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Antequera Travel Guide

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Antequera Parks & Gardens

El Torcal Natural Reserve - Just a few km outside of town is this 17sq km nature reserve that is well suited to hikers. There are three routes through the park and they all pass unique rock formations. Just head for the village of Villanueva de la Concepcion which is 15km south from Antequera. There is a small museum and information centre at the entrance. It can get hot without much shade.

Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra - Known as the Pink Lagoon for the thousands of Flamingos attracted to the 6km by 3km lagoon. Located just outside the town and teeming with the pink birds who come to breed. Because of it's location and the quality of water. A truly magnificent sight.

El Chorro - This is the Lake District of the area and the three lakes are artificially made from the dam. The cliffs around the lakes are sheer, towering and majestic. Popular in the summer for picnics, swimming and sunbathing.

Antequera Restaurants and Bars

Antequera is well known for it's unique cuisine and two well loved dishes are particularly enjoyed. Porra is a type of gazpacho that is served in nearly all local restaurants. Bienmesabe is a dessert and is a must when eating out.

Antequera Restaurants

Bar-Restaurante Madrona - C/Calzada, 25. This popular restaurant specialises in the local dishes. Tourists are always directed here and the friendly and good service complements the standard of food.

Restaurante El Angelote - Plaza del Coso Viejo. Centrally located near the museum is this restaurant. Specialising in wholesome country cooking and stews. The local dish of Porra is also served here. You will not leave here going hungry.

Restaurante El Farito - Maria Cristina complex. Get a taste of good old fashioned home cooking and try a Spanish Breakfast for size. Always busy with locals and visitors mingling over Spanish Omelettes.

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