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Poland Information

Population: 38626349

Time Zone: GMT 1

Driving side: Drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Languages: Polish

Religion: 95% Roman Catholic

Emergency #: Police Emergency: 997
Medical Emergency: 999
Fire Emergency: 998

Poland Culture

Polish Museums The Polish Museums display a remarkable art collections with masterpieces including Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine, Vit Stoss's carved wooden alter and Hans Memling's The last Judgement.

Cultural Festivals For high culture there is the renowned music festival held in Warsaw in autumn, the Wratislavia Cantans.

Ethnographic Museums and Old Village Museums There are some attractive collections housed in these museums.

Poland Popular Destinations

Warsaw The Old Town is a spectacular destination, which was destroyed by the Nazis but reconstructed by the local people in the 1950's. A spectacular to see the Old Town is on a horse-drawn carriage, which passes by some of the most prominent attractions, such as Zarnek Krolewski, the royal castle and Stare Miasto.

Krakow The Old Town of Krakow has towers, facades and ancient churches. These features were speared from Hitler's devastation.

Auschwitz This is the infamous death camp for Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and even Jehovah's witnesses. There are ten busses a day that leave from Krakow to Auschwitz, which is about 60 kilometers away. These buses drop the visitors off close to the entrance to the museum at the death camp.

Gdansk Gdansk lies on the Baltic Coast at the mouth of the Wisla River. This city is the birthplace of Solidarity and is the center of the Polish Riviera and the gateway to the 'castle country'. There are 1 000 lakes in the immediate vicinity and the scenery is spectacular.

Poland Beaches

The Polish coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of Baltic coastlines. There are broad sandy beaches and scenic dunes, which attracts lover of bathing, sun tanning and other leisure activities. The coastline has alternative high and low stretches of cliffs and dunes. The Highest cliffs can be found in Wolin Island where they are protected by the Wolin National Park. The dunes take on spectacular shapes, which is why the area is referred to as the 'Polish Sahara'.

The Baltic beaches are a great place to collect amber washed up by the sea. This resin of prehistoric conifers is used mainly in producing jewellery.

Moving Around Poland

The road transport system in Poland is very convenient, and is of a similar standard to the ones in the rest of Europe. There are relatively no motorways and their technical state still leaves much to be desired.

The railway service in Poland is much cheaper than in Western Europe and their quality is of a similar nature to that of European standards.

There are state companies as well as some private transport agents, which run the bus transport. The prices of bus tickets are comparable to train tickets, and in the case of some of the private transport agents, cheaper.

National festival and holidays

January The Warsaw theater festival is held at this time.
1 May This is Labour Day.
3 May This is the anniversary of the proclamation of the Constitution of 3rd May.
11 November This is the anniversary of the regaining of independence by Poland in 1918.
24 December- This is Christmas Eve, which is the most important holiday for the Poland citizens. They believe that the animals are able to speak during the night of Christmas Eve.
25 & 26 December - This is the time for inviting friends to share a holiday dinner.

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