Lampedusa Travel Guide

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Lampedusa Travel Guide

Lampedusa Local History

Lampedusa is a small island in Southern Sicily, where several remains of prehistoric hut foundations, Punic tombs and Roman Buildings can be found. Alfonso of Aragon gave Lampedusa to Don Giovanni de Caro, baron of Montechiaro in 1436, and in 1553, the Turks took a thousand slaves from the population. Charles II of Spain bestowed the title of Prince upon Ferdinand Tommasi in 1661.

On 14 July 1551, Admiral Anrea Doria mentioned the Island of Lampedusa, when he lost a large part of his fleet and more than 1 000 men died during a storm. During this time the island was refuge to pirates who found food and wood to repair their ships. The Christian Andrea Anfossi, who was born in Liguria, was captured and deported to the Island of Lampedusa. He escaped his capturers and hid in the brush. He built a canoe and a sail on which he painted the image of Madonna with child and sailed towards Genoa, where he arrived safe and sound.

The Allied forces bombed Lampedusa repeatedly, who then surrendered on June 12, 1943. Sponge and sardine fishing are the primary occupations on the island. Tourism brings in important revenue. The island still has a penal colony.

Lampedusa Attractions

Lampedusa Shopping

Lampedusa Parks & Gardens

Lampedusa Beaches

Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbits Beach) Located on the South East side of Lampedusa. Many experts consider Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbits Beach) on of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The bay has green blue transparent waters, white small grains of sand and the water level is very low for about 150 meters from the shore.

Lampedusa Restaurants and Bars

Lampedusa Restaurants

Trattoria del Porto Located in front of the harbour, Lampedusa. Trattoria del Porto has fabulous cuisine and their service is quick and efficient. With their close proximity to the sea, they have wonderful seafood dishes. Don't miss out on their deserts.

Da Tommasino This is the best-known restaurant on the Island of Lampedusa. The food is spectacular and their wine list is plentiful. A reservation is required due to the amount of people that flock here. Da Tommasino is a bit on the expensive side, but well worth it.

Trattoria Gemelli Located near the airport. Trattoria Gemelli is ideal for lunch as well as dinner, especially when your flight is delayed, which is often. Some say that some flights have been delayed on purpose because some passengers were still enjoying the cuisine at Trattoria Gemelli. The fish dishes here are legendary.

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