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Terminillo Travel Guide

Terminillo Ski Resort

  • Nearest town: Rieti
  • Resort Altitude (metres): 5,295ft
  • Ski Season: December to April
  • Mountain Range: The Apennines
  • Number of Lifts: 15
  • Highest Lift (metres): 7,259ft
  • Lowest Lift (metres): 5,295ft
  • Number of Slopes: 26
  • Snowboarding: yes: snowpark with an halfpipe quarter-pipe one big jump.
  • Cross Country (km): 22 km

Terminillo Ski Information

General information

This mountain is very beautiful especially in the summer, and it offers wonderful hiking facilities and experience. A good base for hikes is Amatrice, 65km north-east of Rieti, a grid-iron town laid out in 1529. While you are taking a break from hiking in this area, you might want to try some of their famous "spaghetti all'Amatriciana" at one of the local restaurants. Amatrice is known for having given birth to this pasta dish, with its spicy bacon and tomato sauce. Terminillo is beautiful and has all the essential facilities, including hotels, many bars, two pubs and a variety of restaurants. The resort also offers a swimming pool and a cinema, where the children can enjoy hours of entertainment. The resort is about one hour's drive from Rome. If you are willing to make the trip, there is plenty to do, see and enjoy in Rome.

  • Languages: Italian German French English.
  • Temperatures: 56 - 70°F
  • Driving: Drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Emergency contact numbers: Police: 113
    Carabinieri/emergencies: 112
    Fire Deparment: 115
    Medical Emergency: 118
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 98% other 2%.
  • Check the weather


On the ski route is a wonderful little restaurant, Capannaccia. It offers some of the best local cuisine in the area, and the atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed. Most of the pasta dishes are warming and filling, and are wonderfully complemented by a glass of locally produced wine. Prices are reasonable and the servings more than ample. It is a sure favourite among visitors. The nightclub in Terminillo is the hotspot of the area, where local and visitors meet in a energetic atmosphere. There is a wide selection of drinks on offer, but beer seems to be a sure favourite. The prices are reasonable and the music good. You will encounter mainly a younger crowd at this establishment, and it is definitely not the place to go if you want to have a conversation. Dancing is top priory here.


Terminillo lies amidst 2000m-high mountains, and scenery of almost Alpine splendour. This is a winter ski-resort that likes to think of itself as an elite tourist centre. It is dominated by clusters of big modern hotels, ski lifts and associated winter-sports paraphernalia. Terminillo offers some of the most challenging hikes in the countryside around. One tremendous low-level hike is by way of La Valle Scura, 12km across country to Sigillo. When the snow is abundant, this is the ideal point for snowboarding. It has a little snow park with an halfpipe, quarter-pipe, one big jump and many fun boxes. The resort can be reached by bus, leaving from the rail-station at Rieti. Terminillo is more a string of ski-centers than a town, with plenty of off-season scope for walking and climbing in the hills around, including a series of refuges if you want to do more than stroll. It also offers many bars, two pubs and a variety of restaurants. It is classic ski centre in the dead centre of Italy. The main ski area is served by cable car, and beginners have separate slopes. All essential facilities are here, as well as a cinema and night club.

Terminillo Attractions

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