heart of the town and there are many shops, churches and cafes lining the edge. Leather, Ceramics and glass are good buys here.

Madrid - Only a day trip away is the Spain's capital. You'll be spoilt for choice and most visitors to Avila would be advised to spend a day there soaking up the atmosphere.

Avila Restaurants and Bars

Avila Restaurants

El Molino de la Lasa - Bajada de la Losa 12, The old mill is located near the centre of town near the Adaja River. This is one of the best restaurants in town. The atmosphere is charming as all the mill machinery has been cleaned up and is part of the decor. The chef creates masterpieces with farm fresh ingredients and some excellent cuts of meat. Enjoy a taste of Segovia.

Las Cancelas - Cruz Viejo 6, Located in the Castilian Inn, close to the town centre. Locals lap up the atmosphere and food in this popular restaurant. The decerning locals keep returning here for the consistancy of the wholesome Castilian cooking, and fair prices. The Tapas bar for a snack and local wine is unbeatable.

Hosteria de Bracamonte - Bracamonte 6, The original building is 400 years old and parts of it are preserved. Grills and roasts are served with relish. This is a great place for a romantic evening and the four dining rooms have a mellow atmosphere. Tasty local cuisine, good service and reasonable prices combine exquisitely.

El Rastro - Plaza del Rastro 1, There are some fine restaurants in this town and this is hailed as one of the best. Carved into the walls of the old town this place has a special vibe. Castilian dishes are served with pride and the chef tends to vary the menu according to the season. A good choice for value and taste.

Avila Bars & Clubs

La Taberna - El Tostado, Located in the palace basement. This laid back bar boasts of air conditioning and the local wine flows at night. The music is lively, but you can still hear each other. This venue is popular with the young people of the town for after supper or before the clubs open.

Cafe del Adarve - San Segundo St, Where the hip and artistic people hang out. Well known for its exhibitions by local artists and sculpters. They host regular Jazz concerts by local and International groups. People linger here till well after midnight to meet, greet and chat.

Marco Gavanna - Avenida de Madrid, This disco/pub is decorated with crystals and mirrors giving it a Cuban atmosphere. Late at night the Salsa kicks in and everyone takes to the floor.

Sabor - Avenida Portugal, This is for the serious nightclubber. The DJs rock the place from early evening till 10am. A great selection of dance music from the charts, funk and hip hop will have all the patrons rocking.

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