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Sannat Travel Guide

Sannat Local History

The islands of Malta have "changed hands" many time over the centuries. From the Phoenicia in about 1000 BC, to the Greeks in 736 BC. The islands subsequently passed into the possession of Carthage and then Rome. The Arabs took occupation in 870, the Norman army in 1090. In 1530 the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V granted Malta to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, who ruled the islands until the 19th century. Malta gained independance is 1964.

Sannat Attractions

Sannat Parks & Gardens

Sannat Beaches

Xlendi Bay - you access the water by going down a ladder where the water is deep and clear. Sunbathing is done on the rocks.

Sannat Restaurants and Bars

Sannat Restaurants

Hotel Ta'Cenc - A beautiful tranquil setting with stunning views.

Sannat Bars & Clubs

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