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Torino Parks & Gardens

I Giardini Reali - The park is situated on 189 Piazza Castello. The Royal Gardens was designed and created by André Le Notre and was first laid out in the 16th century. The park features the famous Fountain of the Naiads and Tritons which is believed to have magical powers. Legend has it, that if you have a specific problem, you should walk around the fountain 3 times and then magically you will find a solution.

Parco del Valentino - The park is situated on Corso Massimo D'Azeglio, consisting of about 550,000 m² and is one of the largest urban parks to be found. The park was opened to the public in 1856 and is divided into 3 different sections, consisting of the Castello del Valentino, the Medieval Hamlet and the Palazzo di Torino-Esposizioni. The sections are separated by means of miniature woods, hills, valleys, beautiful flower beds and pathways.

During the summer months the park hosts a range of exciting activities, such as open-air cinema and musical shows. The park is equipped with lovely picnic spots, as well as a selection of cafes and bars which are situated on the river bank.

Torino Restaurants and Bars

Torino Restaurants

Del Cambio - Situated on Piazza Carignano 2. The restaurant was first opened in 1757 and is one of the most elegant restaurants in Torina. The decor consists of a selection of white gilt walls, crytsal chandeliers and stunning gilt mirrors. The menu consists of a large selection of Mediterranean and Piedmontese cuisine.

La Prima Smarrita - The restaurant is located on Corso Unione Sovietica 244 and is only a short distance from the city center. The menu consists of a wonderful selection of Piedmontese and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as an excellent selection of Italian and International wines.

Ristorante C'Era una Volta - Situated on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 4. There is no better restaurant than this for an excellent dose of traditional Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a very nostalgic atmosphere, with an old-fashioned dining room which is very stylishly decorated.

Torino Bars & Clubs

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 41 - Situated on Alcatraz. This is one of the most modern clubs in Torino. The club features a typical avant-garde style design and is the perfect place to catch up on the latest fashion and tunes.

Murazzi del Po - Situated on Via Villarbasse. If corny karaoke evenings is your style, then this is the perfect place for you. The club has a very relaxed and party atmosphere and is perfect for those let-your-hair down types of evenings.

Luca's - The bar is situated on Via Fredour 26 and is a wonderful place to catch up on the latest sports news. Guests are also entertained by cinematic hopefuls who test their karaoke skills on specialised evenings.

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