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Arcos de la Frontera Travel Guide

Arcos de la Frontera Attractions

Top Attractions

Basilica de Santa Maria - Plaza del Cabildo. The entrance to this Gothic church is a sight to behold with elaborately decorated stonework and arches. Mind you it took 300 years to build. Located in the historic square in the heart of the town. Lovers of classic Gothic architecture are sure to enjoy a visit here.

Casa Palacio del Mayorazgo - Located in the same square and dating from the 17th century. It's the town hall and has an interesting Mudejar ceiling. There is a fantastic view from here over the Andelusian Plains.

The Castle - You can see the Moorish influence in this fortress. You are not allowed in as it is privately owned, but the exterior is a good photo opportunity. Built in-between the 14th and 15th centuries to defend the town from raiders.

CasaBlues For music lovers, great collection,jazz,blues,reggae,chill out,it's all there!!Relax with a drink,listen to your favourite records and enjoy the stunning views!!
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Arcos de la Frontera Shopping

Plaza del Cabildo - All the shops in the "White Village" are centred around here. Some quaint little shops stock ceramics, leather goods, ironwork and embroidery items. The village is a great place to walk around and the Arabic influence is to be seen everywhere. This is reflected in your choice of gifts. A drive to the nearby cities might have to happen if you are buying for many.

Arcos de la Frontera Restaurants and Bars

Arcos de la Frontera Restaurants

Parador Nacional - Plaza del Cabildo, Well positioned on the River Guadalete. There are always great views from this popular restaurant. The whole building reflects Spanish style and the relaxing courtyard is decorated with ceramic tiles. Traditional dishes are served here and it is wholesome and tasty. Service and prices are good too.

El Torresoto - Calle Marques de Torresoto, 4. Located near the main square and this old house has decor typical of the area. Beautiful courtyard, where you are surrounded by Moorish influences. That is not all that's Moorish about the place. The delicious local fare will have you coming back for more as well. Reasonable prices and good service complement the food.

Parador Arcos de la Frontera - This hotel is in the town centre and enjoys great views over the Andalusian plains. The restaurant specilises in fish dishes and watch out for "The tail of the bull" (After the meal, let people say that you are full of Bull). You are also offered a taste of the area from samples of 11 different courses.

Arcos de la Frontera Bars & Clubs

La Casa Grande - The town would be spoiled with a lively night life, but this hotel is well worth visiting, perched at the edge of a cliff with lovely views. Even if you are not staying here, you can relax in the bar in the public area and enjoy a drink with old or new friends.

Parador - Plaza del Cabildo. Another popular hotel in the centre of town. They have a popular restaurant/bar in an atmospheric courtyard. On a warm night there is no better place to enjoy a quiet drink. The bar is well stocked and local wines are cheap and good quality.

El Convento - Marques de Torresoto 7. This is a beautiful and popular restaurant/bar owned by the adjacent hotel with the same name. Local wine and cuisine is renowned here and this place should be tried for both.

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