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Bugibba Travel Guide

Bugibba Local History

The islands of Malta have "changed hands" many time over the centuries. From the Phoenicia in about 1000 BC, to the Greeks in 736 BC. The islands subsequently passed into the possession of Carthage and then Rome. The Arabs took occupation in 870, the Norman army in 1090. In 1530 the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V granted Malta to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, who ruled the islands until the 19th century. Malta gained independance is 1964.

Bugibba Attractions

Top Attractions

Water Sports - Although there are no sandy beaches, there is a wide variety of water sports to try out.

Shopping - Plenty of choice - Buggiba has the reputation for having the best shops to offer.

Night Life - numerous bars, taverns and discos.

Nearby Rabat and Mdina - In Mdina it's worth visiting the fresco of St Paul's Shipwreck, the museum and the Minda Dungeons with a waxwork display for the not so faint hearted. A bit further south to Rabat are the St Paul's Catacombs and St Paul's Grotto.

Amerzonia and Freeze I have been to Malta twice now and it is gr8 ! There are 2 main night clubs I visited in Buggiba - Amerzonia and Freeze they were ace! Malta is by far the best !
submitted by Jason, 17/10/06

Amerzonia When I was on holiday in Bugibba I came across a great club called Amerzonia, it attracted mainly U25s and had a great atmosphere, the music was great too, it was right on the seafront with an outside bar overlooking the sea. The club had free entry aswell! you cant go wrong ;)
submitted by Sam, 01/09/05

Nostalgia At the Nostalgia restautrant st pauls bay, one feels like a if at home, good food is like wine, time and patience for best results, and that's exactly what mr Tony dowling does, who happens to be the chef/owner. Plus, if you are relaxed and want to enjoy moments of dining and chilling out, then Nostalgia is your kind of place.
submitted by Anton, 18/03/05

Bugibba Shopping

Bugibba Activities

Splash & Fun Park - Is just south of Bugibba - just follow the coast roadValletta

Bugibba Parks & Gardens

Buskett Gardens - A little off the beaten track, on the west side of the island, near the Dingli Cliffs, is a lush valley of trees and orange groves. This is an exception of the rest of the island's terrain of few trees and little greenery.

Bugibba Beaches

Imgiebah Bay - north of St Paul's Bay is worth a visit as the beach in St Paul's bay are mainly stoney.

Bugibba Restaurants and Bars

Lampuki pie - filleted Dorado mixed with vegetable, rice & pasta.

Timpani - pasta in meat sauce with a pastry top.

Pastizzi - cheese wrapped in pastry

Bugibba Restaurants

Nostalgia Restaurant - 14 Mosta Road, St. Paul's Bay - Tel 356 21 584866 - Good all rounder - both food wise and price wise.

Shaukiwan Chinese Bar & Restaurant - Xemxija Hill, St Paul's Bay - Tel 356 21 573678

Ta'Fra Ben - Qawra Point, St Paul's Bay - Tel 356 21 573405 - Seafood is their speciality but you can also get a pizza for the kids. With live entertainment in the evening you are in for a good all-rounder evening.

Bugibba Bars & Clubs

Bugibba children's activities

Splash & Fun Park - Is just south of Bugibba - just follow the coast roadValletta

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