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Qawra Travel Guide

Qawra Local History

The islands of Malta have "changed hands" many time over the centuries. From the Phoenicia in about 1000 BC, to the Greeks in 736 BC. The islands subsequently passed into the possession of Carthage and then Rome. The Arabs took occupation in 870, the Norman army in 1090. In 1530 the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V granted Malta to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, who ruled the islands until the 19th century. Malta gained independance is 1964.

Qawra Attractions

Top Attractions

Azure Window - A rock arch made of limestone which is Gozo's most famous sight.

Inland Sea - One of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, the Inland Sea is a secluded pool of clear water and pebbly sand, surrounded by cliffs.

The Tavern Inn A mouth watering menu, fine wine and home made sticky toffee pudding to die for!! Hosted by a really friendly family Robbie and Jane Bell and beautiful daughter Lucy. There was live entertainment every night too. Well worth a visit.
submitted by Mary Smith, 04/07/08

Plum Tree Restaurant Had the best meal of my life. The hosts, John and Joan, were very pleasant and very professional, and above all very friendly.
submitted by David Gossage, 01/08/05

Qawra Beaches

Inland Sea - surrounded by cliff, this beach is complete secluded. A Slightly pebbly beach with crystal clear water

Qawra Restaurants and Bars

Qawra Restaurants

Qawra Palace Hotel - Qawra Coast Road, Qawra - tel 2158 0131

Sea View Hotel - Qawra Road, Qawra - Tel 2157 3105

Island International Hotel - Triq it-Trill, Qawra - Tel 2157 7650

Qawra Bars & Clubs

Qawra Palace Hotel - Qawra Coast Road, Qawra - tel 2158 0131

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