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Utrecht Travel Guide

Utrecht Local History

Utrecht was founded by the Romans at a ford in the river Rijn in 47AD, making it one of the oldest cities in the country. In 690, Willibrord, the first bishop of Utrecht built a church on the current site of the Dom Square this was the beginning of Utrecht's role as a religious center. In the 14th century the Dom church was completed with an 112m tower, which remains one of the cities most famous landmarks.

In the 16th century the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was formed in Utrecht, becoming the first republic in post medieval Europe. A reminder of the signing can be seen in Dom Square, at the statue of John van Nassau. During this period the city was very prosperous and many beautiful canal side mansions were built.

Due to its central location Utrecht has become a major transportation hub in the Netherlands making it a good place to explore from.

Utrecht Attractions

Utrecht Shopping

Utrecht has many markets that feature a wide range wares, sure to be of interest. There is a large general market held by the Vredenburg on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Friday there is a market for agricultural produce. On Saturdays there is a large flower and plant market hosted by the Jankerkhof. The Breedstraat market also on Saturday's hosts the Stoffenmarkt or cloth market.

Utrecht Activities

Aldo Theater met Poppen - Adriaan van Ostadelaan 54. This is an excellent choice for a rainy day. This is a children's theatre that does puppet shows for kids.

Utrecht Parks & Gardens

University Botanical Gardens Opened in 1639 three years after the university, the gardens have been a source of pride for the city for more than 360 years.

Utrecht Restaurants and Bars

As is the case in the rest of the country, traditional Dutch restaurants do not feature very well in Utrecht, but there are plenty of excellent restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines to choose from. When dining out over the weekend, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid long waits for a table. Generally, people in Holland do not rush to leave a restaurant.

Utrecht Restaurants

Le Clochard - Ridderhofstad 12. Tipped to be the cities best kept secret. A cosy restaurant with a fireplace, good service and decent prices, what more can you ask for?

Dendermonde - Biltstraat 29. Here, you can get good quality Belgian cuisine, but it is more pricey than average at about E25 for three courses.

Het Weeshuis - Domplein 16. A lively student hangout with excellent specials on a daily basis. This place gets crowded on the weekends, so book in advance, or arrive early.

Utrecht Bars & Clubs

De Zaak - Minnebroederstraat, Behind City Hall. This small bar is really popular with the twenty and thirty-something crowd. A major bonus is that it has a well-stocked rock jukebox so you can select your own music.

't Oude Pothuys - Oude Gracht 279 @ Lange Smeestraat. This is a live music venue, where it can start happening anywhere from between 8pm and 1am. The music is varied and there are often open band nights, which are quite popular.

Florin & Firkins - Nobelstraat 2. This is an English style pub with a small dance area and self brewed beers; you can buy pub style food here as well. It is mostly frequented by a younger crowd. There is a fun quiz evening on Wednesdays and a 'Creamy Disco' Saturdays, which lasts until 3am.

Utrecht children's activities

Aldo Theater met Poppen - Adriaan van Ostadelaan 54. This is an excellent choice for a rainy day. This is a children's theatre that does puppet shows for kids.

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