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Santa Lucia Travel Guide

Santa Lucia Local History

Santa Lucia is a fairly young town, which began development in the 1950s. It is an extension of the dockyard towns of Paola and Tarxien which was built on agricultural land nearby. This little village has grown and now has it's 3rd generation of residents.

Santa Lucia Attractions

Santa Lucia Shopping

Santa Lucia Activities

Darmanin's Riding School - Stables Lane, Marsa - Tel 21235649

Santa Lucia Parks & Gardens

Garden of Serenity - a pretty, quaint chinese garden which lies on the outskirts of the town

Santa Lucia Beaches

Santa Lucia Restaurants and Bars

Santa Lucia Restaurants

Labyrinth - 44 Strait Str, Valletta - a lunchtime coffee shop and supper time basement restaurant with live jazz.

La Cave Winecellar & Pizzeria - Castile Square, Valletta - Tel 21243677 - serves huge pizzas, but the wine list of something to behold.

Santa Lucia Bars & Clubs

Santa Lucia children's activities

Darmanin's Riding School - Stables Lane, Marsa - Tel 21235649

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