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Some days in Poiana Brasov-Romania

  • Submitted by: Julian Maonitu, Austria
  • Submission Date: 15th Oct 2005

I've spent some days in the Romanian ski resort, Poiana Brasov. I recommend it to any real winter sports fan, as, for its being the Romanian most famous winter resort, the great time spent there is beyond any other unexpected events that seem to be part of the Romanian way of living. For the limited endowments, skiing here is a challenge with yourself, body and soul...or, firstly, body. I still wonder why... Romania hasn't yet a famous skier, with those conditions is hard not to really practice.
The accommodation was fine, in a sense of adequacy. We, my family and two friends, booked a vacation villa located in the resort, as this kind of lodging can be found in the city of Brasov as well, from a twin architectural group...very nice and affordable...because, indeed, quality services have their value. We rented it from, a well known online agency; some say the leader in vacation or corporate rentals in Brasov but, mainly, Bucharest. Their web site looks good and precise while the prices worth their cause. After harsh time skiing, we couldn't dislike a warm bath, even if the water was flowing slowly or, otherwise, a hot stream suddenly turns into an iced one.
The offered facilities were good as we had been informed not to expect much, by some friends that spent their holiday there. But we definitely got more than we'd expected, a lesser dull staying, naturally enriched by the environment and the local people's hospitality. The traditional food was so tasty, though for some it might seem a bit too greasy...of course, a demand for flavor, I kept telling my wife.
The weather is a tough matter as well, but we'll have good memories about the Brasov winter icy smell. Coming from abroad means not spending too much money in Romania but the locals complain about hard times living since "89 Glory" so far. They are interesting people...who aren't for a traveler? Full of contradictions and surprises. We faced some traditions and old ages customs while having visited the surroundings: Bran county, Dracula’s Castle lies there, or Predeal, an "ozone friendly" and historical resort. Really impressive, surely, rests the town of Brasov, a both Theuton-medieval and industrial city, where a relevant part of the working force is unemployed.
The lodging system in Romania is so intricate to be detailed here, but it must be reckoned that demanding legal papers guarantees your better leisure holiday. Not doing this comes along with troubles, sometimes big ones, as they are not difficult to be found, especially, there. Open the eyes as for twenty, as Romanians say and enjoy yourself. The rhythm is different from the Western one but it has so many messages that wait to be discovered!