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Lake Como Travel Guide

Lake Como Local History

The Comacine Masters were the shining pride of the whole old Como diocese and were mentioned as far back as the 7th Century. They were master builders and workers, members of craft guilds and stone cutters, who used scaffoldings and other instruments and worked mainly around Lake Como

These guilds inspired a building, pictorial and decorative tradition that lasted over 1000 years and in some areas the tradition stood out, as in the Lake Como sculpture and architecture. Some of the masters dispersed to places all over Europe and their works are still displayed in those areas. Today the Lake Como area is steeped in the traditions of decorative art, natural beauty and a must see on a visit to Italy.

Lake Como Attractions

Top Attractions

Como - At the heart of Como's walled Old Town, the Piazza San Fedele has many 400-year-old buildings and the basilica, one of the masterpieces of the masters of Como. At the top of Via Contu, you will see the old wall's most spectacular standing tower, the Porta Vittoria with the very austere church of San Abbandio next door. Clim the hill behind it and go to the top of Barodello Tower for a lovely view of the entire lake.

Tempio Voltiano - A classic temple with marble columns and mosaic floors, housing the apparatus of Alessandro Volta, the inventor of a battery that was the first reliable source of electricity.

Varenna - Maybe the most picturesque town on the lake with its steep, winding alleys lined with charming houses, flowering balconies and lace-curtained windows. Just above it, is the ancient castle, where Theodolina, Queen of the Lombards, died in the 7th Century.

Bellaggio - Known as the pearl of the Lake and considered by many to be the most beautiful town in Europe. Its narrow cobbled streets, breathtaking views, impeccable houses and glorious villas, make it an enchanting spot on the lake.

Agritourism Al-Marnich Al-Marnich is a farm holidays (agritourism) near Como City. This is where you will taste authentic dishes and specialities of the Lombardy. Available accommodation includes double rooms , with some boasting an original fireplace. The property is surrounded by lush greenery. To 1 hour from Milan and 15 minutes from Lake Como.
submitted by Emanuele Bonfiglio, 25/02/08

Russall Restaurant Friends globtrotter ,lovers of the Lake Como, I would want to signal you above Griante in the fraction Rogaro (attainable also from Tremezzo)the pleasant one, hospitable temple of the culinary kitchen of the region, restaurant Russall. I suggest you to sweeten your lunch in the sublime contemplation of the lake that the external terrace offers. Restaurant Russall is great, very great!!!!Provate to belive!!!!!
submitted by Francesco, 05/01/08

Griante Cadenabbia Griante Cadenabbia is a little urban agglomerated founded by the Celts in the 500 b.C. in a residential area in the centre and on the shores of the Lake Como area that is frequented by stilists and famous american actors.This little village has a spectacular view on the lake in the front of Bellagio ,the pearl of the Lario, and has some ancient historical villas as Villa Ricordi ,Villa Collina , Villa Maria and the very famous Villa Carlotta. Walking across Griante it's possible to make a pleasure excursion to San Martino Church on the mountain immediately behind and where there is a magnificent view on the lake.
submitted by Francesco, 29/12/07

Great local food! We were in Bellagio last week and stayed at Silvio's, a family inn & Restaurant and we really enjoyed our stay. We had local food at its best as Christian fishes the lake daily, so we got to know local fish dishes. We had the chance to go fishing with him also!!! They served beautiful home made pastas: delicious!
submitted by Mary Ann, 24/03/06

Lake Como Shopping

Apart from being the most unique source of souvenirs, outdoor markets are some of the most interesting places in Italy and most towns and villages hold them on a regular basis. The Lake Como region is no different and items can range from a collection of the ancient to the modern.

Some in this region offer the chance to touch (and buy if you can) a 500-year-old book, to enjoying a market in a beautifully restored castle, complete with moats. You may also find the odd violin, made by a local, Antonio Stradivori.

The Lake's markets offer the opportunity to browse and pick up beautiful glass-blown objects, wood, leather and ceramics, most as beautiful as the settings it was made in.

Lake Como Restaurants and Bars

Lake Como Restaurants

Al Giardino - Via Monte Grappa 52. It has an a la carte menu of all Italian dishes, set in a casual, relaxing atmosphere, where prices are between 40 - 55 000 lire.

Hotel villa Flori - Raimondi - Via per Cernobbio 12. This restaurant situated in the hotel on the lake's edge, offers a range of Italian dishes with beautiful views of the Lake. Prices are from about 90 000 lire.

Rita Corti - Via Bellinzona 160 - A traditional Italian restaurant with local dishes being its speciality. Prices range from 60 000 lire.

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