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Top Attractions

Palazzo Piccolomini - Situated on Via Banchi di Sotto 52. The palace was originally built in 1469 and was designed Bernardo Rossellino. It features a typical Florentine Renaissance style architecture. The palace is home to the infamous Tavolette di Biccerna painting which was created during the 13th to 17th centuries.

Pinacoteca Nazionale - Situated on Via San Pietro 29. The art gallery is home to a very interesting of art from the Sienese school of art. One of the particular highlights is an altar dating back to 1215 and the oldest known canvas painting done by Guido da Siena, Scenes from the Life of Christ, which dates back to 1200.

San Niccolo al Carmine - The 14th century church is situated on Pian dei Mantellini. The church was remodeled in 1517 by Baldassare Peruzzi and features an excellent example of Baroque architecture.

Guido's Ristorante I love this place. I love the waiters, I love the food, I love everything about it. Being from NYC - I am accustomed to good food.. Guido's was hands down my favorite meal ever. The chef, Mimmo, is a gift from God and so are their adorable waiters. They made for an exceptional dining experience.
submitted by Kelly, 12/12/06

I Terzi Is actually enoteca I Terzi in via dei Termini. You have to try this place for it offers a large selection of wine and the food is exellent. The place is suppose to be the heart of the town.
submitted by Alban, 29/03/06

Le Logge Bar Le Logge in via Pantanetto 11. Not to be mistaked for the restaurant which has the same name but it's not on the same street.
submitted by Alban, 29/03/06

La Fortezza La Fortezza Medicea is a very pleasant place with trees on top of a this medieval fortress. It looks like a ship from the outside and is surrounded with green spaces as well as a fountain. There's also a big parking there in case you need one. Once you're inside you'll have a unique view of Siena. Don't miss it !!!
submitted by Alban, 29/03/06

Irish Pub Is by far one of the best places in Siena. In the summer is packed with people. Sometime they have live music and of course on St.Patrick's day you'd want to go there for sure. Is at the place called La Lizza (kind of the main bus stop square)
submitted by Alban, 29/03/06

Siena Parks & Gardens

Enoteca Italiana - Situated on Fortezza Medicea. This 16th century construction was changed into a lovely public park during recent years. The park is home to many picnic areas, which is a wonderful choice for a day of family fun. The park also features a courtyard, which is an open-air theatre which is equipped with a large vault, home to Italy's National Wine Museum. The park offers hours of relaxation for those who wish to unwind after a long day.

La Foce - Situated on 61 Strada della Vittoria. The buildings on the estate were restructured in 1925, with the addition of beautiful harmonious gardens which were designed and created by Cecil Pinsent. The garden is open to public access and is a wonderful choice for those who wish to relax and rejuvenate mind and soul. The garden is also home to numerous cultural events throughout the year.

Siena Restaurants and Bars

Siena Restaurants

Osteria le Logge - The restaurant is situated on Via del Porrione 33 and is a very popular dining spot with locals. The restaurant features a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere and offers guests an excellent menu consisting of traditional Sienese cuisine.

Castelvecchio - The restaurant is situated on Via Castelvecchio 65 and features a very intimated and tranquil atmosphere. The restaurant is frequented by many locals and has become a very popular dining choice for tourists. The menu consists of an interesting selection Tuscan and Vegetarian cuisine.

Antica Osteria da Divo - The restaurant is situated on Via Franciosa 25-29. The menu consists an exciting collection of creative Sienese cuisine. The restaurant features a very relaxed and classy atmosphere which is accompanied by tasteful soft jazz.

Siena Bars & Clubs

L'Officina bar - Situated on Piazza del Sale 3a. This is an excellent nightspot for those who wish to be entertained by a selection of good local live bands. A very popular entertainment spot with both locals and tourists.

Al Cambio - Situated on Via di Pantaneto 48. This is one of Siena's most popular disco-bars. It features an excellent combination of the latest popular music and good selection of live entertainment.

The Walkabout Pub - Situated on Via Pantaneto 90. The pub offers visitors an excellent selection of Australia's finest beers and is one of the most popular watering holes when it comes to tourists. This is an excellent place to enjoy a couple of drinks in a very friendly atmosphere.

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