San Sicario Travel Guide

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  • Savoy Edelweiss Hotel Via Fraiteve 7, Sestriere 8.0/10 - 54 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 28 Rooms
  • Grand Hotel Sestriere Via Assietta 1, Sestriere 7.0/10 - 55 reviews Hotel Class 4 stars 93 Rooms
  • Gran Baita Hotel Via Villaggio Alpino 21, Sauze d'Oulx 8.0/10 - 47 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 32 Rooms
  • Splendid Hotel Via Clotes 71, Sauze d'Oulx 8.0/10 - 64 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 36 Rooms
  • Edelweiss Hotel Via Ortigara 6, Cesana Torinese 7.2/10 - 6 reviews Hotel Class 1 stars 19 Rooms
  • Sayonara Hotel Via Monfol 21, Sauze d'Oulx 5.1/10 - 22 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 18 Rooms
  • Villa Daniela Hotel Via Monfol 13, Sauze d'Oulx 7.5/10 - 2 reviews Hotel Class 2 stars 15 Rooms
  • Passero Pellegrino Hotel Via Nazionale 38, Claviere 5.6/10 - 14 reviews Hotel Class 3 stars 35 Rooms

San Sicario Travel Guide

San Sicario Ski Resort

  • Nearest town: Cesana Torinese
  • Resort Altitude (metres): 1700m
  • Ski Season: December - April
  • Mountain Range: Mount Fraiteve
  • Number of Lifts: 11
  • Highest Lift (metres): 2700m
  • Lowest Lift (metres): 1700m
  • Number of Slopes: 39
  • Snowboarding: yes: park
  • Cross Country (km): 10km

San Sicario Ski Information

General information

There are limited non-ski attractions in San Sicario, for the adventurous paragliding is an excellent way to get a new perspective on the beautiful landscape surrounding the village. There are also guided tours to the Valle Susa fortresses and historic centres near San Sicario, which are recommneded for anyone who is visiting the village for the first time and are well worth the trip out of town.

  • Languages: Croatian Italian French German Serbian
  • Temperatures: 4°C
  • Driving: Drivers drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Emergency contact numbers: Police: 112
    All Emergencies: 113
    Fire: 115
    Ambulance: 118
  • Population: 955
  • Religion: 84% Roman Catholic 6% Jewish Muslim Protestant


The nightlife in San Sicario is very limiting with only one nightclub offering a party venue, all the other nightlife is hotel based. There are also a couple of excellent restaurants, which serve some of the best traditional and Italian cuisine around. Other activities on offer include a sports centre; a swimming pool; and a sauna and solarium.


San Sicario is situated in the Milky Way and is linked with Claviere; Cesana; Sestriere; and Sauze d'Oulx, which combined have 145 runs totalling 400km and are served by 92 lifts. San Sicario consists of the old traditional village and a purpose-built complex. Its location is ideal as a base for exploring the other Milky Way resorts in either direction . The runs offer a good variety for skiers of all levels of ability and experience, with excellent on-pistes for beginners and intermediates and great off-pistes for experts. The Apres Ski scene is very quiet, with limited non-ski activities available.

San Sicario Attractions

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