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Luxembourg Travel Guide

Luxembourg Attractions

Top Attractions

Notre-Dame Cathedral - Situated on Roosevelt Boulevard. The cathedral was built between 1613 and 1621 and consists of a traditional Gothic-style architecture. The cathedral houses the beautiful statue of the Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg.

National Museum of Art and History - The museum is located on Marche-aux-Poissons and houses an exciting collection of archeological, geological and historical exhibits. It also features a range of art works created during the 15th to 18th centuries by artists such as Rubens, van Dyck, Breughel and Rembrandt.

Palace of the Grand Dukes - The palace is situated on Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes. The oldest section of the building dates back to 1572 and features a right wing which was built in 1741. This is a wonderful place for visitors who wish to indulge in a more cultural experience.

urban bar and restaurants luxembourg A must see when out in Luxembourg City or Esch city of Luxembourg South is the 2 Urban bars open every day of the year and always seem to be full with ambiance and great cosmo crowds... Everytime im in Luxembourg I have to have a Tower burger anda pint of Luxembourgs finest Beer Bofferding:) [--] for directions
submitted by Jean stefans, 18/05/09

Urban Bar Luxembourg Best bar in Luxembourg........Great food great ambience and I think it is open everday of the year.
submitted by ALex d, 18/11/07

The Viking Bar Luxembourg What a lovely bar ! 100% Nordic style with alot of nordic specialities. Good music and friendly staff !
submitted by Helen, 20/06/06

Congo Restaurant Congo , rue de Hollerich , is an ideal starting point for thr nightlife revellers. Funky decor, and tasty menu ( Pitta's and baked potatoes are particulary delish) Many surrounding bars to move on to.
submitted by Jean Yves Dupont, 13/07/05

Luxembourg Shopping

Luxembourg City offers visitors a unique and exciting opportunity to browse an extensive range of shops for souvenirs. Tourists can find anything from beautiful handcrafted items, such as clocks, pottery and many other attractive items. There are also many stores selling valuable items such as decorative porcelain plates which feature interestingly painted landscapes. Another highlight is the selection of cast-iron wall plaques which were produced by Fonderie de Mersch. These items depict many different fascinating scenes such as castles and coats of arms which make for excellent mementos of a visit to Luxembourg city.

The more upmarket stores are situated in the heart of the old city and is home to the majority of the most popular European boutiques, as well as a range of beautiful art galleries.

Luxembourg Restaurants and Bars

Luxembourg Restaurants

Chiggeri - The restaurant is situated on 15 rue du Nord and is housed inside a rugged mansion. The dining room features a range of African inspired décor, which includes a canoe mounted on the ceiling. The menu consists of a large selection deliciously prepared Mediterranean cuisine.

Speltz - The restauarnt is situated on 8 rue Chimay road. A very popular dining choice with locals, offering a large menu which consists of an excellent selection of Luxembourgh specialties such as game and lobster dishes.

Roma - The restaurant is situated on 5 Rue Louvigny Street in the heart of the city. It is one of the oldest and most popular Italian restaurants in Luxembourg. The large menu consists of a wonderful selection of deliciously prepared classic and regional dishes. Their specialties include more than 20 different homemade pasta dishes, as well as a veal escalope dish wich is served with a Marsala wine sauce.

Luxembourg Bars & Clubs

Urban Bar - Situated on 2 Rue de la Boucherie. The club consists of a lovely dining area, an upstairs lounge and a bar. This is a very popular nightspot with locals and is frequented predominantly by the younger crowds.

Club 5 - The bar is situated on 5 R. Chimay and is one of the warmest and most inviting bars in Luxembourg. The bar offers an excellent selection of popular international drinks and is equipped with an outdoor roof garden which is magnificent during the warm months.

The Black Stuff - Situated on 15 Val de Hamm. This is one of those typical authentic Irish pub, which is well known for its warm, rowdy and entertaining atmosphere. A wonderful place to enjoy an ice cold Guinness in the company of the friendly locals.

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