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Alava Travel Guide

Alava Local History

Alava - This Basque country is rich in history and natural attractions. The capital of Vitoria is an unspoilt town with a authentic old town and modern buildings of note. The whole area has been the scene of Basque struggles for independence throughout the years. Outside the capital are areas with canyons, caves, castles and beaches. Fiesta are joyfully celebrated here and go to any of the main areas to find interesting historic attractions.

Salvatierra, Campezo, Zuia, Ayala, Anana and Laguardia are the main areas and are all great places to visit for atmosphere and local history.

Alava Attractions

Alava Parks & Gardens

Garaio - Next to the ruins of the village and on lake Ullíbarri, is a lovely man made beach backed with parklands. The park has good recreation facilities with walking and cycling around the lake. The birdlife is superb and in the summer there are guided tours of the ecological sites.

Parque de la Florida - Vitoria's botanic gardens were designed in the 18th century and it is the oldest park in the city. The city is full of parks including Salburua Park, Arriaga Park and Judimendi Park that covers a Jewish cemetery that the city promised not to build on.

Izki Natural Parc - Situated on the Vitoria-Estella road and abounding in flora and fauna. Plenty of space in the forested park for otters to play in the rivers or you might spot badgers, weasels, martens, bobcats or minks. Bird life is extensive and you could see eagles, hawks, vultures or falcons catching the thermals. Lots of paths to walk and get close to nature.

Alava Restaurants and Bars

Alava Restaurants

El Portalon - Correria, 151. A 15th century restaurant in the old town of Vitoria. Magnificently decorated in Medieval style. A wonderful atmosphere prevails and the food is very much local. Local art decorates the walls and the wine celler holds a great selection. The house itself has a rich history and dining here is a unique experience.

Ipar-Itxaso - Calle Kurrua,1 Urrunaga. Just 15 minutes from Vitoria is this great country restaurant. This is one of those friendly places where they invite one into the kitchen to watch the food being prepared. If you enjoy sea food then this will set your taste buds going. The best of local fish cooking complimented perfectly by the local wine selections.

Ikea - Castilla, 27. This popular restaurant located in the old town of Vitoria specialise in traditional Basque favourites. Very popular with locals and visitors alike. Service and atmosphere are first class as are the ample dishes. Roija wine is traditionaly drunk, but the wine list is large.

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