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Ischia Travel Guide

Ischia Local History

The first human settlements on the island date back to VIII B.C., when the Greeks founded a small colony on the island. The colony soon became an important commercial center for the Etruscans, the Phoenicians and the Egyptians who came to purchase goods in ceramics, bronze, iron and other metals that were worked on the island

Agriculture ended up playing a major part of the islands economy, even although this was only done enough to provide a living for the people. The economic boom started in the Sixties, due to the fact that the island's tourist potential became apparent.

The island just seems to be what everyone expects paradise to be like, a splendid climate, the crystal clear sea, the luxurious vegetation and the thermal spas that spill out in many areas of the island.

Ischia Attractions

Top Attractions

Mount Epomeo Mount Epomeo, which is the island's highest mountain, was once an active volcano which ended the lives of many on Ischia. Now the fertile soil around the mountain is used to grow vines and fruit trees. If at all possible attempt the short climb up Epomeo, because once at the top you'll have the most amazing views of the church of San Nicola built into the mountain's green tufa rock as well as the panorama spread out before you

Castello Aragonese Standing on a small island near Ischia Ponte is this stone castle which was built in 1441 by Alfonso D'Aragona. It is in fact built on the ruins of an old fort which dates back to 474 BC. The castle was used to protect Ischia's population from pirate attacks. About 1900 families lived in the castle, as well as some religious orders which lived and worshipped in the 13 churches inside the fortress.

Thermal Spas The biggest tourist attraction on Ischia has to be its many thermal spas. The use of which goes back nearly all the way to the islands' founding. The spas have been used to heal for many centuries, so if you want to get psychologically-physically fit again, we recommend you take a dip in one of the thermal spa pools in one of the Ischia hotels. It is also possible to get more in touch with nature by going to one of the island's natural spas, where you can swim in thermal water mixed with sea water.

The Sea Museum The Sea Museum, or Museo del Mare as it is known to the locals, is located in Palazzo dell'Orologio. The museum has a huge collection of old nautical instruments and fishing equipment. Detailed models of the boats, sailing ships and fishing boats that sailed from the island's ports can also be seen.

La Bitta Fab Food, Fab Location - Tony the Matire'D is marvellous - he will cook you anything you wish (within reason- 5* Food at 3* prices
submitted by T Roccia, 04/07/07

Ischia Shopping

Shopping in Ischia can be classed into two categories: local products and luxury accessories. The luxury products are not that much different from other towns: in fact, the island has several famous name boutiques filled with Italian and international fashions. For those of you more interested in handcrafted objects you can buy baskets, lampshades, hats and other items made from plaited straw, which is an antique island tradition that has been passed down form mother to daughter for generations.

Another island tradition is the use of terracotta for items such as vases, cups and other ornaments. Food and wines are other items which can be bought and taken back home. There are many where you can try the island's traditional tastes, such as the delicious citrus fruit or millefiori honey or a few bottles of white Ischia wine such as Forastera and Biancolella.

Ischia Activities

Ischia Restaurants and Bars

Ischia Restaurants

Cicco e Domingo One of many great trattorias that can be found through out the island. It offers a great selection which ranges from pasta to seafood dishes. A full meal and some of the house wine will put you back around L24,000 per person. But the food is worth it. (Via Luigi Mazzella 80)

Ristorante Zelluso Ristorante Zelluso is a brilliant little pizza restaurant down one of the many small side alleys in Ischia. Its delicious pizzas can be bought at lunch 12pm 3pm and at supper 7pm 12am for as little as L6000, which is what you will pay for some brands of bottled water in Italy. (V. Parodi, 41) (Tel: 081-994627)

Lo Scoglio On the road just before the promontory, you'll find Lo Scoglio, another great seafood restaurant. Just like Cicco e Domingo it too is quite expensive, with a full meal going for about L25,000. This however should not put you off as this is probably the best seafood in Sant' Angelo. (Via Cava Ruffano)

Emiddio In the whole of Ischia I doubt you'd find a friendlier store owner, even if you tried, who is more than happy to feed you some of his scrumptious food. His dockside restaurant's highlight is their ravioli alla panna (with prosciutto and milk) for L7000. (V. Porto, 30)

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